Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 186th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

159 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. my buddy has a tomb of dracula #1 (neal adams 1972) and is around a 9.4 raw. the problem is when you open it there is a signature of someone of no significance in the inside cover. if he gets it graded from CGC would it come back as a restored copy (purple label) or a universal copy with a lower grade?? thanks.

    1. It would be graded normal as a defect unless the sig is on the cover and by someone associated with the book and you choose not to pay the signature verification then it would be the dreaded purple/gold

      1. My understanding:
        CGC: if signature is on cover – qualified cover
        If signature is inside book – blue cover (with signature mentioned on label – if signature is associated with comic). If signature not associated with comic – it will be counted as a defect.

      1. Ok so say you have a Silver age comic. Say Captain America #117 1st Falcon. So a key issue. And the comic is in great condition. Let’s say a 9.4.
        On the inside of page 1 where the indicia is on the bottom, there is a stamp of a persons name or a signature. How much of a grade drop are we talking about here?
        From 9.4 to 9.0 or 7.5 ?
        Any input would be appreciated

    2. For a book of that age we wouldn’t downgrade for it. If it’s written on the inside cover and they used pen and it left an imprint on the front exterior cover that will get downgraded for. Books from that era and earlier, kids wrote their names in them all the time and for the most part they just overlook them. Even on the front cover.

    1. Funny how many people will give you attitude and tell you your wasting your time and only gonna be on eBay and the very next call the shop owner is like yeah I have it. It’s 4$.

      1. How far do you have to drive to pick up a comic from store #49? Where do you live that you have access to 50 LCS’?

        1. I booked my vacation to your neck of the world for this summer.. But I wont be checking out shops though.

    2. Last time I called a shop to see if they had a certain ‘hot’ book, they told me no, but when I was in that shop the following Wednesday, they had 3 of that certain book on the wall. Lol.

      1. Pppsshhh i called a shop once to ask about a book. They said they had it for cover price. I get there and they tried charging me $30 for it. Forget that.

  2. Over the weekend I found a copy of Eternals #1 and #9 for $20 total. The #1 is in great shape maybe a 9.2 or better, the #9 maybe a 6.0. I also found a TAH #3 1:25. It doesn’t look like much is out tomorrow that I want. If I get something I’ll let you guys know.

    1. About a week ago those Eternal #1’s were all over the Lyria Comic Exchange website as a trending comic but I haven’t seen many copies this week. I’m not sure if that’s due to rarity or the market moving on.

      1. I’ll be holding on to it at least until the movie. I may even grade it, the way I figure a 9.2 or 9.4 on an older book is not that bad.

  3. Am I the only one that gets books graded with all intentions of selling them, only to hang on to them because they may go up in value? For example, I have a Totally Awesome Hulk #22 that I bought for cover price. It was graded at a 9.8. Do I take the money and run, or hang onto it because it may go up in value?

    1. In there lies the timeless conundrum of when to hold and when to sell. I would hold the TAH22 9.8, or sell it and invest in a graded silver or bronze key. I would hold and see where the character goes.

    2. I’d keep it. No variants or bs just one cover keeps it golden. I’m sure someone will try and say the 2nd print is worth more then the 1stprint 5 years from now because of its different color lettering and latter print date not making it a first appearance anyway/

      1. Hehe… This is where the market confuses me. I know the 2nd print was a smaller print run but it seems the market is still in demand for the 1st print and might just stay that way. Maybe since the first print was already small enough, the 2nd wont have the same impact that a few others do.

      2. I agree with Alana….small print run and zero variants make this a good book to buy or hold. I can’t imagine the 2nd print ever being worth more than the 1st, but I am surprised that the 2nd print is still selling for around $5.00 in NM…..I would think that should be a $12-$15 book now….

  4. Heres a post for the guy who wants more talk about ‘1sts’. Brian S. from Google+ has reported that there is a new character being introduced in next weeks BP1. The character seems to be of some significance and appears to not be a throw away character.

      1. Yeah. The new Black Panther series thats releasing next Wednesday. Characters name is Daoud. His affiliation seems to be ambiguous so it is unsure if he is a hero or a villain. There is a nice Artgerm 1:100 for this book. That would be a nice book to own if the new character were to take off in popularity.

          1. Its actually a really nice, original piece by Artgerm. It doesnt look like classic Artgerm style, at all, to me.

  5. Here is my list:
    Ether #1 Copper Golem
    Blood Shot Salvation #9 Cover B
    New Challengers #1
    Batman #47 Cover B
    Flavor #1
    Quicksilver #1
    Weapon H #3
    Infinity Countdown Daredevil #1
    Also looking for:
    Infidel #1 – checking for any still out there.
    Vault Deep Roots #1 – Looking for any still out there.
    Scarlet Spider – First appearance of Mysteria, maybe? Not sure which issue.
    Oblivion Song #1 -CGC 9.8 selling over 100 bucks.

        1. Everyone is already on the government watch list here in America. They likely spying on you too… 😉

          1. Indeed they are, Poyo. Im a Canadian citizen with a pot conviction from when I was 18 years old. I tried to go to NY a few years ago and was detained and beaten at the border and refused access to the USA due to my drug conviction (i was found guilty and had to pay a $200 fine here in Canada). I am now unable to travel to the USA unless i apply for a travel visa from homeland security. ?. Looks like Ill be skiing in Europe.

            1. The criminalization of weed is just so stupid. Alcohol is more dangerous. Texting and driving is more dangerous. I think anyone who gets caught texting and driving, first offense they smash your phone on the spot. Second time, they smash your phone and you spend a night in jail. 3rd time, they do the first two and then video record them smashing your car into a pole. 4th time they strap you to the gurney, you’re proven you disregard not only your own well being but others you share the road with. 🙂

              1. I believe the illegalization of marijuana stems back to the paper and logging industry in the early 20th century. Wood mills and marijuana harvesters were in competition with each other for the paper market. Milling had more money and lobbied Washington to criminalize pot in order to gain a dominance in the market place. They essentially lobbied to have there competition put out of business. Money has always spoke the loudest.

      1. Jay, have you looked into a pardon?? For such a minor offense, especially considering we are only a few months away from legalization, it should be a piece of cake.
        I have a friend who has chrges for assaulting a police officer and he was able to receive a pardon and then travel to the USA.
        The only criminals they want in the country are in Washington!

  6. Do you ever notice how intellect and judgement cloud certain selections?
    Spawn kills everyone, too stupid. Gwenpool, too contrived. The Vision has a family, heck no! How does an Android have a family? It is garbage!! I was certain.
    I remember when God Country came out and I decided not to buy it. The clerk at the Trenton LCS was saying it was hot. I was thinking it was religious, or something. Like buying a bible or something, hell no, just another stupid, stupid choice. That’s when I finally learned…
    The Cosmic Ghost Rider is the best ever. Very cool. Very, very cool. Really. Very cool. 🙂

    1. I enjoyed the Cosmic Ghost Rider too. As far as any particular book being stupid or not, that is purely subjective, James. Different people like different things. Variety is the spice of life. Try reading the monthly Previews magazine, it will let you know what any book is about, well ahead of the Wednesday that that book is released on.

        1. I spend maybe 1/2 hr to an hour reading Previews every month. Its even on my pull list. I enjoy my comics, so, Previews is like a monthly Christmas catalogue for Comics. I look forward to reading my Previews and the new format they are using now is excellent. DC has its own Previews, along with Marvel, now.

      1. Yeah I know, it usually takes me about an hour because either end up reading more than I actually care about. And I skip the marvel and DC ones bc those books are always easy to find. I just find it so tedious.

      2. Ive been buying previews monthly since they made it for sale (im old!). Even though you get solicits online earlier and see everything in other ways still love it. Of course now its basically like four books

      1. Not to offend anyone but I’ve read the bible, 3 times in fact. It’s the very thing that made me not religious. I’d rather read Ikea bookshelf instructions, it holds more valuable information. 😉

        1. The very notion that christianity is founded on, the idea that the only thing keeping humans from being degenerates is a reward of eternal salvation, is a silly one at best. Humans have a moral compass and we do not the fear of god and eternal damnation in order for us to live our lives as good people. I am a good person and I am that way because its what feels right, not because some god demands I live my life that way in order to have salvation for my soul. Even if I end up in Hell, at least all my friends will be there too! I heard its quite the party!

              1. Mmm… I’m so delicious. I’ll bring some Texas BBQ sauce.
                Poyo 3:16 “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal vision into next weeks spec picks, and I will make him rich from flipping such picks.”

              2. Poyo 14:22 While they were reading comics, AgentPoyo took some BBQ sauce, and after a spec review he poured it out onto a dish, and gave it to them, and said, “Take it; this is tasty on my body.”
                I could totally write a Poyo Bible. 🙂

                1. If read it in a perverted context, your Poyo bible gets a creepy uncle vibe rather quickly. ?

      2. It seems that some people have had some very bad experiences in life associated with religion. I do not claim to be a scholar, prophet or anything special for that matter. However I will say that I am proud to be a believer and that the Bible is a compass by which I try to live my life by. God does not want religion, he wants relationship, religion is just sheets humans puts on themselves to try to make them appear better. We can never reach God on our own, he provides the way, he always come to us. I got nothing but love for you guys, great website, great people, keep up the great work guys.

        1. I believe in Karma. I do not believe in an almighty god. That notion, to me, is ridiculous. Faith is a good thing and if practicing religion is your thing, more power to you.

        2. Thanks man. This is why I, personally, steer away from topics of politics, sports, and religion. Personally I fall very much in line with Buddhism. But that’s me. I don’t fault others for beliefs on non-beliefs. My motto is “do good” and as long as I stick to that I am ok.

          1. I live by what the great Wil Wheaton says…. “Don’t be a dick!”
            Live by those standards and you can live a great life.

      3. I believe in DMT it opens your eyes to existences outside of this reality, Gives a glimpse of the divine and creative force that binds us all.

        1. Ayahaucus stuff. I see. Ya, that shit is intense i heard. I tried Salvia and that stuff will put you in an altetnate reality temporarily. Crazy, crazy shit. Best trip ever had to be mescaline. I was in another world on that stuff.

    2. If you’ve ever met Donny Cates, I don’t get the sense that he’s religious at all. But yeah, seems you’re “judging thy book by cover” instead of dipping into a few pages to see if you’ll really like it. 😉

  7. Finally caught up on my pulls. The Nickel City Con is this weekend, so I’ll probably head down there for one day. Not sure I’ll buy much since I’m budgeting myself, but maybe I’ll find a few good buys. If you are in the Buffalo area, the NCC isn’t a bad con for comic books (but they do have a few movie/TV types, too). There were a few good comic vendors there last year, and I assume they’ll be back this year since it sounds like they did pretty well the last time. Frank Cho and Peter Tomasi are a couple of the artists that will be taking part – certainly not the an A List event, but still a pretty solid group of artists (not many writers from the looks of things, however).
    Last week’s pulls:
    FLASH #46 VAR ED
    VENOM #1

  8. I think I’m going for one comic this week: Batman 47…and I can’t decide which cover…I think I’m leaning towards the B cover, I guess.
    Likely to spend more time sifting through back-issues…
    Just as well, just spend $90 on some slabs on Ebay tonight.

  9. That new series by Garth Ennis looks interesting, and the all black B cover is pretty slick in its simplicity, imo.

  10. Here’s a question for everyone. How do you store your slabbed comics? Upright as in a comic box or flat like laying on a shelf. And does it matter either way in your opinion?

    1. Excellent topic! I was always told to store them upright. For those that store them “stacked” I would think there are limits to how many or else the pressure could crack the bottom slab. Would love to hear other opinions on this though…..

    2. Bagged and boxed upright, when I had only a few I stocked em on top of each other but now I’m up to four cgc boxes full of slabs. I also like storing them on photo ledge shelves can take a blank wall in the house and store and display 50-100 of em if you have enough ledges and wall space.

    3. I store them upright in a box. I am not sure it matters but wouldn’t want to be the bottom slab in a stack of flat laying slabs. They get heavy.

    4. I do not own many slabs, they are not my thing, I like raw books. I have a wardrobe that ive converted into a short box storage tower. The top shelf is where i kept my slabs and i had my ASM300 9.6 CGC standing upright leaning against the back of the unit so it would be visibly on display when i open the doors to the short box wardrobe tower. Now, i noticed the other week that the slab has actuslly curved a bit from leaning upright. Ie. it did not lay flat anymore. Ive managed to ‘press’ out the curvature of the slab, but was wondering if that is conmon, and does Alanas photo ledges create the same problem?

      1. Some of my older slabs prior to the more robust cgc ones are a bit warped. I thought it might be from stacking them one on top of another as the load doesn’t necessarily get distributed evenly around the periphery….just a theory. I’d think upright and tight (such that they don’t lean over) is best. That being said I still stack then.

  11. Hello again!
    Man what a week! So busy around the house I haven’t even finished last week’s books or my FCBD books yet! I hate falling behind. I’m super behind on my digital comics as well. Many gigibytes to catch up on!
    So, in case anyone is wondering. A natural gas conversion for a BBQ is not as simple as it sounds. Not super difficult, but more than a quick ten minute job! And make sure the quick connect on your house is the same size as the BBQ gas hose!!! Got a buddy coming by tonight to help me with that part. Don’t want to mess with a gas line myself.
    Anyways, back on topic.
    Today’s pickups are :
    A walk through hell #1
    Barrier #3
    Batman #47
    Bloodshot salvation #9
    Cable #157
    Crude #2
    Jimmy’s Bastards #8
    Justice League No Justice #2
    New Challengers #1
    Ninja K #7
    Superman Special #1
    Thor at the gates of valhalla #1
    The Wild Storm #13
    Tony, any update on the atoll shipping cost to Canada?? Thanks!

      1. I’ll do water if it doesn’t involve me going into the walls. As far as electric, all I will do is replace switches and outlets (it’s literally matching wires). Gas I just don’t touch.
        With water, the worst thing is property damage. Well, that’s why I have insurance. Electric, I’m only putting myself at risk, and it’s minimal if you turn off the power and test the circuit. Gas could have a minor leak that puts my whole family at risk though. That I am not willing to do.

    1. I can do basic electrical and plumbing but Ive only messed with the gas line once. Had to restart the pilot lite in the furnace. Googled it instead of calling a pro. A lil nerves and a matchstick later, all good. Phew! It was nerve racking though. The gas is loud when you turn it on to lite, very disturbing as you stand there with a lit match. ???

      1. I will do pilot lights. It was pretty nerve wracking the first time but after that it’s pretty straight forward. (I rented a place when I was younger and the fireplace pilot went out all the time. Became routine to open it up and relight manually.

      2. Lol. My in laws house blew up a bunch of years ago due to the propane tank being filled too much. When the gas company guy lit the pilot the house split in two.

    2. Currently in. Midst of laying hardwoods in the upstairs master bedroom and running them down the hall and to the top of the stairs. Ripped up the floor boards and put in ceiling can lights above the living beneath the bedroom and closet.
      Older house so it’s settled and floors are uneven…so having fun with that…also.come to find out where the hallway turrns 90 degrees along e landing to the stair top step, ain’t quite 90 degrees, and my wife wants the railing a few inches higher…floor boards are show signs of water damage and are a bit spongy anfor need replacing.
      I tried to warn her once we creep into the hallway the cost is going to balloon from what you think it should be…don’t know what challenges we are going to encounter…oh well!

      1. I spent the afternoon squirrel proofing my garage. I guess the little bastards found a home in there this winter. The fuckers chewed a hole through the side door to the garage, chewed a hole through the window box in the garage and then infiltrated the house via the soffit and a hole they chewed in the drywall at the corner of the 2nd floor where the house connects to the garage. I heard them moving around in the walls a few weeks ago and have slowly found all there little spots. I was originally using whole peanuts in the live trap but they seemed to be disappearing with out setting the trap off. Switched to peanut butter applied directly to the lever that sets the trap off. Even with the peanut butter, they seemed to be licking it off with out setting it off. The trap is fairly sensitive too. I went out to the garage this afternoon, before I snagged the last one, and the trap had gone off, the bait was half gone, but there was no squirrel. WTF! Made steady progress this week and caught 2 in the live trap, and the 3rd one had a face to face to with me that did not end well for him/her. 1st night in 3 weeks I havent heard squirrels in my walls. Crazy red squirrels. Jesus Murphy.

  12. Looks like just Rat Queens 9 this week for me.
    I have tickets to see Poptone who were memebers of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love & Rockets back in the day. I saw them last year where they played mostly Tones on Tail songs which were never really toured live before. My kid’s prom is Saturday too.

      1. Anthony, I always knew you had great taste in music. Deep Ocean Vast Sea is awesome Peter Murphy! One of my only concert regrets was not being able to see that tour when NIN opened for him for Head Like A Hole.
        Had a chemistry final the next morning and studied instead. Should have gone and said screw that test!

    1. You’re telling me that the three stooges slapstick special #1 didn’t have you lining up last night??
      At least it gives Shawn something to put in the unspecced winners column next year!

    2. So you skipped out on Archies #7, Betty & Veronica Jumbo, and the new Riverdale issue? I don’t blame you lol I skipped this week as well, not enough of interest which probably means I missed several hits that will appear on “Spec One Year Later”

    1. Champions #19, released about 1 month ago has a 1st/Cameo in it that is starting to heat up a lil. A canadian female character named Snowguard.

      1. The benefit of being in the british comic market is that it doesn’t adjust things as fast. The drawback is theres waaaay fewer sources. Anyways got me 3 of these for $10. Doesn’t seem much of a deal only about cover price. except for in the US you can only grab one for $10.

        1. Thats $10 Pounds, right? $10 pounds would buy 4-5 copies in the USA. It buys 3 copies in Canada. (At cover price)

      2. @jayclue
        Nah $10 like ten dollars. £10 is ten pounds.
        Really? The only ones I can see on US eBay one is $10.99, one $11.99 and one $13.99. I have to do my shopping online cause I’m chronically ill and can’t go to an LCD.
        Anyways the point I’m making still stands. I check here and CBSI and often specs that start heating up only heat up here a few weeks later cause the market here is slow to change. Also I find amazon useful. It may have crap sellers who put a 40 year old comic in a bag with no board BUT more often than not is ten times less than on eBay. It’s worth looking out.

    2. DC Nation #0 had a 1st on the last page. Looked like a DC version of the Celestials. Marvel Rising #0 has a 1st of a new mutant.

      1. Okay, I picked up the DC Nation #0 but totally missed the Marvel Rising #0. Gonna have to get me some, thanks.

  13. Light week for me which is fine since I’ll probably drop $100 at the Misfits show Saturday night, so Infinity Countdown Daredevil was it today, grabbed a Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina #5 which for some reason I’ve had a hell of a time finding so now I can read the rest of the series.
    Sent some books to CGC fast tracked, the otherwise regular 6 week waiting period just isn’t worth saving $10 per book, not the way the market is where some “hot” books can rise and die within a few weeks time. Hoping for a 9.8 on my Avenging Spider-Man #9 but even a 9.6 will be a healthy profit for the buck I paid for it
    Finds and flips of the weekend / week
    Eternals #1 $5, flipped
    ANMNPO #1 2nd print, dug out of my stash boxes and flipped
    Ms Marvel #1 2014 1st print $25, flipping it
    Eternals #3 $3, high grade for slabbing
    Captain Marvel #1 2012 $5, slabbing it
    Exiles #3 variant $25, slabbing it
    Avenging Spider-Man #10 $3, slabbing, looks 9.8
    Venom VS Carnage #2 $15, slabbing
    Passed on a really nice high grade copy of GS FF #4 at a shop for $50 since there hasn’t been any Multiple Man talk or hype for a good while. If it picks up steam again I know where to find it
    Not the best week of hunting but certainly not the worst either

        1. Nice. That’s the one with Suicidal Tendencies right? I have not had the chance to see them yet. When they play do they do all eras or just Danzig era when Danzig plays with them? I love Danzig era but also love Michael Graves era misfits. (I have seen Danzig twice on his own).

      1. Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies, Muphy’s Law, and Harley Cro-Mags, should be an exhausting night. They’re only playing the classics!

  14. I was talking with one of LCS owners who was approved to do a store variant for the new ASM #1 coming out next month or so. He said he did qualify for all the ratio variants because of the 3000 print run on the store variant. He then said that because he is a small shop, that he doesnt think he can move all those 1:25, 1:50 ratios that he qualifies for. I asked if I could pre order those ratios that he wont order, at cover price and he said yes. So, I have an opportunity to purchase several ASM1 ratio variants (1:25, 1:50s) at cover price. ?

    1. Good for you but that LCS will go out of business at some stage. The benefit of doing the store variant is that you qualify for the additional ratio variants which means that he is leaving money on the table.

      1. They have been in business for over 25 years and do a lot of store variants for smaller publishers. He has a solid business plan and although his shop is the size of my bedroom, he has over 1000 subscribers and markets himself quite well. Im sure he will be just fine.

      1. How do y’all know about next week already? Y’all cheating on us with another website you two timing sons o’ bitches!?!?

        1. Heh. I always check out Midtown website. They always put up next weeks comics a week in advance and its almost 100% correct every time. I think they order so much they know exactly what they’re getting from diamond ahead of time.

      2. Next week has a few gems, imo. -Champions #20 (snowgaurd gains powers and her moniker, no variants, small print run approx 18-19000 copies)
        -Black Panther #1 introduces a new character
        -Batgirl #23B is a beautiful Middleton cover of Babs.

        1. Yeah, my only issue is Black Panther print run is going to be huge. Will be really easy to get days or weeks later. I think this is one of those characters that people love him more on screen than in comic form. One of my local shops started going really heavy on Black Panther books. So heavy that most of those books are still sitting on the shelves.
          Middleton is great but that’s one for the PC on Batgirl. I’ve seen zero heat on these now so I don’t expect any flipping for quick profit.
          As for Champions, unless there’s a new character wither it’s new powers, death or story line driven firsts for characters don’t usually hold up as long on the spec/value market. There might be initial hype but it usually fizzles fast. If there is any heat on it, it’s going to be that quick flip and you’re gonna want to list fast or ahead of time as I don’t see Champions having a huge following so when the few collectors get their copy, the heat fades.

          1. Agreed on BP and Batgirl. I think Batgirl could be a long term flip. And I have noticed that the BP movie success has not translated into the comics much, if at all. BP will have a higher print being a number 1, but it dont see it going over 70-80000 copies. Which isnt ridic for Marvel. The BP 1:10 Putri or 1:25 Hyung are nice pick ups I think.

  15. Deadpool #300,batman #47a&b,the Deadpool cover of empire magazine . jim lee x men trading card wax boxes. tmnt ongoing #82 a case of jolt cola and bozuka gum like a giant case of it and more macdonalds rick and morty sauce and tony sir whatever happened to that funny and sexy blind adam kid. his hiden gems always made me laugh and spend the money . but I have not sceen a hidden gems in weeks guess your busy l.o.l. love you guys

      1. One is coming up tonight. Part of the problem of being an editor is I have other things that get in the way. Adam uses voice to text and it has to be deciphered sometimes as it interprets his speech but also can pick up other things like Adam thinking out loud or making a note on the book for me.

      1. I started and finished White Knight this week. 1 sitting on Tuesday, and 1 sitting tonight. White Knight was a great read. Looking forward to more from Murphy. IMO, comics are better than 99% of TV. I try to sit down every night to read at least 1 book.

  16. #awesomesauc#awesomesauce. I have around 200 packets of the rick and morty sauce . Ronald macdonald is my boy. riverdale ended great this season. and I am going archie back issue hunting . I want to call it this but I want to make afan film. I love you guys blind adam out

  17. No Rot at lcs.
    Also odd… no Quicksilver.
    Picked up Barrier 1,2,3.
    Walk Through Hell 1 black cover
    Batman 47 variant
    Daredevil 602
    Infinity Daredevil 1
    Avengers 2
    Hunt for Wolverine: Claws 1
    Thor: Gates of Valhalla 1
    Star Trek TNG: Through the Mirror 3 cover A

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