The Weatherman – Review

The Weatherman hits comic stands this Wednesday, June 13th 2018. From the writer who brought us Shirtless Bear Fighter, brings forth a story about a man who doesn’t only recall his past but clearly is living in a present day world as if everything is normal, except second dates.

Nathan Bright has a really cool job. He’s the #1 Weatherman on Mars, which is now terraformed and apparently has weather, not just the cold dusty windy type we all seem to think goes on on Mars.
He’s a charismatic guy who makes people laugh, it’s why everyone loves their favorite weatherman on Mars. He makes them forget about the horrific incident that occurred on Earth 7 years ago, an event that wiped out billions of people.
So Nathan Bright has it all is the assumption we get. He has a cool dog, a cool girlfriend and of course his kick ass job as a liked weatherman but we learn soon that’s all going to get wiped quickly like Earth got wiped years prior.

Nathan has another thing coming his way. Something he has no idea, a storm is brewing in his direction. He’s a target because he doesn’t recall anything about his past and Jody gives us the impression that is intended. He’s been carrying on with his life on Mars as their weatherman for years.

With very few hints in the first half of the issue on the back story of what happened to Earth, the story quickly dives right into some action.
We get a glimpse into Nathans on air life and his off the air life. While on a date with his girlfriend, it quickly jumps into some action sequences from the group targeting Nathan, supposedly he’s a wanted man across the galaxy.
We learn very little about who is who at this point. Perhaps they’re just one of many who are targeting Nathan.

But we do learn that his supposed girlfriend is with some type of task force after she takes down one of the assailants. While you think she’s saving Nathan’s life, we learn she has her own agenda and gives Nathan some very bad news.
This story seems to have a hint of Total Recall likeness within it. Perhaps it’s the whole living on Mars plot or perhaps its Nathan having no memory of his past actions, people are now suddenly attempting to kill him and the girl he’s dating has just told him he’s being arrested for the horrific crime of killing billions of people on Earth.

The art is really catchy in The Weatherman with lots of eye appeal. Jody LeHeup brings forth a very interesting story that has a lot of potential of back story telling. Issue one gives the impression we jumped right in the middle of this story so I’m anticipating we will learn about the past while moving forward at the same time.
After reading this issue though, I can’t wait to read #2 to see where Jody takes us with this story while enjoying Nathan’s artwork at the same time.
The Weatherman hits stands this Wednesday at your local comic shops. Below is the Regular Cover A by Nathan Fox who also does the interior artwork. Other covers are available by Marcos Martin and a higher ratio variant by Matteo Scalera (Black Science fame).

About the creative team. Written by Jody LeHeup and art by Nathan Fox. Colors by Dave Stewart, letters by Steve Wands and design by Tom Muller.

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    1. Yeah, I read all 3 of Image’s #1 books out this week. I liked this one the most. I’m going to try and post reviews of the others but can’t make any promises.
      I’m hoping to keep this ongoing moving forward with some more advanced reviews for the books I get advanced reviews for.

    1. Well if it helps any, this one left me wanting to keep on reading. So I can’t wait for issue #2. That’s always a good sign I think.

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