One to Watch: Unnatural #1 Manara Variant

This one is an odd one. We talked about Unnatural the other day. This is a more mature title than we usually spotlight. This is the story of Leslie, who is a simple pig girl. She loves sushi, she’s stuck with a job she hates, and she lives under a brutal totalitarian government-one that punishes transgressors for anything deemed ‘unnatural.’ The weirdness of the series comes from the fact it is an Italian title being brought to the US. Italian artist Milo Manara has done the B cover for it and it is definitely one to watch.
Milo Manara is a famous Italian Artist who does some very risqué work. Makes sense he would do a cover for the risqué book Unnatural coming out from Image. The Unnatural #1 Manara Variant is up for pre-sale for less than cover. (shown to the left). Of course this book might not be for everyone, flipper or collector.
The last Image book Manara did a cover for was Grindhouse, Drive in Bleed Out Nebulina. The book was banned in Canada because of the cover (I wonder if Unnatural will get banned in Canada too). When we covered this book being a Manara cover, the book popped up. It still lists for $20 pus dollars on eBay. (Granted, not many copies have sold in a while.)
But back on topic, Unnatural #1 Manara Variant can be pre-ordered for $3.19. The books are being mostly listed on eBayfor $20-$40 (with one being listed for cover.)

A couple have sold at buy-it-now as seen below. One sold at cover with two being sold at best offer for $32.99 asking price and $89.99 asking.

Of course that isn’t the actual closing prices, they closed at $31 and $65 respectively.

Still, if the book keeps getting noticed, this trend could continue.

21 thoughts on “One to Watch: Unnatural #1 Manara Variant”

    1. Just pointing out a trend, yes, people fail to realize they can order from shops. Some people do not have local comic shops, but they still can order from online shops. Makes me scratch my head but I ordered some copies.

  1. The Grindhouse book was banned in Canada under our last government, which was Conservative (Republican), due to graphic sexual content in the interior. Our current government is quite Liberal (Democrat), and I dont see this book being banned in Canada under our current government.

  2. I mentioned this cover the other day. It’s what caught my attention and made me read the description for the book. It still has has a lot of time before the FOC, and if everyone knows about it now there should not be a shortage. I still pre-ordered two anyway.

  3. I ended up preordering the regular cover for this book because if my wife ever saw this in my collection, she would have some questions…..

  4. As a fan of Manara for many, may years, this cover is quite tame .. yet, it likely does have some degree of Fetish appeal ..

    1. Lol. Still can be. A couple of things in its favor. It’s a European comic. Not many shops like to carry them. It is a mature title, which many shops do not like to order. It is a racy cover which many shops do not like to order. We have to see.

  5. It was reported on CHU as one to watch……game over =(
    JK, but there is some truth to that. When I see an under the radar one (like this one) and pre-order a few extras (like I did this one), then see it pop up on CHU, I cringe a little inside. We’ve got to leave some spec to real speccers who do their homework all the info to the spec killing quick flipper.

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