Wednesday Winner: 6/13/18 Variant Edition

It is nice to walk into the comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your comics. It is even nicer when those books are shooting up in value. These are the Wednesday Winners.
Marvel Rising Alpha #1 1:25 Variant is one of those books. The all ages book came out with a bang. The 1:25 ratio variant is selling in the $43-50 range. This is up from the $19-$29 range it was selling for earlier in the week. Being an all ages book, the print run on this could be low and make the book hard to find.
Image also had a Wednesday Winner this week with Weatherman #1. There is only one copy up on eBay currently, from a seller in Canada, with an ambitious price tag of $138. More realistic copies have closed at the closed at $40-$50. range.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: 6/13/18 Variant Edition”

  1. Got the weatherman variant also. Thanks Anthony, Poyo, Mel V. & everyone that contributes weekly. Need less politics, and more comitics.

  2. Banging my head on the wall this morning seeing as I passed on the marvel rising variant for 14.99 this past Wed and now it’s crossed over into triple digits this morning… it’s hard to win them all

  3. I found 2 copies of marvel rising #1 1:25 wonder should I dump em now or hold for long term . wonder what this book is really gonna do

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