Attack of the Killer B's: Batgirl #24 Joshua Middleton Variant

The DC B cover program has been awesome. Big name artists providing incredible art for cover price. It got even better recently when DC dropped the logos on the books to be almost non-existent. Joshua Middleton’s Batgirl #23 hit hard and sold well on the secondary market. The image for his cover for Batgirl #24 hit Diamond the other day and looks awesome as well. Check it out below:

Batgirl #24  is up for pre-order now and ships June 27, 2018.

36 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer B's: Batgirl #24 Joshua Middleton Variant”

  1. I ordered 2!
    Still didnt get the 4 Batgirl 23bs I ordered from New York Collectors Cave though 🙁
    How long should I wait before I worry?

      1. If you didn’t get a shipping notice by now that’s concerning. But they’ve been good about getting back to me in the past, so contact them.

    1. I never got my 4 copies of 1st appearance Pickle Rick from them asked what was going on they refunded me. So I’m pretty sure they screwed you like they did me not to long ago.

      1. This is the concern 🙁
        Their orders dont normally take this long.
        Figured Ill give them one last mail call tomorrow before I call.
        Pray for me.

      2. So are they going to send em to you or are they keeping em to turn a buck? Funny how a shop has always been good in the past as soon as they start selling Comicxsposure variants they become just as poopy.

      3. Not only do Collector cave screw me on the Pickle Rick now that I think of it they also screwed me on Thanos #17 b covers. My order was cancelled for those Thanos #17 at 3 places crazy they didn’t amount to nothing.

      4. Ellrick, that response is a hanging chad. Is obvious they did not send them. When are they sending them?
        curious why you ordered from collector cave and not another shop? What drew you to them then say, unknowncomicbooks, midtowncomics, sanctum sanctorium or golden apple comics?
        Lately I’ve been going through unknownCBs. So far everything has been 9.6 or better (of course I just jinxed it now).
        Midtown shipped me multiple orders with banged up or vf or less conditioned comics (new releases I had ordered through previews) and only offered me 20 cents off….Total! And they were issues that sold out and I had to go buy elsewhere at marked up prices. Dropped them like a bag of dirt.
        Haven’t ordered from golden apple. Or sanctum sanctorum.

      5. Sorry Dave, in my frustration I wrote a fast and sloppy post.
        To clarify, he said the storie never got their copies, so I was out of luck.
        No idea why they never mentioned it when I sent them a msg on facebook about the order, or why they didnt send me a refund even.
        I picked them for primarily for the shipping charge, its close to Maine where I live, and they typically didnt sell out as quickly.
        Ill try some of your suggestions though, thank you.
        TFAW is always consistent, I just dont always get my order in on time with them.

      6. Ellrick. Not sure what you consider “in time” but I usually get midtown on the Monday following, and unknownCB Tuesday the week following…maybe Wednesday.
        I live in CT, (about 1.5 hrs from NYC) and even when something is shipped from Ny it goes to NJ…then to a center in Windsor, CT….then up to Springfiled MA (?!) then finally to my local post office in CT and my mailbox.

      7. I ordered 3 vindicators from them and received the 3 copies I ordered. About a week after the release date.

  2. Very nice cover, but it won’t be worth what #23 is worth. #23 is a classic cover and should hold it’s value. This is just a cool variant.

    1. 23 caught stores by surprise. I don’t think the same thing will happen, however, would be surprised at how many shops only cover a is ordered or don’t order as many cover b

      1. Any theories why shops don’t order cover B? I’m not a shop, but if I was I’d likely order 2x of the B covers than the As.
        Amazes me how many A covers just sit there, while at most I see one B cover per issue at my lcs…sometimes not any.
        I pre order most Bs now. There is a shop about 1/2 hr away that seems to order more Bs…I travel up that way if I need a B cover and didn’t order it.

      2. Which is weird, we’ve been talking about Middleton Cover B’s for almost a year now.. none should be any surprise to any shop or readers.

    1. Midtown has been messing up my orders for a while. Places an order in march and it came damaged. Sent pictures, sent back fro replacements. They refunded half saying they had run out. Then never sent me the replacements for the ones in stock. PayPal call later I got a refund for it all.

      1. I e ordered from midtown for about 2-3 years regularly…had one problem and they quickly refunded me. But my last three orders were damaged or had printer defects. Despite being a consistent customer They only offered me 20% off what “I paid” which amounted to nothing since I ordered them through their previews at discounted prices…
        Needless to say they lost my future business going forward.

      2. I haven’t been ordering online as heavy as I once was but my last order came with some banged up books due to sloppy packaging from Midtown. Seems maybe they hired a lazy packer cause instead of the comics wrapped around the bubble wrap, it was just sitting in the paper bag between the bubble wrap so the comics could slide from side to side, so I could match up the slightly crushed corner to the crushed comic corners.
        The strange thing is, they said they could give me 25% discount on the books or send me replacement copies. Umm.. replacements, why would I take 25% off books that are worthless now when I can just get new books and hope they arrive in NM? If you’re gonna go as far as replacing I don’t understand why they don’t just refund the damaged books and then they can sell the ones on hand at their full retail. Weird offer to resolve if you ask me.

      1. Hang in there buddy. Like you said “lesson learned”. Sorry you had to go through that. I wish I could say it’ll be the last time, but… It’s a great hobby and a wonderful art form. Hang in there!!

    1. One billion.
      Actually, I think he’s doing them indefinitely…he’s been doing covers for something like 6-19 issues maybe? And I see in August releases he’s still doing B covers for Aquaman and batgirl.

  3. It’s always unfortunate when mail order books arrive in less than NM shape .. you have the seller obtaining the books from Diamond, which is always a crap shoot on arrival condition .. then, the remail by the on line seller, which is another crap shoot and additional Human Handling ..
    Then, if there is instant Heat on a book, the possibility the mail order Retailer will not fulfill your order ..
    All great reasons to consider your Local Comic Shop if at all possible ..

      1. While I tell my Customers the same thing, that if it’s after FOC, I can’t guarantee the order, the Retailer does have about a week after the Consumer order date expiration with which to complete On-Line Diamond Orders ..
        As well, unless it’s a limited item, on general comics, I have around a 90% success rate on order fulfilment up to about 3-4 weeks prior to actual release ..

    1. I think it’s a “given” now that mail order/internet copies are not guaranteed to be in NM condition. A lot of sites are now saying books will arrive in VF/NM condition. I ordered three copies of the 1:25 Dell’ Otto Spider-man 800 issue from three different places. One was from Midtown. All three books that I received were easily 9.4/9.6 at first glance, however, all three have bad color rub on the spine. The red background is rubbed off to white around the spine. To me, that’s less than a VF copy. What are you going to do? What I deem a VF copy is not what others think of as VF. All you have to do is look on eBay, see a book with a crushed corner, and the seller is listing it as VF. Come on. No way. I have completely given up on ever getting anything through the mail in a higher grade than 9.2. On a side note, if I may, you’re best chance of getting a book like Batgirl 23 fulfilled through Midtown or Collector’s Cave is to order just one copy. The moment you order 2 or more copies, you’re chances of receiving those books dramatically decreases. I ordered one copy of Batgirl 23 from Midtown and got it no problem. Ordered another one from DCBS, and no problem. If I order 2 or more, the order gets cancelled. Almost every time.

      1. That seems to be the case. Every other time I ordered one and got it just fine.
        This time I ordered 4 because it was going to be my first CGC submission. (im a noob you will be shocked to learn)

      2. Also, JayClue has posted umpteen posts about this exact problem on various threads on CHU. His insight into this problem is biblical in my opinion. He’s right on the money. Poyo too.

  4. I offer a very limited number of comics on eBay, and as a Retailer that has been grading books since well before CGC and the rest came around, I won’t hesitate to offer a 9.8 and state it as a 9.8 if that’s truly what it is .. and I have never had any complaints ..
    Why .. ?? Because I take the time to really examine the book and I pack it to be as bullet proof as Humanly possible .. there is no secret to it .. the Large On-Line sellers really don’t offer that type of personal, curated Service .. they can’t afford to .. it’s all about Volume ..

  5. As a side note, Batgirl 24B Variant is still on green light for ordering right now at Diamond .. I just checked it ..

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