New Comic Spec Review Video for 5/23/18

Anthony from talks about the week’s new releases and picks the ones he thinks have the best shot at heating up. Here is this week’s for delivery 5/23/18:

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    1. Yeah, no. If it does heat up any it’s going to be really brief. I was wrong about #1 a few months back, talk about a bummer issue. I can still find these at my local shops at times, I think I still have two issues I’m likely going to get stuck with and eventually sell for under cover price. Even Midtown got another wave of them in stock after they sold out to sell out again. So I’m not spec’ing on this issue. The cover is cool but I don’t think it’s going to be a long term gamble.

      ^^ explains it pretty well. In a nutshell though, it prevents the team out in the field from dropping the ball on purpose (to force runners from running or running only then to have to go back) to get 2 or 3 outs if there are runners on the bases already.
      I don’t coach baseball nor do my kids play but I use to be a baseball fanatic. My life from 4th grade to 9th grade was that of what we saw in the movie “The Sandlot”.. every day there was almost a baseball game with my friends.

      1. My life is the Sandlot. I play baseball with my son, coach his team, take him to the batting cage, and live baseball. I just got him a new bat over the weekend because the one he used at the cage the other day he was a monster with. He has four home runs this season and has the highest batting average and on base percentage on his team.

        1. Yeah, it’s more of a fair play type rule. It prevents abuse from the defense. I think it’s a good rule.

    2. An infield fly is where an umpire calls an easy to catch pop fly as an out before it is caught. Even if the fielder drops or misses it. Well, why the hell? Because it is simple. Example, If I have a runner on first and second with one out let’s say my team is winning by one run in the ninth inning. A batted ball in the air will cause the runners to only partially run in order to safely get back to the base. (Tagging up). But not catching the ball will force them to run. So the ball is popped up next to third base. I purposefully miss the ball, grab it, touch third and throw to second for the double play ending the inning. Purposefully missing gives me the advantage over the runners making an unfair situation. The infield fly rule counts the ball as caught and an out. The runners have to go back and touch their bases before trying to advance. Hope that clears things up for you.

    1. From Wikipedia:
      “In naval architecture, a poop deck is a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear, or “aft”, part of the superstructure of a ship.
      The name originates from the French word for stern, la poupe, from Latin puppis. Thus the poop deck is technically a stern deck, which in sailing ships was usually elevated as the roof of the stern or “after” cabin, also known as the “poop cabin”. In sailing ships, with the helmsman at the stern, an elevated position was ideal for both navigation and observation of the crew and sails.
      On modern, motorized warships, the ship functions which were once carried out on the poop deck have been moved to the bridge, usually located on the superstructure in the center of ships, or the starboard side island of aircraft carriers.”

    2. No. We can thank the French for the term poop deck. It comes from the French word for stern, la poupe. The stern is the back of the boat, or aft, for those landlocked individuals. But the stern is the rear of the ship and poop comes out of the rear so maybe there is some truth to it.

    3. When I served in the Coast Guard we referred to the aft of the ship as the stern or fantail. I’ve heard the term poop deck, but we never used.

    1. It’s still Bendis though, his last Marvel issue, then it all gets rebooted with a new #1 when Slott takes over writing.

    2. In Champions #19 we see Amka Aliyak, the Inuit female who breaks onto the facility on the first few pages of the book. 1st full Amka is in Champions #19. Champions #20 is supposed to feature Amka and her obtaining her super powers, to become Snowguard. 1st full Snowguard is supposed to be in tomorrow’s issue. Champions #21, Amka/Snowguard becomes a full member of the Champions team. We will have to wait and see if/what the market decides is ‘the’ book to have. Whether it be issue 19 or 20. Im putting together sets of 19&20 to cover my bases.

      1. Leave it to Marvel to drag out the first appearance.. looks like we got another Red Goblin scenario. But will there be demand for this new character? Only time will tell..

        1. I wouldnt say a two issue arc where she is introduced and the subsequent issue has her origin is not dragging anything out. Quite to the point i think. That is about as common as comic mythos goes. Imo. As far as popularity and demand, that remains to be seen. Champions does seem to have a fan base and Marvel/Disney have been promoting them to the younger crowd. As with every comic, time will tell. But, better to have a 1st and lose, than to never own a 1st at all. ?

          1. I know, I was just poking fun. But you know there will now always be debate on the “real” first appearance even though we all know it’s #19 if she appears fully, has lines or dialogue, etc.

            1. Shes fully in 19. Several pages, dialogue between her snd her friend. She is basically a 6-8 pg prologue on #19. But she has no powers. So, we will see. 1st Eddie Brock doesnt approach 1st Venom, and 1st Carol Danvers doesnt seem to be holding up to 1st CD as CM. But 1st Kevin Trench was the book over 1st Nightwatch, so…

            2. Well, Poyo. You were right afterall. I just read some spoilers posted by Brian S. on another site, aaaaand, in todays Champions, Amka is not named Snowguard, but they fully introduce another Charactet named Sila. And yes, Marvel is now dragging this out. Fak me. Lol

                1. Idk, Tony. Its a Marvel mess again. 19 has 1st full Amka and what I would call a cameo of Sila (the girl in the bubble discovered by Amka in issue 19). Sila makes her 1st full in issue 20. I have a feeling that Sila is going to perish when Snowguard gains her powers. F*ckin Marvel. Up yours! ?

  1. Are these Middleton Batgirl 23’s going to keep selling like this into tomorrow? Haven’t seen a killer B cover do anything like this yet. There has to be a decent number of these available come Wednesday.

    1. It will definitely drop when the Wednesday flood hits the secondary market, shortly after shops open tomorrow. Its doing what? $40 now? I see it dropping to $20-$25 shipped.

      1. That’s still really good for one of these DC b covers! Is it the artwork, which us gorgeous by the way, or is batgirl not ordered nearly as heavy? Combination of the two perhaps?

        1. Combination. The artwork has drawn the attention and the smaller print run will drive the value. Middleton had been doing Batgirl Bs for a while now and while they have all been beautiful, they have not been big ‘hits’. I cant see to many stores anticipating the heat on this, which in turn would keep the print run on this B cover fairly low, imo.

          1. I have spoken to a lot of retailers about the covers And many are frustrated because they’re hard to pick a true winners. Something that they think will sell well don’t while others that they had no clue on sell well

            1. I have that same problem at the roulette wheel in Vegas, Tony. Those damn winners are just so hard to pick. ?. Welcome to life. Nothing is ever guaranteed. If it was easy, everyone would retire in style selling comic books. The reality is, no one retires when you sell comics.

    2. We have seen it a couple of times. I expect prices to drop some after the initial actual in hand copies hit ebay. Typical under cutting. From there who knows. I can say Batgirl does not have a huge print run. Issue 22 had sales of 17,729 divide over two covers. And while they are 50/50 splits it is hard to tell which covers shops are actually ordering.

      1. One of my local shops hasn’t even been bothering in ordering Cover B’s. The other I’m sure with this heat will likely yank their’s to sell at a higher cost, they’ve been known to do this. They’ll just lie and say they didn’t order them (which is strange considering you can see every other Cover B on the wall except the one selling above cover)..

    3. My prediction is, yes, these will drop. It’s a really slow week for new books. This is pre-hype for those willing to dish out the cash in hopes they can’t find the issue. Come tomorrow, things will change. So.. sell now while you can if you know you have secured a copy or two.. cause the market is likely about to get swamped come Wednesday.

  2. DC was killing it before with their B covers, but now even more so since they switched the semi- virgin variants.

  3. Why do shops bother ordering A covers for DC? I’d order 2 B’s to 1 A given the hot artists seem to be on the B covers lately.

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