Francesco Mattina Cover for 10 Cents

Are you a fan of Francesco Mattina’s art and on a budget? Here is a very cheap pick up for the personal collection. Dynamite is relaunching the Project Superpowers line with an all new #0 with cover art by Francesco Mattina. The cover price on the book is just 10 cents.
Of course, I make no guarantee this will ever go above 10 cents in value, but Project Superpowers #0 does feature a sweet Mattina cover for the regular book featuring Golden Age characters Black Terror, Death Defying Devil (the original Daredevil) and Masquerade. There is also a much rarer Limited Virgin Variant available of the same art. Both covers will be out July 4th, 2018.
If you are not familiar with the characters, do not worry, I will give you the full scoop. Project Superpowers is based off classic Golden Age Superheroes that fell into the public domain after years of not being used. Dynamite launched the Project Superheroes line back in 2008 using the classic characters. Since they were in the public domain, other companies used the characters as well, just not as good. In fact, the characters appeared in Savage Dragon by Eric Larson for a while. Alan Moore also used the characters in his America’s Best Comics Tom Strong book.

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