Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #800 The End of the Era

Amazing Spiderman #800 is in stores today. It is the long awaited end of the Red Goblin storyline. The build up to the final fight has finally come. Check out the spoilers below. The images are redacted. The accompanying text is not. read at your own caution.
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There are a couple of different storylines that are going on at the same time. First up is Aunt May. She gets an unexpected visitor.

Who has less than nice intentions.

A villain steps in to help poor old Aunt May

And we finally get a name for the child Red goblin.

May doesn’t like the way he is behaving and she went all out for her little guest.

From which comes my favorite line in the book…

Speaking of unwanted visitors. Red Goblin has made threats agains Peter Parker’s loved ones. Mary Jane gets an unexpected visitor as well.

But believe it or not, he is here to help.

Mary Jane is oddly enough good with this happening.

And for the first time in a long time, we get Peter in the Venom Symbiote. Not just a black costume, but The Back Costume.

Of course the battle ensues with Norman in Red Goblin form.
Flash Thompson and other heroes jump to the rescue.  Flash doesn’t do so well.

Peter does not like the results, not one bit.

All in all, both Peter and Norman shed their Symbiotes.

And we get the death.

It seems final

New character with a familiar suit.

(First Appearance of Elliot Tolliver)

33 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #800 The End of the Era”

      1. Because the suit is not any diffferent on Peter Parker after multiple different hosts in between him wearing it so the black suit was always Venom even before Brock wore it. Just saying that strengthens the argument not that it’s my argument to argue.

        1. But #252 wasn’t the first, that would be Secret Wars #8.
          The way I understand it is in how the Symbiote reacts when it attaches itself to organic and inorganic hosts. When it attached to Spideys suit, it just enhanced its abilities. When it first attached directly to a human, its personality was brought to light as Venom.
          Pretty sure #300 is going to stand as Venoms first appearance.

      2. Wikipedia I think nails it down:
        “When the Venom Symbiote bonds with a human, that new dual-life form usually refers to itself as “Venom”. The Symbiote was originally introduced as a living alien costume in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (May 1984), with a full first appearance as Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988).”
        And I got my timelines messed up with Secret Wars. I hate when they goof with the timeline since Secret Wars #8 came out after #252 but it tells how he got the symbiote.

      3. It didn’t just enhance his ability it tried to also take ove his thoughts and emotions. We can’t forget emo Peter from Spider-Man 3with All his pointing and collar popping.

        1. We shall never speak of Spider-Man 1 – 3 with what’s his face… after Homecoming came out, those movies were horrible and should be forgotten, erased from history.

      4. And because it bonded first with Peter that’s why Brock with the symbiote has a spider on his chest and similar skill set to Spidey because it bonded with Spidey previously.

  1. Nooooooo, why they gotta kill off my boy, Flash. (Cue in death in comics doesn’t matter).
    Still, I wasn’t ready for that.

  2. Marvel logic
    A man is responsible for hundreds (HUNDREDS) of murders and hundreds of attempted murders
    He tries to savagely butcher your wife and “parent” repeatedly. He causes property destruction on a massive scale. He tries to murder children.
    BBBBUUUTTTTT…If I kill him (in self defense while he is in the act of trying again to slaughter my wife and “parent” again) I am just as bad. (let me show how much more virtuous I am than he is and send him to prison , which has shown to be in effective, virtually guaranteeing a repeat of the savage multiple murders, kidnapping and destruction of the city). Forget that we are in a comic book world. Any one who acted like PP doesn’t deserve a wife or “parent”. Aunt May, live each day in abject terror waiting for this super demon to return and tear your intestines out. I was the better man today….(everyone reading this post who disagrees, just turn to the person you love most and say “sorry, there are just some things I won’t do to keep you safe and alive…”)

    1. Aunt May brought that shit on herself by putting raisins in her cookies. MJ probably puts nuts in hers. It’s clearly a widespread, yet unaddressed problem in Spider-Man’s universe.

  3. I am disappointed with the death of Flash. I thought him becoming the new anti-venom was a great idea.
    I really enjoyed Agent Venom’s run of comics. Thought he was a good host ofr a symbiote. Was looking forward to further adventures of Flash as Agent Anti-Venom.
    Have Maniac as one of his rogues. Continue to train Mania etc.
    Oh well… guess we will have to wait a bit before he comes back, probably because he had some of that anti-venom in his body and kept him alive all this time… just so weekend it needed time to fully recover and at the same time have Flash fully recovered.

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