Key Collector Comics Key Issue Alert: All New Marvel Now Point One #1

Thanks to our friends at Key Collector Comics, the Key Comic Collecting App, for this one.
All New Marvel Now Point One features the first full appearance of Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel. With the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, and word of Kamal coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this book has been picking up in price. A couple copies sold on eBay for the $20-25 range today, but some selling selling at auction have pushed up over $45. The second prints have sold for as high as $99. More have been listed for the $100-$149 range as a result of the sale.

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  1. Carol Danvers,not Kamala Kahn in upcoming movie…Sales are coming from announcement that Kamala Kahn will be coming to MCU…

    1. Yes. I know Carol Danvers is in the movie. Not Kamala. Nowhere did I say it was from her being in the movie. Just a lot of Captain Marvel related books moving including Kamala’s first appearance

  2. Why the hell are these second prints of books starting to fetch more than the first prints when the only difference is letter coloring? Doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Yup. Long ago (before the interwebs), second prints and beyond were less desirable. Now with easy access to print run numbers, higher demand for the smaller print runs that have less availability creates higher value.

      1. I have to respectfully disagree with you guys on this one. At no time should a second print surpass the value of a first print simply being based on scarcity. Especially when using the same cover. If this theory held water then I guess Thanos 13 (fith print) would be more valuable than the fourth print, third print, second print, and definitely first print.

        1. Respectfully accepted. It does happen though. The third print of that line green Incredible Hulk Cover is in the hundreds while the first print can be picked up cheap. It does happen. Not saying that it is always correct but reprints can exceed the first print in price and has happened on numerous occasions.

        2. The market sets the value due to demand. Not us. I don’t understand it myself at times but I’m just stating why second prints end up being more valuable over first prints. There are many factors to consider when it comes to determining a value and with all equations, it boils down to “demand”.
          What we see actually with 2nd or 3rd prints becoming more valuable than the first prints is usually due to demand + availability and availability is composed of several other factors which are print run (how many made) and how many are available on the market, not tucked away in some PC.
          So it’s really an equation of demand + print run + availability = value
          If you take demand out of the equation, then it’s usually worthless with any other known combination.
          Hope that clarifies. We’re not totally disagreeing with you as in a lot of cases I prefer to have a 1st print over a 2nd print but if the market demand for a 2nd print is higher than the first print, well, that results in higher prices people are willing to pay for the 2nd print.

      2. If I remember correctly, the Hulk book being referred to is a bit of an enigma, it was printed long after the first print came out, not really a good example to use IMO. A better one may be copies of the 1st appearance of Doomsday, I believe it went to a 5th printing and it is worth more than the 1st print

      3. Still waiting for the 2nd print of teen titans 12 (red cover) to heat up…so I can dump my copies…can’t move em at cover price…

        1. Yeah. I picked up some as well to hold and see if they heat up any. These seemed to be plentiful though, I think oone of my local shops still had copies available.

  3. Alright, lets set the record straight.
    1st Appearance was Captain Marvel #14 Volume 7 Sept. 2013
    1st Full Appearance was Captain Marvel #17 Volume 7 Nov. 2013
    1st Appearance as Ms. Marvel was All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1.Now March 2014

    1. Check out the 2nd printing of Captain Marvel #17 with Kamala as Ms Marvel on the cover, pre Marvel Point One #1, scarce.

  4. Bring her on… I’ve been sitting on my last set of Captain Marvel #14 and #17 just for this type of day. I didnt bother with the Point One One Shot… I kind of view those as Marvel Preview books that you have to pay for. I like my first appearances in actual ongoing titles.

    1. Fiege gave the same vague answer about Kamala Khan that he did about The Eternals pretty much. “Looking into it” or considering it or whatever. Great time to be selling

      1. Oh and her first appearance in CM #14 if you ask me is a joke. The real winner should be #17. Her appearance in #14 was about as cameo as it gets.

        1. Actually I checked #17 as well… Its a pretty weak first appearance as well. Oh well, bring it on, I can’t wait to unload. Ive already made really good money flipping these years ago. I only kept this last set since its all really good profit now. 🙂

  5. There must have been some kind of spec news on this last year because, according to my records, I picked one up last October.

    1. Kevin Feige was talking again. “We’re doing ‘Captain Marvel’ right now, ‘Captain Marvel’ is shooting right now with Brie Larson,” he said. “Ms. Marvel, which is another character in the comic books – the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel – is definitely sort of in the works. We have plans for that once we introduce Captain Marvel to the world.”

  6. I found a few of the Point Ones about a year ago. I flipped them all already, I think, as I never thought that that would be the book. I thought CM17 would be the one.

    1. I sold an Avenging Spidey 9 for 220$
      Ms. Marvel #1 1977 for 150$
      This is the time to cash-in!
      As for Marvel Point One, the 5$ packs had the 1st prints.
      Those blue rimmed 2nd prints are really tough to find!
      Looks like I’m gonna be listing those as well.
      Let’s not forget Captain marvel #1 from the 2012 and 2014 runs. Those going for roughly 40$
      Good times!

      1. I sold both my AvSM9s. Even pulled one out of the PC. I really dont see this holding that value. Anything CM of mine, is being sold right now.

      2. The 5 below packs had 1st and 2nd prints, I bought 1 of each back then.
        Unfortunately the only 5 below comic packs in the last year are crappy DC New 52 overstock

  7. I’m glad the Key Collector Comics app is getting some love. For a toatally free app with no adds it’s freakin amazing. Great tool, I hope they keep getting bigger.

    1. I like the app, but I find the prices not to be the most up to date/accurate. I go to eBay to find out it somethi is worth searching for.

    1. What were they packaged with? A 3 pack? Was the issue clearly visible inside the bag? My 5 below still has collected comics…was going to stop by and see if any had this co,ic.

  8. i can’t believe i didn’t buy a bunch of CM 17 2nd prints when i had the chance. that book continues to command insanely high prices for 5 year old comic.
    generally im only interested in first prints of key issues but it kills me that i didn’t notice that the 2nd print variant cover was actually the first appearance of ms marv in costume. me and my dumb “only 1st prints” brain.
    i mean i did only pay $35 for mine and sold it for $250 a year later but still. a $20 buy in on that book when it was cover price would yield $2500 now. crazy.

    1. I’ve always felt only Saudi princes buy that 2nd print Captain Marvel #17, I could of bought it for less than my first print when I got it back when it was a $10 book and the 2nd print went for coverish.

      1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! That book has increased in value by literally 10,000% since it was first published. Ugh.
        Oh well. More copies for their royal highnesses i guess.

  9. Ive always found it pretty ridiculous that Kamala’s two cameos in Captain Marvel had garnered more attention than her actual 1st appearance in ANMN Point One; especially since she doesn’t even look like herself in one of them, and is barely seen in the other.

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