Collecting Carol Danvers Pt. 2

Last summer, I wrote a Carol Danvers keys check list. I have continued to monitor many of these books and it seems after April 15, 2018. a majority of the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel books have seemed to spiked. We all knew it was going to happen. This is a quick follow up to what has happened since then. 
Marvel Super Heroes #13
1st Appearance of Carol Danvers. Good luck at finding an affordable economical priced copy. This was recently made in to a True Believers issue, If your LCS does not have them or can no longer order them for you,  “Things From Another World” still has some left at $1. Do you want to collect and invest? Go for an original. Want it for a quick read? Pick up the True Believers issue.
Things From Another World True Believers Carol Danvers
eBay Listings for True Believers Carol Danvers
Ms Marvel #1 Volume 1
FOOM #15 predates Ms. Marvel #1 as the 1st Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, yet, it is not considered a full 1st appearance, because it was used more as a promotion of upcoming books. While Ms Marvel #1 is plenty abroad on eBay, the one you really want to grab is the pence variant. Last summer, I completed a run of vol. 1, I learned I had totally ignored the scare pence variants from overseas. No word yet if this will be made in to a True Believers, but I have no doubt in my mind that it will become one.

Ms. Marvel #1 Pence Variant

Ms. Marvel Pence Variant Listings on eBay
Ms Marvel #1 Vol. 2 (2006)
The Michael Turner variant covers have cool’d down immensely, yet still commanding a $70+ price. If you see the regular copy done by Cho, I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for a NM copy. These will rise in price though as more people get more familiar with Carol Danvers. Grab’m while you can. This is another book that I foresee becoming a True Believers issue in the future.

Avenging Spiderman #9
In July 2017, almost 10 months ago, this book was going from $30-60. Here we are in May 2018, Avenging Spiderman #9 (2nd print) RAW is going $65-129. 1st prints went from $80-$250. There were a lot of auctions that had Avenging Spiderman #9 and #10 as a lot, or Avenging Spiderman #9 and Captain Marvel #1 (2012) going as lots for about the same price as well. Graded copies are going much higher! If you bought this book before that craze started, I salute you.
Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 7, 2012)
On April 10, they were going for under $15 on eBay. After that day, price just started rising to about $25. May 11, one sold for $47. The regular cover is going for $30-$35 People are listing this comic with lots of other Carol Danvers books. In one auction, this one and a copy of #1 (Vol. 8) went for $70. In another auction, #1, #2 and #1 (2014) sold for $151 ! On April 24, someone paid $30 for the 1:25 Adi Granov variant from Mile High Comics.  Congratulations to you! This book is about the $135-150 range currently. Last summer, it was in the $70-$100 The Spider-man 50th Anniversary Paolo Rivera  variant of this same book still sells for $5-$12. In my opinion, this would be a great alternative to pick up, if you want a copy to buy in order to read.
Captain Marvel #14
Back in April you could pick this regular cover up for $30-40. Recently, around May 12, MCU President Kevin Feige told BBC that a film of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) was in the studio development. This sent people scrambling to buy this issue in which was her 1st cameo appearance. Raw Books are selling at $80-$240! There is one variant out there that I discussed previously and that is the Amanda Connor 1:30 variant. 1st cameo appearance, very rare variant. I mean how many shops actually order 30+ copies of a comic in the upper #s? This puppy went from $910 up to $1,200 within 2 and half weeks! Graded copies go for even more!
Captain Marvel #17
Let’s be realistic. The 2nd print is the one everyone wants. Many don’t realize that there is a 1:20 variant. It went for about $45 on March 30. Now it’s pushing $200. Regular copies of this book were $25. Right now, it’s super in demand, pushing $60
Captain Marvel #17 (1:20 Variant)

Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 8, 2014)
The 1st print of this book was going at about $15. Since April 15, a raw NM copy is pushing $45 and selling on average of $35 or more. There is also a 2nd print of this, along with True Believers copy. If you want this book, but do not want to pay the outrageous price that it is currently selling for, grab the Lopez Animal Variant. Those are still for a bargain price. These are at $2-10 prior to shipping.
True Believers Captain Marvel  

One aspect in the comic book collecting world that is often ignored are the comic book graphic book novel collectors. A tidbit for you. Ms. Marvel Masterworks and Marvel Essentials for these are going up in price. While eBay is always your best option to finding specific items, I suggest you start visiting used bookstores that may sell comic book graphic novels. Whether it is for this book or any graphic novel, start to establish repertoire and network with different store staff from different stores about possibly contacting you when comic book graphic novels ever come in to their stores. I’ve been networking with different stores, and have even gone to lengths of dropping off a complimentary lunch pizza from time to time at a few stores. When the new stuff comes in, I definitely get calls and texts. It is very interesting what books I have obtained by doing this.

Before ending this article, I’d like to take the acknowledge and Thank one of my comic book mentors, Ken Brown, who is local comic book store owner of Drawn To Comics in Glendale Arizona. His store recently got named “5th best Comic Store in the Country” by Travel & Leisure Magazine. (Source: Every time I walk in to his store, Mr. Ken Brown always finds a way to teach me something new regarding the comic books, which allows my passion to continue and grow.
That’s all from me now. Phoenix Comic Fest (Formerly Phoenix Comicon) is this weekend, and I hope to bring you some new fresh content soon.


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  1. Great article. I started collecting carol at vol 8 and backtracked all her appearances since MH13. Happy to have done it prior to the movie hype.
    How about doing an article on the diff costumes of carol and the issue they first appearwd. The 1st black/warbird costume in 9.8 is heating up

  2. Very nice article. You need to write more up. I like to take a little bit from each spec author.

  3. When is the best time to sell? I’m sitting on 14 copies of the 2014 #1, and have several of the others listed above as well (only 1 Avenging #9 sadly – I was too stubborn to pay the $50 price tag from earlier in the year). I’m thinking a month or so before the movie. What do you all think is the best time?

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