Regular Copies of Analog #1 back in stock for cover price.

If you missed out on Analog #1 regular cover, you can get them for cover price (actually 15% off).
Midtown comics has the A cover of Analog #1 at $3.82. This is 15% off the lost price of $4.49 they habe them listed for (it is a $3.99 cover so looks like the raised the price slightly but added a discount bringing it below the cover price). You can find them here.

13 thoughts on “Regular Copies of Analog #1 back in stock for cover price.”

  1. Midtown seems to up the price of all their books after release week. I think they do this to cover the cost of the bag and boards they promote as being “free” for all new books.
    I just picked up a few more copies, I’m sure they won’t last long depending on how many they obtained.

      1. They had a big 60-75% off sale a week or two ago. Probably what you saw. If you catch the sales, sometimes you can get some great books for cheap with those sales.

      1. Yeah, I’ve always notice after a few weeks they’ll bump the latest releases up by 50 cents or so. I always assumed this is to make up for the bags and boards and just to squeeze out a little more for their books, seems when they have those 25% recent back issue sales they’ll all be bumped up in price before taking off the % of the sale.

  2. I bought 20 copies of this on release date.
    The storyline was calling out for tv / film….
    This and infidel have been the highlights of my spec year so far as I also got 20 Virgin copies of that.

  3. Amazon had/has a few of cover A for $4 to $4.50. Picked one up to add to my box of options and “sure bets” to be made into a movie or show. I’ll probably read this one since more than a few people have said it is good…. Was also reading that Locke and Key is getting a Netflix series…That could be a very cool horror show if done right.

      1. I think so, but I can see it going through this time. Netfilx is a perfect fit for a property like that. I bought some of the DF variants a looong while back. Not getting any more. If it pans out and I can make my money back and maybe a few bucks that would be great! We shall see.

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