Morbid Spec: Hungry Ghosts by Anthony Bourdain

Death is never an easy topic. People react to it differently. One thing that does happen with celebrity death is people flock to buy things associated with the person. We saw it with Prince, we saw it with Carrie Fisher.Anthony Bourdain passed away today from suicide. A very sad situation for his family, friends, and fans.
As a result of his death, his comic book Hungry Ghosts started selling in droves. At least 38 copies of Hungry Ghosts #1 has sold today. They have averaged from cover price on up to $25 currently. Sets of 1-4 have been selling in the $60-$70 range.
If you or someone you know is at risk for suicide please call. 800-273-TALK
Thanks to Key Collector Comics for the heads up.

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      1. Most likely depression and anxiety. Kate Spade dealt with anxiety and depression. Bourdain was a former drug user, was self-medicating when he was younger and talked about his own mental health issues on several occasions.

        1. Im aware that those afflictions are very real. I was just making a cheap joke. I have never shied away from humour in dark times, and Im a habitual line stepper. RIP

          1. Humor is all good. I don’t get offended easily. The mental health field is where I worked for years and see a huge need to de-stigmatize mental health issues.

            1. I agree, Tony. Everyone should feel free to speak their mind about how they feel without fear of criticism, retribution or labels being applied.

      2. “trChunp”…Really? Way to make light of someones suicide. That, and just can’t keep politics out of a comic book discussion. You must be twelve years old. Seriously, you are getting very annoying. Just take your lame bitterness to the CNN comment pages.

        1. How would you like me to react, Oh Mighty One? Lmao. I enjoy your self righteousness in your expected, lame retort. Get off your high horse. Im sure Bourdain would laugh at that joke and roll his eyes at your high horse response. PS. Im Canadian and dont watch youre soap opera news channels, OC. Your fake news Fox or the honest real CNN. I noticed in our last discussion that you brought up the media too, OC. Your obsession with the honest American CNN station sounds very similar to a con man I hear about often. Lmao. The world is laughing at you, OC. How does it feel? ?

        2. Please see Brennans post in last Wednesdays forum for my feelings on politics and discussing them. My Province just had an election and we had 58% voter turn out. What was it in your state?

      3. Gents…..let’s agree to disagree today. Let’s not get personal or fire loaded comments at one another. Mental health affects both nations almost equally…..and it’s equally devastating for all friends and families. Truce?

      4. The “world is laughing at me?” Show me this “world” you are taking about Jay. Go for it, or does it only exist in your head?… Just what is “this world” of yours laughing at me for? Calling you out??? Calling out your constant, non stop bitterness? Calling you out your constant hate? Calling you out your constant immaturity? Calling you out for bringing politics into non political situations, over and over and over and over again especially when you have no idea what you are talking about? No Jay, like many others I am getting tired of little, bitter nothings such as yourself coming on to sites and bringing your baggage with you. I would say grow up, but looking at your past posts and the fact you have to joke about someones suicide just shows who you are, a bitter coward. Nothing more. Thank God I am nothing like you….LOL, nice of you to say that you “are here for a good time”…apparently only at the expense of others, huh? Hypocrite much? Whatever. You are what you are.

    1. I don’t know man. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain in the same week. Both by hanging, although differently done. You never know what is going on inside someone’s mind even if they have fame and money. It is sad, I lost a friend to suicide a few years back and it is not like a normal death. It is a horrible thing to go through.

      1. So very sad….RIP to both. I really fear we are going to see much more of this given the demographic landscape.

      2. Sorry to hear about your friend. Suicide is never just unfortunate, it is beyond horrific. Not just for the person who enters into such a dark world where that becomes an option but for all those left behind.

        1. My friend Casey was a former marine that just never felt right after he left the service. Even though he had friends and family that loved him dearly, he just never felt right after he left the service. We took him out for his birthday a few days before for laser tag and Hooters wings, fried pickles, and lots of beer. We went home, paid all his bills in advance, watched the series finally of his favorite show, left a very cryptic Facebook message “this too shall pass, see you on the other side” and took his life in the park where he would take his dog for walks. Made no sense. To us at least. To him it made perfect sense I guess.
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    2. I think it’s not only just depression and such with some of these celebrities (I’m not excluding non-celebrities but since those are not the ones in the news) but I also think there’s a link with the drugs they’re being prescribed to battle such things.
      We live in a world now where it’s a “pill” that will fix all your problems and as I’m big believer of science, I think at times though just pushing the pill to fix issues is the wrong approach.
      It’s near impossible for big pharma’s to test all the different medications now against one another. So many have more harmful side effects than the symptom you’re trying to treat.
      So I think this high number of suicides are or could be linked to the possibility mixture of drugs the person is taking to battle the symptoms but yet it’s doing more harm than good in the long run.
      Just like Chris Cornell’s suicide, his wife even stated that the drugs he was taking to battle depression and such made him an entirely different person, not in a good way.

      1. Very well put, Poyo. A good friend of mine was diagnosed with bipolar and was hospitalized after a bought of depression when we were about 20 years old. He was put on some heavy meds and he weened himself off of them because he said the drugs made him feel ‘not right’. My sister did the same thing when she was diagnosed with post partum depression. She said the drugs were as scary as the depression. And unfortunately another fruend if mine committed suicide after his recovery from a head injury. He complained about how the drugs changed him, the doctors didnt listen. He took his own life about 1 year later. Big Pharma is another plague on human race.

  1. Tony, I am so truly very sorry. That hit home a bit. I have a few friends that served in the military where they were in situations that they still don’t talk about to this day. One that did open up also had a visual diary of what he went through..He went through a ton….He took lots of pictures and videos. I don’t even want to tell you about the carnage shown. I can’t un-forget so many of them. He still suffers with PTSD. We were extremely worried for him for years but time and his growing family have given him a second chance. Sometimes his mind backtracks, even for an instant to what he went through, so for those who go through such awfulness whatever it may be I guess it really never, completely goes away. Anyway, I still worry and I know his family does as well. I have to tell ya, It sounds as though you were completely there for your friend. I just wish he would have hung on a little longer .I know saying that is meaningless after the fact and all. I just don’t get it and I will never pretend to. It just makes me sad that so many people fall into such a dark pit and think there is no way out. I wish I had answers. God bless your friend Casey.

  2. This topic of suicide hits deep in my book as I used to be suicidal and so was my wife. My wife grew up in a violent house hold as her dad used to beat up her mom and then her mom would take her anger out on my wife and say shit like “it’s your fault that he hits me.” My wife has overdose on pills, and used to cut herself to make the pain go away. I myself have put a gun to my head, a knife on my chest, I have driven over a cliff. Sometimes no matter what you do in life, you feel like it’s not enough. Life’s a bitch but all we can do is smile and move forward. My boys is the reason why I am steal here smiling and laughing.

    1. Jesus, you’re one in 5 million! People will share important stories about how suicide has affected them, their friends and their families and that’s a good thing. It is only rarely that someone comes forth and explains how they themselves were affected by such thoughts and feelings—I am so very glad that you and your wife fought to get through that dark tunnel as we all know that not everyone does. I am betting that there have been a lot of readers to your post and am betting further that someone read it who is in one of those dark tunnels—here is to hoping that they found your post inspirational to keep fighting the fight and find a real solution.

  3. It’s too damn hot out today to hop in the car and go hunting. having said that, his death was ruled a suicide awfully fast and given that how outspoken he was against Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton,well, you know

    1. Dude. Dont muddle the waters with conspiracy shtuff (Typo intended). For too many people it hits too close to home. Myself included. Just dont be that guy.

    2. And he said he if he was asked to cook for Trump and Kim Jong Un he would poison their food, so, well, you know.

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