New Comic Spec Review Video for June 27th, 2018

Anthony from talks about the hot new comics of the week. Here is this week’s for delivery 6/27/18:

32 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for June 27th, 2018”

      1. Matt I’ve pre-ordered some hot books from Badass and have been alright. Only once did they cut down a pre-order from two copies to one. My fingers are crossed for you.

        1. Cool. Thanks for the update. Since Titans 23 comes out before Teen Titans 20, it’ll be interesting to see if Crush appears in Titans 23 too.

    1. Buuut… will she be on the cover, and, even if she does make an appearance, is it enough to not be labeled as a cameo and what will the market decide when she is on the cover of TT 20? Could be another case of cameo vs true first appearance. We have to wait and see where people decide to put their money.

      1. All good points, BK. Even if it is just a cameo, they would be great to pair up with the 1st full, wherever that may be. Im fairly certain she is not on the cover.

      2. To be honest I’m expecting something like a splash page at the end of this titans special, kind of like they did with Metal #2 and the Dark Knights.

  1. Great video as always. Expecting TT Special #1 and MGDD #32 to be the big ones, with Venom #3 doing nicely as well.

      1. I agree. Also, now that more news has come in, I will amend my initial statement. MGDD 32 and Venom 3 top specs for content, MM for regular cover, while TT special falls significantly based on the fact that it only contains a cameo.
        Venom 3 variant may turn out to be a great investment for a good price.

  2. I just wondered, how are you guys able to show spoilers of a book on Tuesday night before the books comes out on Wednesday?

      1. Books go on Sale Wednesday. The site is based out of London. 8 Pm eastern time is midnight in London, itโ€™s street date. Also, I get them from the same place BC gets their spoilers from. Comic distributor workers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Stores receive their books on Tuesdays, so they can get ready to sell for opening on Wednesday. You can get spoilers, and images on a Tuesday if you know a comic store owner.

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