Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of June 13th, 2018

It’s that time again to ramble on about things I like and what I don’t like. I try to stick to the new comic week and other pop culture news driven by the comic industry but will stray from time to time.

The most important like this week is, I survived my sky dive jump. But you know, I could be a pancake in a Texas field right now and Anthony is writing this to keep it all a secret.
It’s a lighter week for sure, with mostly dislikes.
Brain Trust No Trust
Learning of what the founder of Brain Trust comics has done recently, posing as a Wounded Warrior to skip out on paying for his luggage fees on a flight is going to be my huge dislike this week.
This is about as despicable as one gets. The comic industry doesn’t want your kind. For those holding onto your Brain Trust variants, dump them and perhaps donate the money to Wounded Warriors or other Veteran charities. For those buying them (in hopes the seller is donating the money), when you get them, shred them and use as small critter bedding or packing material (since the inks used could be harmful to your small critters).
These books are now tarnished by this guys disgusting acts.
Deadpool with a Mouth?
For some reason I hate when Deadpool is drawn with imprints of his mouth through his mask. Unless he’s got his masked tucked between his lips, how is this even possible? This always bugs me and this regular cover for Deadpool Assassin #1 coming out this week is that classic example of where they should forgo attempts to display his current emotion on his face.

I’m a strong advocate for assisted suicide when it makes sense in the case of having a terminal disease but with the recent celebrity suicides, this is something I don’t like.
If you or you know someone struggling with depression or other symptoms that might lead to suicidal thoughts, call the national hotline 1-800-273-8255. If you’re not in the U.S., please check out for a hotline in your country.
First Appearance Specs and Rumors
There’s nothing more exciting in the comic book world than a first appearance, which gives collectors and comic book flippers the chance at a exciting new character.
So with rumors that Titan’s Special #1 coming out this week might have a first appearance of Lobo’s daughter, we now see the masses gobbling up all the copies they can ahead of time which will likely cause a stir and spike in secondary market sales until confirmation.
This is what makes spec’ing exciting while at the same time daunting. Do you take a chance at loading up on a book that has great potential? Or do you wait and then miss out. If the first appearance doesn’t happen, you find yourself sitting on a bunch of books you might not even be able to sell at cover price. If the first appearance does occur, you just found yourself sitting on top of comic book gold to make some extra money on the next spec.
Ah, the joys of comic book speculation, either win or lose, I like it.

Well, that’s all I got this week. What are you all liking and disliking? Do you like this each week or do you hate it? Do you wish I fell from the sky and splattered all over the ground to save yourselves from reading my horrible articles? It’s all good however you feel.

26 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of June 13th, 2018”

  1. I am sick and tired f hearing about brain trust . I want to fight this guy. I want to puch him in his face . the founder of this group is a bunch of words I can’t say on heating up. however I am issueing thischallange. dearmr. braintrust. you creepy s.o.b. anytime anyplace at any convention you me in ther ring blindfolded I will kick your a&& and we can see tickets and donate the money to wound3ed warriors so bring it . blind adam the comicpimp out

    1. Stolen valor stories get under my skin as well. I can only hope that the fallout from this guys actions come close to what he deserves.

    2. ‘anytime anyplace at any convention you me in ther ring blindfolded I will kick your a&&’ -Blind Adam 2018
      I f#ckin’ love that line, BA.

      1. As a Vet, my sentiments toward this kind of stuff by anyone is :: There is a Special Place in Hell Waiting For You ..

  2. Can vouch on Brain Trust Comics. ‘Sold out’ comics for their webstore when they re-distribute to various eBay accounts to squeeze money out of fans. Cannot not recommend their business or any partners that deal with them.

    1. Yeah, the only time I ever saw any of their books were for sale on eBay at what seemed like super inflated prices.

  3. I dont wanna be that guy, but does one avoid buying from the creators that were given copies to sell to make a few bucks in the case of BT?
    I bought one prior to finding out about the fiasco, but was told only that they werent doing variants for them any longer.
    I think buying directly from thd creators only be efits them (artists/writers) but correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. To my knowledge, Brain Trust would have had to pay for all the copies of variants unless they partnered with someone to do the variants. Now if Brain Trust provided copies to sellers or creators free of charge for them to sell, then you would be supporting such creators. Maybe I’m wrong but from what Anthony has told me when he’s done his own CHU variants, all the up front cost is on him unless he partners with another store or individual to do the variant book.

  4. I did OK selling at the local comic swap. It’s hard to sell more expensive books, though, when the table across from you is selling books for a quarter each and another is selling whatever you can fit in a bag for $20. The guy at the table next to me just wanted to get out altogether and sold everything he had to the person selling quarter books.

  5. I had ordered 3 copies of each cover of teen titans 20 on the first day that the previews catalog dropped for that month on midtown. It seemed like a sure thing back then with some of the articles that were floating around. If the crush character takes off at least I’ll have 1st cover appearance to fall back on. I’m seeing the titans special going for 10 dollar bill right now so I’m hesitant to just jump in and order 5 copies. I might just have to save my money and invest in some of the x-23 and cosmic ghost rider ratio variants that are starting to pop up instead.

    1. She first appears in Teen Titans Special #1, not Titans Special #1 out this Wednesday.
      This info comes directly from the head of DC’s sales/marketing.

      1. I think people got confused with both titles almost having the same name. I didn’t know the Titans were recruiting young ones.

    2. Teen Titans Special #1 is still on green light for pre-order at Diamond in case you want to try your LCS .. comes out 6/27

  6. Look I get the “get help” for suicides. But I hate when we feel bad for mature adults more than 15 year old kids killing their classmates. So the 15 year old is crazy and the 61 year old “celebrity” is sad? Need more emphasis on the kids. Then maybe they won’t need the help in the future. I grew up just miles from Santa Fe high school so maybe that’s why it hits more to Home. Sorry just my opinion

    1. Well, suicide and kids shooting up schools are two entirely conversations with different factors involved as well. Both are sad and both need much needed attention. I think someone who just wants to end their life compared to someone who wants to take out a bunch of people (and then wanting to die) are comparing apples to oranges.
      A little known fact about me, I was at Ft. Hood the day one of their own took out 13 people and wounded 30+ others. I was only about a half mile from the incident on base. That was not a fun day.

      1. I have step brothers in Colorado that were going to see Dark Knight at that showing in that theatre but went elsewhere because they wanted to see it in 3D.

  7. Thanks for bringing these weekly thoughts to life. Ordered that Titans, just one copy, from a site I found it on, just because it had sold out at Midtown..glad I didn’t go too crazy on it! As far as Deadpool, I understand his popularity but I’m starting to feel like there’s a new Deadpool series every week? I guess that’s the way it’s become in the cash grab…

  8. I find it interesting that DC announces that TT Special is going to be first appearance of Crush the day after presales end on TT20? The piles of TT20s lying around is going to be awful!! I guess there are 2 other characters to premier too, but it seems like Crush is the one speccers have their eyes on.

    1. DC actually leaked it to select retailers (a couple hundred) about 11-13 hours before the Monday FOC.
      So some were/are prepared for Teen Titans Special.

  9. I’m not sure why so many people thought that Crush’s first appearance was going to be in Titans Special #1 or Teen Titans #20. DC announced 3 months ago in the solicits that Damian will be introducing his new team in Teen Titans Special #1. Since Crush is a new member of the team, I immediately assumed that TT Special #1 would be her 1st appearance.

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