Key Collector Comics Key of the Day: Body Bags #1

Our friends over at Key Collector Comics put out a Key of the Day today that blew up eBay sales That key book was Body Bags #1. They were less than forthcoming as to why the book was key, simply putting TBA.
Could this be a hint at an announcement coming up later in the month? Possibly, needless to say, most of the copies of Body Bags #1 sold off quickly on eBay. Add this to your back issue hunting list.
Sold listings on eBay went in the $30 and up range later in the day. There are some copies of Body Bags #1 available on eBay, but there are also copies at auction currently as high as $72.
If you want to be alerted to key books like Body Bags #1, be sure to download the  Key Collector Comics app. It is available for Apple and Android and is free.

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  1. So did the key of the day alert result in the increased sales today, or had most of the high sales already had occurred?

    1. The book has been a little pricey for a while. But demand shot up after the alert. If you can find these in back issue bins, I would say grab them. I would avoid ebay prices currently for buying, but for selling, this could be a great flip.

  2. Very dangerous precedent here. “Key” of the day? Really? I think there is far more risk here than reward….especially to credibility.

    1. They send out Key book announcements when media deals are released. For example, when Infidel was announced, the alert went out that it was one of their key books of the day.

      1. …..and why is that “key”? Because a media deal makes it a key? I suppose Failsafe is a key now too….even though 2 days before the media deal, no one on earth gave a shit about the book and was selling for $1.00….if you could even get that.
        This process will end up burning a lot of folks…..including the originators.

        1. First appearance of characters. I am not advocating buying. I am pointing out a market trend that popped up quickly today that many others have taken notice of. With that being said, I have a set, I am going to have to dig them out of storage. I also know where a set is cheaply.
          I have sold several sold several Failsafe #1’s after the announcement for $11-15. Not saying they are great buys, but they are trending due to the announcement. If the deal falls through on Failsafe, the books will be worthless. It is hit or miss with these things. I am a seller and a collector, I sell what other people are buying in order to buy what I like. Again, I am not advocating buying the book, just pointing out a trend, and I did note, add these to your back issue dig list, they could make nice flips.

      2. I understand completely and I know you aren’t advocating going out and buying all the copies you can get your hands on. You know this business very, very well…..most do not and that is where it ends up hitting this hobby hard once again. That’s my point….not me maximizing returns, but people getting burned and that has a way of backfiring in all us in this hobby.

        1. I see your point. And do not feel that I am arguing with you, which is not my intention. I am just trying to clarify my point. If it works out though, people don’t complain. I am sitting on a full set of Enormous, including a full custom art cover, that basically have no value now, I love the book and am glad I held it, but had I sold it a long time ago, I would have been happy too.

          1. They are worthless now… Just sold a set of 1-3 with Basting variant for a whopping $10. This is for Enorrmous.

      3. I never interpreted that you were arguing as everyone knows that you are always for the health and growth of this hobby. I was simply pointing out the credibility and validity of a “key” book of the day message……not much different than a “hot” stock of the day message and I’m sure you can imagine that nothing could ever go wrong with that.

        1. I agree… Perhaps Key Collectors should change it to “Hot Book” of the day… I think of “key” books as a book with significant value to the title, characters and story itself, not if it has a media deal or option. To me, once a book is recognized as a “key” book, it doesnt lose such title based on value since there’s more at play than value when one talks key.

      1. LOL Im still hanging on to Enormous ..have a full run minus the nycc variant ..those were the days lol

      1. There was a Comic app before it, that let you save your whole collection and grades of the books and it would give you a total value for your whole collection. I don’t think it exists anymore because they didn’t count on everyone having huge collections so the app would never work because the server couldn’t handle all the storage from people saving their collections.

        1. checkout works on phones, tablets, and computers. I always have my phone with me so it makes it very easy I stopped doing my excel sheet a long time ago.

        2. Or just traffic killed it. An app like that should have one database of all comics and user accounts should just have pointers to table column ID’s I’d imagine. Most data in a database is redundant.

          1. I’d also guess that keeping up with all the new comics each week to insert into the database would be a hassle if its just a one man show which a lot of apps are for phones.

      2. On key collector I’m up to Alias on entering my collection stopped long ago too much work the first time I entered my collection on the other app.

      3. CLZ comics is a great app. You have to pay a one time fee to use but its great. It has a barcode reader that allows you to enter books via the barcode scanner. It takes 1/2 second to enter a book.
        Alana, you’re referring to Kaboom app that disappeared. It was slow and shitty, imo.
        Key collector is a tool, not a manual to comics. It had a great database of comic info regarding relevant info for any comic with relevant content. The ‘key’ of the day is just a marketing tool used to increase hits to the app. Just becsuse the ‘key’ of the day exists, does not mean you need to take it as gospel. As in any market, there is risk. As speculators we have all been burned by buying books we thought we could profit from but ended up being stuck with them or selling at a loss. That is the individuals mistake, not the tool they used or how they interpreted the tool. If someone goes out and buys a boom at sn inflated cost because their phone told them to, then that is on them, not a mindless app.

      4. So the kaboom app is…kaput?
        Remember Kaboom cereal? It was like a circus clown and colorful cereal bites…there may have been white marshmallows, but I’m not sure.

    1. Just learned about that CLZ app a few months ago. I second it as a good one, if you pay the fee for it. Wish I had sooner because it seems pretty helpful, but it’s a chore to go through all the boxes and pull up each comic to scan now lol

  3. So dumb question but do you get notifications/alerts that pop up on your phone? Or an email? Or do you have to check the app for the latest alert? And does comicbookrealm work the same way with alerts? Thanks!

    1. Key Collector Comics has push alerts if you allow them. It’s kinda cool. Comic book realm is a price guide and collection tracking website. Just point and click but you can also enter in more detailed information. I enter the books I have , the price I paid, and it updates my collection estimated value and profit.

      1. A really cool app would be one that lets you scan the barcode. Talk about saving time. Any of them do that yet?

  4. I was spec’ing win I found this site a few years ago, but almost everything I’ve ever read on here clearly indicates that it is a losing proposition. CHU’s selling on site specific variants of ATOLL at costs because the creative team can’t publish a THIRD issue. (This series was already canceled and re-solicited under a different publisher prior. So incredibly unimpressive.) The One Year Later Investigator consistently reveals that it’s quick flip or nothing. Rick and Morty is the one exception in the last four years. BECAUSE IT’S ACTUALLY ENTERTAINING. Imagine that! Imagine something having value because it’s a good and fun and smart and original (screw you if you think it’s a Back to the Future ripoff)! All of your Marvel and DC specs for last two years? Mostly hero mash-up garbage that everyone will willingly forget in a years time. Weapon H, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Totally Awesome Hulk… Gimme a break. Now a book shoots up in value due to some rando app calling it out as a key but without revealing why? What am I? An @$$h0le? It feels like most spec’ing is actually about avoiding being the sucker while capitalizing on someone else’s “suckery”. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s a sad game to play. You’re capitalizing on ignorance and chasing money. Yeah, yeah. That’s supposedly what it’s all about, but I can’t buy-in to that calloused mentality. Not that anyone will care/notice this post. I’m just a low-level commentor who’s heart isn’t in spec’ing anymore. Body Bags looks like trash. This is goodbye CHU. I’m going to go read comics purely for pleasure until the market implodes on itself as it furiously kills golden geese.

    1. I don’t mean to stoke any embers here, but I’m pretty sure Rick & Morty is/was a Back to the Future ripoff. It’s hilarious and vulgar and perfect in every way, but I seem to recall that it’s original intent was to poke fun at the movie.
      Anyway, I tend to agree with your underlying point. Although, it isn’t only speculation that is bad for comics. All of these retailers introducing variant sets for new series are seriously detrimental to the hobby (you know the ones: trade dress, virgin, and a “secret” variant all for the low low price of $50-100).

    2. Dang man I thought speccing on Comics was supposed to be a fun hobbie. You never fail if you buy what you like. Key collector comics is not saying buy these comics on eBay they are saying if you see them cheap grab em up.

    3. I am sorry that you feel that way. I am simply pointing out a trend and not telling anyone to buy it. I feel everyone who comments on here is of value, not a low level commenter. I read a ton of comics myself and love the medium and want nothing more than to see it succeed.

      1. I love all comments on this site. Bad ones, good ones. Negative and positive ones. I tell Anthony all the time that comments that engage the readers draws more crowds to the site. I like everyone to express their opinions if they feel the need to.
        The more comments, the better the site I think. If Anthony just posted articles and no one ever engaged in conversations in the comments, this website like many others would vanish long before they really started.
        Now, I’m not saying all comments are good on sites. That’s what I like about CHU, there’s not a lot of drama between it’s readers. We tend to keep it clean and everyone for the most part stays on topic.

      1. I don’t buy or sell any books I write up. I only write up books I own. If I do buy it previously to writing it up I only buy one or two copies I don’t buy them all out and tell my readers to go find it and pay out the nose. I want to help my readers not take advantage of them. Also I don’t even sell on eBay currently I use Mercari.

        1. Sometimes I dont even buy the books I spec on each week so you know I’m not selling them if I didnt even buy any myself.

      2. I always thought it was a one man show being ran out of some ones basement lol. If PGX goes under doesn’t that make a PGX book rarer and more sought after then a CGC or CBCS I kid I kid?

    4. I’m with you Killer a lot of stuff is ruining comic collecting for me and I’m sure a lot of others. The mashup characters are old and tired since SpiderGwen they just keep rolling em out, Store variants while cute at first and money to be made are all Dead books to me now. I must get 15 different new store variants in my email every week and all they do is hurt spec value of anything spec worthy that could happen in that book. Also the new trend of its a first appearance in a new comic so got to buy it is starting to be exploited by publishers. New characters every week or so people feel they missed out you see people buying books that came out that day at $15-$20 just to realize that character never amounted to much of anything and Mosaic I’m looking at you. Also comic prices have pushed me out, most books I need come with a $1000 or more price tag. I’ve been pricing stuff I need for years and it’s gotten to the point we’re ive missed my window of opportunity. Amazing Fantasy #15, Hulk #1, any DC Golden Age key Im looking at you.

    5. Last thing. I wasn’t selling the Atoll at cost. I was giving them away for the cost of postage (essentially charged for Gemini Mailer, bags and boards, and shipping cost.) I lost money on shipping these out. Not made money. And I am not talking about on the commission of the book, I mean on this specific giveaway. Not to mention all the other giveaways I do that I cover postage for. If anyone thinks I made money on shipping the free Atoll’s out you are mistaken.

    6. @Killerwit. I completely understand your thoughts and position on how speculating has been working the past while. Focusing on that can be troublesome and callous to say the least. If you’re recusing yourself from the spec game, but still plan on reading the titles you’re interested in, how about writing a monthly here on content….IE the best reads etc. no spec, no re-sale, just good old fashioned reading. You might be able provide that unique viewpoint on quality content in detail—that’s something that I think everyone on this site could and would appreciate.

      1. But in reality what is a key? If totally awesome hulk 22 was 50 years old? It would be a key. If hulk 181 came out in 2017, people would be complaining on how stupid wolverine looks. This is a speculation site (which I love). I don’t get why someone would pay $50 for body bags, but I wouldn’t feel bad selling it either.

    7. @Killerwit…you have let other peoples greed ruin a hobby for you. Yes there is shady shit going on in the secondary market. Thats humans, not comics. Quick flips are 95% hit or miss, and most are not long term holds. I visit this site frequently and use it as a tool, it is not gospel. I dont rush out and buy every comic that any site says to. I make money off of some quick flips, but I also go to small conventions and shows and go bin diggin for $1 books, I hit sales at shops, so on and so forth, and buy books that I have learned appeal to a mass comic audience, and that I can move at a profit. Some of my customers live in rural areas and dont have comic shops. I am doing them a favour by selling them weekly books at a slightly infalted secondary price. This is not gouging anyone, or taking advantage of the ‘key’ of the day. My point being, if you enjoy your books, which it sounds like you do, then sit down and enjoy your books. If you feel that selling comics online is taking advantage of other people as a blanket statement, then by all means stop doing it. But there are several avenues to pursue when approaching comic speculation, and a lot of them arent taking advantage of suckers. As I stated, a lot of my customers are thankful for having access to the books they want each week and Im sure they have never felt like suckers, and I do not feel like Im taking advantage. I believe Im providing a service. There will always be ‘cons’ and ‘suckers’, but you shouldnt let those idiots’ (both parties) respective greed and stupidity ruin something you enjoy. And it does not mean you have to take part in shady selling. Best of Luck.

      1. For every flip I win with…. I likely lose on 5 other books I thought I could flip. Its all hit or miss for sure. One just has to be smart about it all. I treat comic book buying, selling and spec’ing as if its gambling, only buy what your willing to lose.

  5. You know, I was thinking about this and some of the comments and it had me thinking about the whole. . spec’ing on comic books.
    So I think some have forgotten that when a book starts heating up, whether it’s just been released or been in people’s back issue boxes for months, years and or decades, one has to keep in mind that articles like this one that point out a book rising in value based on media news, key character or just sheer popularity doesn’t necessarily mean everyone should go rush out and buy a copy (it’s likely already too late for most, don’t buy at the premium prices if you intend to sell it yourself, if that’s your goal, you already lost).
    Sure, keep an eye out at the local shops if you can find them for cheap but it’s also a way to tell collectors who also sell that a book they may already own is heating up, maybe it’s time to sell. We all know how gratifying it is to sell a book that was worthless and now overnight it’s a $20 bill or higher.

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