New Comic Spec Review Video for May 30th 2018

Anthony from doing the New Comic Spec Review video for May 30th 2018. It is a fifth week, but actually a pretty good week for releases.

15 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for May 30th 2018”

  1. Looks like Middleton’ last week hype is carrying over into these week’s B cover. Aquaman/Jabberjaw Special B Cover is currently sold out at most online sites.

    1. Really. The Hong Kong fooey and speed buggy cross over variants are also sold out at MTC. I’m guessing because no one really ordered else in any significant quantity. Why would you? Strange cross over idea.

  2. I’ve set a goal Anthony. Using profit for a batting cage in my back yard by the end of the year. Need about $1500. So come on and give me that spec!! My boy struggled this year. His first year not making all stars.

    1. I just wrote something up in the upcoming Wednesday Open Forum about baseball. We had a Tournament all weekend (well until the flood). I can’t afford a batting cage but we use the Swingaway Elite Traveler Batting Syatem ( costs way less. Joe gets in 50-100 cuts a day. The ball resets about every 5-8 seconds so we can get great quality cuts in in very little time. You can tell by the sound of the hit weather it is a good swing, not to mention where it goes on the bounce back. You can position the balls location over the plate (low and inside for example). It’s awesome. I give this a lot of credit for my son’s improved performance at the plate.

      1. He benefits from live pitching. We just had afternoon showers every other day and most of May. Never got to practice. We even had to cancel our championship games due to rain and all stars starting. Kind of sucked after a 15-1 season.

        1. The rain has been killing us. I have always had my son swinging a heavier bat. This past week I took him to the batting cage and had him swinging a lighter bat and he was crushing them even more than normal. So I bought the same bat on the spot. He still likes to swing his 28 drop 8 but had him hitting a 28 drop 10 at the tournament this weekend. We also don’t have the back yard space for a full batting cage.

  3. I caught up with Realm by reading the trade a couple weeks back and sadly I’m dropping it. I had some hopes for this one but the writing is sort of putting me off which is surprising. There’s a few goofs in the book that I was like.. What? One of them was there’s an instance where the main character is unsure of a settlement they’re approaching in the distance. He tells his side kick assassin to be on alert but then when they arrive, he knows the guy who’s running the outpost and claims he hasn’t been there in quite some time. I mean, come on… you can’t go almost within two pages from not knowing to knowing in the story line. That to me is just bad story telling, seems rushed.

    1. Poyo, you went 2 pages and went from not knowing if you liked it, to knowing youre not going to continue. ?.

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