Silk Movie in Development

Variety reported that a film based of the Spiderman character “Silk” is in production.
First appearing in Amazing Spider-man #4 in 2014, Silk is potentially getting her own movie. Copies of the regular cover have been selling for $29.99 since the news broke and copies of the variant have been selling for $60 and up raw.
A movie is in the works based on the Marvel comic “Silk,” which centers on Korean-American superheroine Cindy Moon.
From Variety :
Sony Pictures and producer Amy Pascal are developing the film based on a character that first appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man #1” in 2014 — created by writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos. She’s part of the basic Peter Parker storyline about a demonstration on the use of radioactive rays at a science exhibit gone wrong. A spider is exposed to large amounts of radiation and bites Parker — giving him the power to become Spider-Man.
Moon, a student in Parker’s class, is also bitten by the radioactive spider around the same time and gains the ability to move at incredible speed, shoot webs out of her fingertips, and possess an advanced Spider-Sense (known as Silk Sense). Tiffany Espensen played the character in last year’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” which Pascal produced with Marvel topper Kevin Feige.

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  1. Just bought a lot the other night where the asm4 was thrown in freebie style. This is why I don’t throw in freebies.

    1. Someone once sent me a freebie on purpose or by mistake of Tales of Suspense #65 1st Red Skull in Marvel comics. It was a better copy than the one already in my collection. Also have had someone throw in 15 SA Doom Patrol books for free one of them being first beast boy.

  2. Have the Reg and Variant covered always New that variant would pay off when I picked it up for $10. Also have the connecting store variants of Silk and SpiderGwen #1s

  3. I’ve chimed in many times here about how much I loved Silk while her series was coming out, and ticked when it was cancelled. I was glad to see her show up in the finale of Amadeus Cho’s Hulk title, but even happier to see movie news! And as a member of Team Silk, I own a pile of her first appearances and key issues. I actually gave a few away to friends just to try to get them to appreciate the character. She’s always deserved more attention than Spider-Gwen, and don’t get me started on Arana (who stole the mantle of Spider-Girl just ONE MONTH after the MC2 Spider-Girl series ended)!

  4. Loose copies of ASM 4 regular cover are approaching $100 now… I’m debating if I want to sell a few of my 9.8 CGC Campbell Negative copies.

      1. I’m selling off my non 9.8 copies right now; but I only have 2 non 9.8 copies… I currently only have a regular cover 9.6 copy and a campbell negative 9.4 on ebay. But I was thinking of waiting for the price to reach its peak (after a few days of the announcement) to see how much I can sell my 9.8 copies for. (I have 4 regular 9.8’s and 4 campbell negative 9.8’s but the campbell negatives are the rarest so I want to see if someone else sells a 9.8 and for how much). Also I noticed that Edge of the Spider-verse 2 is rising in value too.

      1. I think people should go for the Comicspro variant of Silk 1 because when the comic was coming out I called almost every comic book store in Oregon (where the retailer’s summit was that year) to try to get a good amount of that variant but I was unsuccessful…

  5. I’ve only got one of the variants but a few of the A covers. I always liked Silk better than Spider-Gwen story wise.

  6. If anybody wants to load up on anything else silk related I know that she was actually in ASM 1,2 and 3 before her full appearance in 4. They are cameo appearances and of course ASM 1 has a huge print run but “IF” she hits it big that might be the next place people put their money.

    1. The JSC cover for that ASM #1 is in cheap bins at every LCS pretty much. Buy a bunch, sell ’em in lots of 10 copies and make some coin!

    2. I bought a handful of the Alex Ross 1:75 variant a while back when they were all over the place for as low as $7… just in case Silk got big… That one can still be found cheap ($12 an up) with plenty of upside when more people start realizing the book is Cindy Moon’s first cameo.Of course there are tons of variants of ASM #1 out there but the Ross version should be one of the most popular….I would think.

    3. I thought it was only issue 1 with the flashback sequence at the beginning. This is considered first apperance of Cindy Moon. As Silk it was issue #4. I’ll have to flip through issues 2 and 3 but I don’t recall her (Cindy Moon) in those two.

  7. don’t forget about the larrys comics phatom variants for s#1&2 a.s.m. #300 homage covers. . there is also a gwen and silk team up storyline with variants by cambell. silk is a cos play all star #testify blind adam out

  8. Been waiting for Silk to hit it big! Bought a few of her 1 in 10 a couple of years back when they were going for $25 to $35 and a few regular cover #1 and one or two second prints. Time to sell at least one set to cover all the initial costs.

  9. Last week I bought 4 copies for $100 each CGC 9.8. In the past 2 days I sold 3 of them for $300 a piece. I love when speculating pays off

  10. Hi everyone! I saw on the cgc website that Stan Lee is doing a signing at a shop in Vegas in early July. Anyone think it would be worth sending them a 9.8 to get opened up and signed? I think the cost was around 180 if I read right.

    1. If your doing it to flip, sure. People pay crazy prices for Stan Lee’s signature on crap. If for the PC, I’d say don’t waste your time or money. Stan Lee will take your money and sign a DC book if it’s handed to him.. he signs everything. Not sure why people pay such a premium for it. I’m sure you can find his signature in the stalls at every convention he’s been to, maybe even with a phone number.
      But honestly, if it’s going to cost you another $180 to just get the signature, then probably another $50 to get graded again and the chance it gets mishandled knocking it out of a 9.8 grade level.. your just eating into your profit. This book seems to already be gaininig steady in value. Poyo says, don’t do it but that’s just me.

      1. I remember when he would sign for free way back when. Always a nice guy though regardless if it was a looong time ago or these days.

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