Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 82

Greetings my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. First off thank you. Thank you for reading this each and every week. Thanks for giving a blind kid a family and a home. Your one of the greatest blessings in my life. Before we make money with comics, that spider verse trailer was #awesomesauce. The Bumble Bee trailer was decent but really, John Cena? Green Arrow Annual #2, Daredevil Marvel Knights s#111-112, Spawn #1 yes I read it again, and JLA Not Justice #1-4 are my reads of the week. Now let’s make money with comics.
1. The Punisher #55#56 (1987 Series) – two part story featuring Jigsaw. I loved the test footage for season two which features Punisher vs Jigsaw. Buy all the Jigsaw appearances now. #55 has a sweet Joe Quesada Jigsaw cover to boot $1-5
2. Peter Parker the Spectacular Spiderman #82 – Bill Mantlo writing is sweet. Cloak and Dagger, The Kingpin, a crazy Punisher taking shoots at jay walkers and people littering on the streets of New York City, #awesomesauce Netflix Arc family #tvspecforever
3. The Punisher #35#41 (1987 series) – Punisher vs Jigsaw. Jigsaw puzzle storyline. Season two is coming to Netflix baby $1-5 each for these issues which are perfect for signature series
4. 52 #21 – Tasha Irons becomes Starlight. It will be interesting to see how the live action Titan’s show uses Tasha Irons. She has had many costume rolls. Steal in Action #806, she first appears in a dollar box gem Steel #1. I hope she crosses over with thesupergirl show
5. Ultimate Spiderman #5 (Vol. 1) – first Ultimate Green Goblin. That Spiderverse trailer was #awesomesauce. Ultimate Goblin is the villain, this book has a low print run, and was cheap for a minute. It might pick up $20-40
6. Troll #1 – Image Comics, this is in dollar boxes, however it has an appearance by the Maxx. Dear MTV can we have a Maxx revival? $1-3
7. Brightest Day #6-8 –  So Ms. Martian is double dipping? Supergirl and the New Titans show. I feel these Brightest Day issues with her and John Jones working together are a better spec pick then the Titans issues. Why, two media stars working together, in dollar boxes, and it is a great story not like Countdown to Final Crisis $1-3
8. Uncanny X-Men the Juggernaut action figure – OK not a comic book, however this is his first action figure. I love this first wave of Toybiz X-Men figures. Still very cheap, plentiful in the wild, and either mint on card or loose is just a great investment plus he’s the Juggernaut well you know. $5-20
9. Spiderman #17 – Spiderman vs Thanos cover and story movie hype. Avengers 4 next year, Thanos is super-hot $10
10. Brave and the Bold #80 – Batman and the Creeper working together. That Creeper episode of Batman the Animated series is a classic still holds up I would love to see the Creeper in the Arrowverse $20 and up
11. Superman Secret Files #2 – Mark Millar plus Superman equals money. Mark Millar is the greatest of all time. DC should have let him make that Superman movie he wanted to make now, we will never know and that is a damn shame $5
12. Swamp Thing Annual #2 – first full appearance of the JLA Dark. Between the new series, that animated movie from last year, Legends of Tomorrow taking on a JLA Dark vibe this season. Everyone knows about Swamp Thing #49#50 I don’t see this mentioned as much $10
13. Cliffhanger #0 sketchbook – I believe this was a Wizard Magazine insert. Previews Danger Girl by J. Scott Campbell plus the other Cliffhanger series $5-10
14. Peter Parker Spiderman #23-26 – first of all I loved the Stacy twins. Sara Stacy was great. Cag Stacy had potential, so what if Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy got it on and had kids, isn’t that the game of life? Am I the only Spiderman and that loved sins past? Is making let’s call it a Spiderman and film and using this as source marital making me blind to the fact that sins remembered was an awful story?? Hells no son. This is the worst Spiderman story of all time. Boring plot lame art and this was the last we saw of the Osborn twins witch is a shame $1-5
15. Stabbity Bunny #2 Donny Darko Homage Brain Trust Variant – first off the guy who runs the Brain Trust, please leave the industry. Anyone that pretends to be a disabled veteran of this great nation just to get cheap discounted plane tickets and favors is a selfish a-hole.  However my question is, the group some really cool variants my question is should I feel guilty for buying them? If I resell them I will donate money to the veterans would that be o.k.? $20
16. GI Joe Comic Book Three Pack #10,21,30 – Wow each and every week I find a new GI Joe the real American Hero three pack. This is the money shot. We have a new Snake Eyes movie, a new Snake Eyes in the books. The Garden State Comic Fest has the voice actor who played Storm Shadow as a guest and this pack has the famous silent issue and first Storm Shadow in #21. It is pricey at $100-150 but if you dare and open the pack and grade it it could reach a 9.6-9.9 then that is making dollar dollar
17. Rick and Morty #37 Pickle Rick Days of Future Past Variant – Rick and Morty has some sweet variants. This is comic book money but why only $5, it is Pickle Rick
18. Marvel Two in One #59 – this is for the cover as I collect and invest in world trade center covers. Being a New Yorker this cover is eerie to me. The towers are on fire. Just a nice cover that is cheap, plus it is Ben Grim at his best $5-10
19. Captain America #383  (Vol. 1) – this cover is t-shirt worthy and the foil makes it pop. Captain America with the world trade center as a backdrop and this is in dollar boxes
20. Skyward #1 – New Image series has been selling pretty well with many copies being snatched up for above cover price, and not many listed on eBay. Something is going on here.
Well that is it for this week. Next week I will have a few things to talk about. Some awesome things are store for the future of awesomesauce commix. Thank you again or giving me a sandbox to play in
Blind Adam the comicpimp out

20 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 82”

  1. Rick & Morty #37 Pickle Rick Homage variant was over ordered. That’s why it’s still only a $5 book. One of my shops still has a stack of them last time I checked. And when I say stack, I mean a stack one can’t simply grab with one hand.

  2. Stay away from Brain Trust, BA. Buying their books indirectly supports them, imo. Those books should all be burned. I understand that there are creators that worked on those books that had no part of the military impersonation, but Im sure they arent proud of that association now either. My two sense.

      1. No. The Brain Trust is a group of people, a spec group, that would commission variants for selling to the group. From there they took them to the secondary market. In order to do the ones they did, they needed a partner with a Diamond account. That’s where the Nerd Store came in. They split releases between the group and the Nerd Store. But the same people were not running both.

    1. Yes and don’t buy the books to turn around and sell to donate to charity either. You can just donate directly without tying in Brain Trust variants in the mix.. (and likely losing money by buying at $20 and possibly selling for less).

  3. first off the guy who runs the Brain Trust, please leave the industry. ……………BWAHAHAHAHA! Truer words have never been said.

  4. I liked Sins Past until Quesada *%&#H it up. Stradzinski had a story in place and Quesada made hij change it to the crap we ended up getting all in hopes of breaking up Peter and MJ.
    Stradinski was so upset that he didn’t want credit for the final product and ended up leaving Marvel altogether.
    That storyline had great potntial. Oh Well!

    1. A lot of JMS stuff had potential but ended up sucking. “Supeme Power,” as a part of the Marvel Max line was amazing until he basically abandoned it and left other writers to try their best to make stories out of it.

  5. I was at my LCS today and noticed they’re sold out on Champions #21. Checked around and everyone is. What did I miss?

      1. Yes. If you see Champions #19, pick it up. It has the 1st full Amka Aliyak. She is the character who becomes Snowguard in issue #21.

      2. Grabbed 2 copies of 19, and one of 21 on Nm/9.6 or better. Saw 2 more copies of 21, but they had wear to them and a spine tick or 2. Will see if it takes off. Thanks!

  6. We want live action Gwen not animated Gwen. I hope the Spiderverse movie tanks so Disney doesn’t spin out another 100 animated Marvel movies to release in theatres, stick with the live action for film save the cartoons for tv.

  7. alena can you email me at I don’t see spiderverse tanking. trailer looks great. batman the mast of the phantasm was realeased on Christmas day and is the best animated batman movie ever made . most of marvels animated stuff is to childish for my tastes . the last half way decent animated we got from marvel was hulk vs wolverine and hulk vs thor . but it is sony gwen will be shoved down our throats. so she can be in both . the classic silver age look needs more cos play love . thank you everyone for reading t this and for all the love and surport I love you guys god bless and have a great weekend blind adam the comicpimp out

  8. Bah. Going to miss out on this one…out of town…will check out my LCS next week and some others, but I’m not very positive. Amazing how fast a books value can rise within a matter of hours…

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