Poyo’s Spec and Drek for May 16th, 2018

Looks like this week is a small week for new comic books. But that won’t stop us from heading out to the local shop to load up on our favorite books and reads.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Not a whole lot going on in the DC universe. Sure Batman is getting married soon but this weeks pick goes yet again to the guy who makes non-Aquaman readers and collectors buy Aquaman books.

This weeks pick goes to Aquaman #36 Middleton’s Killer B Cover.

Not going to be a spec pick or heat up but it’s one for the personal collection for those who just love great artwork.

Middleton really brings out the best in the characters he draws and paints. He really should do movie promo posters, his style is exactly what I’d want to see for movies.

Marvel Pick

I really like Cho. What? There’s more than one Cho?

Michael Cho is who I’m referring to, not Frank Cho. Both have their respected styles but what really draws me to Michael Cho is his style brings out that classic 40s look.

So this weeks pick goes to Captain America #702 (yay, they didn’t start all over yet with a #1 reboot yet).

Hopefully we can see a lot more of Cho doing regular covers for Captain America moving forward. I think Cap is the most ideal character to depict in this World War II style poster art that Cho seems to master.

Indie Pick

This new book from AfterShock caught my attention for this weeks Indie pick. Not only does it seem to start off as a crime drama turn horror story, it’s written by Garth Ennis.

Walk Through Hell #1 is this weeks pick.

Garth Ennis is always a must check out when he releases a new book so this book is no different.
This could be a winner but I’m not anticipating it heating up anytime soon, this would be the book that gets optioned and picks up later on down the road.

Small Publisher Pick

This was a surprise book for me a few weeks back so I’m highly looking forward to it this week (even though I got a digital review copy to read, which I need to do).

This weeks pick goes to Dead Hand #2. Not necessarily a spec hit but more of a read pick.
I thought this was going to end up being kind of cheesy. The style of art on the front covers are misleading. I took it for another spy espionage type book that ends up with more cheese than a dairy farm in Wisconsin.

But #1 was a surprise hit for me. I really enjoy the twist and the angle this book took. This is why #2 is my small publisher pick and I hope it keeps the momentum going. They really should rethink the covers though, the posing spies with a gun has been done time after time. I guess we can thank James Bond for introducing this type of cover popularity. But then again, Mooney loves this style cover so I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

You know, I didn’t mind J. Scott Campbell but over the years, I really have grown to really just despise his work now. Sorry J. Scott Campbell, it’s not that your a horrible artist but you just bring nothing new or fresh in my opinion.

But you do make picking my avoid very easy. So this weeks pick goes to your X-Men Wedding Special #1.

It’s not just Campbell’s horrible artwork on this cover that makes this book this weeks avoid pick, it’s also the stupid marriage cash grab from Marvel as well. Seriously, the pose that Colossus and Kitty are doing on this front cover is just not natural looking? And what’s up with Kitty’s leg going through Colossus’s leg?

It’s like Colossus is ready to punch someone while Kitty looks like she’s got guns pointed at her and her leg is stuck. Just weird I tell you, weird. Avoid this book, even at it’s cover price. I’d be happy to tell you all to grab the other cover but you know, Dodson’s cover is just as weird.

The only reason I can sense some of you all will not be able to avoid this book is that there is a new Chris Claremont story within this issue. For me, that’s not enough for me to spend $5 on, I’ll wait to check it out on Marvel Unlimited, one day, when I have copious amounts of spare time.

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