A Potential Rare Hellboy flip, SDCC Comics #2

I love indy comic books. I love first appearances of small press characters. One that has alluded me for a while is SDCC Comics #2, the first full comic book appearance of Hellboy. I found a stash of them cheap and there are some still available.
If you are unfamiliar with the weird world of Hellboy’s first appearance, here you go. Hellboy first appeared as a prototype on the cover of Dime Press #4 in May of 1993. Hellboy had his familiar horns and right hand of doom, even had a BPRD insignia, but was grey. In August of the same year, he appears in comic form (his first true appearance), but in a black and white comic, in  SDCC Comics #2. To complicate matters even more, later in 1993, he appears in John Bryne’s Next Men #21, this time in color, taking on his familiar red hue. This is considered his first color appearance. But I digress, on to the cheap SDCC Comics #2’s.
Reader copies sold recently on eBay for $110. Copies currently listed on eBay are all $300 and up. So when I found VF copies for $75 I had to snag one. Now this is a pricey grab for many, but the upside of it is it is considered a very rare comic. I found them while searching for SDCC exclusives at TFAW (as they often get some listed for pre-sale before the con.)
The $75 copies can be found here, at TFAW. I called and asked on condition and was told their copies are VF or better. The other part that made this more attractive is TFAW is offering $5 off $50 orders making the copy $70. A lot of potential upside to grabbing a copy.

20 thoughts on “A Potential Rare Hellboy flip, SDCC Comics #2”

  1. Great research….and very selfless too. Most sites miss this point—that’s why CHU is the gem! Great job Anthony!

  2. Already gone! Doubt they had many. I remember getting mine at the SDCC has a hand out. Been in a bag and board since day one!

      1. At $75 you just can’t go wrong. I know on Ebay asking prices are a bit off (wack high) compared to actual sales,but even at $75 for a higher grade there is some nice profit to be had if you decide to sell!

      1. TFAW has been in business long time. I think what happend is that they found a box full of thee covers and releasing them bit by bit.

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