Attack of the Killer B's Batman #49 Artgerm Variant

Artgerm showed off his cover for the upcoming Batman #49. It is stunning. This is the last issue before the wedding issue, #50. Check it out below:
The variant for Batman #49 was originally announced as a Coipel cover, however, DC has made the announcement that it is now an Artgerm variant. With the new limited trade dress B covers DC is doing, this will be mostly an art cover.Ā Batman #49 will be in stores June 20, 2018.


19 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer B's Batman #49 Artgerm Variant”

  1. That is a beautiful cover.
    Anyone know if Artgerm does sketch cover commissions or remarks? What are his rates and does he do them by mail. I know a few people on here have had stuff signed by him over the years, and I was curious.

    1. I see him at NYCC every year and get books signed by him. He has been very friendly to the site and he and his art handler have given me stuff over the years for giving nice press to him. He has signed stacks of books for me, when he limits everyone else to five at a time. Really nice guy. I am not sure he does head sketches or commissions.

      1. @ Eddie.
        Last year at SDCC, he was doing a full body dark Phoenix for a person and with color and all. I asked him how much he was charging for that and he said $1,100.00. I just smiled and took some pictures lol.

  2. I like this but if they are supposed to be moving in an upward direction suspended by his arm, her weight distribution is all wrong. He is barely holding her back, and she is barely holding his shoulder.
    Am I the crazy one?

  3. That cover is sweet. Covers like this keep me adding to the PC when all Iā€™m trying to do is pay for good flips and add silver age and other keys.
    Thanks for all the hard work you guys do to bring us information.

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