Mel V.'s Variant Picks for May 30th 2018

What Up CHU? Mel V. here with your Variants of the Week for May 30th, 2018. I Know this is a comic related site, but I gotta give a shout out to LeBron James. Dude put the team on his back and made it to the finals for the 8th straight time. It is time to stop hating on him and give the man his props, but he is about to run into a beast of a team in Golden State. Allow me to go on record, IF he beats this Warrior team, I personally will put him past Jordan on my list of all-time greats. Enough with the basketball talk, let’s talk variants. Last week that Batgirl Middleton stole the show and I admit that I thought it would have dropped to a $10 book by lunch time. It would have last year. Not only did prices stand tall but it actually increased as of today. So welcome to one step closer to being a classic Batgirl 23 Middleton, which by the way is the lead for Variant cover of the year so far. Let’s get in to this week’s sacrifice

Aquaman Jabberjaw Special #1 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover – There is that man again, Joshua Middleton, he is hotter that Al Greens Grits (Google Al Green and Grits to see how hot that is) and Fish Grease. Another great cover as well as another great DC/WB cross over story. Those were really good last year and I look forward to checking some of these out. Co-Cover of the week for me

GI Joe A Real American Hero #252 Cover B Variant John Royle Cover – My wife and I were looking for Baroness comic covers and this popped up, I was like “oh that’s a pretty cool cover”, then I see it comes out this week. Not spec here just some great art to have for a Baroness fan

Kong Of Skull Island 2018 Special #1 Cover B Incentive Dan McDaid Virgin Variant Cover – pretty cool concept and art dig this one a lot

Marvel Two-In-One Vol 3 #6 Cover B Variant Gerald Parel Deadpool Cover – This cover is so dope. Instant T-Shirt worthy. Might even slab one, should be easy to find. Love this mashup ..wait let me stop before we see “The Clobbering Deadpool written by Donny Cates with 60 variants all by Mattina. Still, I love this cover. Co-Cover of the week

Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #32 Cover B Variant Bengal Deadpool Cover – I usually don’t put the Marvel theme of the month covers on my lists but here is another one I’m really digging along with the Thing.. wait WOULDN’T this be Gwenpool? (Spidergwen-Pool perhaps)

Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing #1 Cover E Incentive Joe Quinones Variant Cover – Shout out to my main man Topher on this one..we were chopping it up about the Solo movie and this is book contains a nice 1st appearance of a movie character (I wont spoil it) but a 1:25 of a under ordered book makes this a good sleeper pick of the week

Uncle Scrooge Vol 2 #34 Cover B Variant Carl Barks Cover – This cover is a reprint (for lack of a better word) of the Classic 1975 Painting called “The Expert” by the legend Carl Barks. It really breaks down how much Scrooge loved the moolah. I love it I picked up a few, they should not be to tough to find ..however I’m not seeing any on eBay and sold out online retailers….interesting could be yet another sleeper

15 thoughts on “Mel V.'s Variant Picks for May 30th 2018”

  1. Even choosing variant covers should hinge on first appearances or ratio.
    I do appreciate the opinion.
    Regardless, without reference to first appearances, the subjective (and objective) experience holds little meaning. I feel lost like this weekly article had been derived while mowing the lawn for mom, then heading back inside to make a few quick choices.
    Organize it like this;
    1. Which new comics have first appearances?
    2. What characters are first appearing?
    3. What first/second issues are coming out?
    4. What low print runs exist this week?
    5. What exceptional covers exist?
    Hulk says this comic collecting experience is B.S!

    1. I took a break from mowing my mom’s grass that that Al Green references should be:
      1. Not as deep
      2. Suicide free

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