Wednesday Winner: Zinnober #1

It is nice o walk into your local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your comics. It is even nicer b the end of the week when some of the books are going for multiple times cover price. Zinnober #1B is one of them.

Thanks for the requests to bring back the Wednesday Winners. We have seen a quite a few of them in recent months.
Zinnober #1 Variant came out this past Wednesday from Scout Comics. Scout has had several hits on their hands lately, most recently Stabbity Bunny. Zinnober #1 Variant is selling on eBay for up to $24. Most copies have sold for the $14-$16 range. One NM copy sold for $24.
If you missed out on copies and still want one, Scout Comics Web Store has 30 copies left.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: Zinnober #1”

  1. Since Wednesday I had two copies listed at 24.99 + $2 shipping. Sold one at 19+ on Thursday and kept getting offers around 15-20 for the next leading up to Friday afternoon. An hour after the new CBSI top 10 list hit someone took it at the asking price without an offer! I thought it was pretty impressive seeing the direct impact that CHU and CBSI can have on the market and where and at what level people are willing to invest their money.

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