Inexpensive Variant Alert: Justice League #1 CMS Kael Ngu Exclusive

Our friends at Comic Market Street have a new exclusive for Justice League #1 up for pre-sale at a decent price. Justice League #1 CMS Kael Ngu exclusive is available in three versions; a standard color trade dress, a black and white, and a color virgin. The color version is $8 plus shipping. It is available for pre-order now at Comic Market Street.

Full Color Cover: 3,000 total copies
B&W Cover: 1,250 total copies
Virgin Cover: 800 total copies

About Karl:
Kael Ngu is one of the biggest rising talents in the industry, from Malaysia. He has one of the most prominent and unique styles around, with a large growing following. To see more of his amazing artwork visit Scott’s Collectible’s featured page about him at Kael Ngu


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2 Responses to Inexpensive Variant Alert: Justice League #1 CMS Kael Ngu Exclusive

  1. OC_GUY says:

    Why does Wonder Woman’s hair look like strips of vinyl?

  2. Rienye Nyika says:

    what bugs me is superman? for a second he looks like he has gigantic ears

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