Tommy Vol. 2 Kickstater and Giveaway

What Up CHU? MEL V. here. As many of know I was a huge fan of Creature Entertainment and their projects. I am proud to announce they are back with a new project, Tommy Volume. 2 Guess what’s in my POCKET and It has some pretty cool giveaways
Hey and welcome to the TOMMY vol.2 KICKSTARTER! Issue 1 is ready and done and we need you to continue the misadventure of a homicidal Imaginary friend JACK!
Vol.1 saw the rise of Jack in Tommy’s world and after its whirlwind ending we were left hanging with what came next! Here comes SUZY!
She makes Jack look like Mother Teresa’s and Gandhi’s love child! She makes Donald Trump look like Bob Ross! Nobody is safe, and Tommy means to stop the madness!
TOMMY originally grew from our own childhood, different generation growing up but the same problems as always. It’s about a little kid and the world being a big and scary place and sometimes you need an outlet: that out let can be a friend. Even an imaginary one. But sometimes those thing can be SCARIER.
I personally want that Statue it looks insane which will be made to order/pledgers I should say so if there are only 100 people to meet that threshold then only 100 will be made. Also check out Creature Entertainment at these up and coming conventions Florida Supercon is July 12-15 Raleigh Supercon is July 27-29 And NYCC October 4-7, 2018
Also This week, I will be giving away A Copy of Tommy #1 Puerto Rico Comic Con Exclusive That’s Limited to 50, so enter your names down below and let us know what your homicidal imaginary friend would be.
Check out they kickstarter here :

26 thoughts on “Tommy Vol. 2 Kickstater and Giveaway”

  1. Garrett Renken- Bruce Campbell, his witty one liners would make all the homicidal stuff easier to put up with.

  2. John T. — Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, who has finally had it with the other muppets and snaps into a murderous rampage. It turns out he has been hiding quite an arsenal in his garbage can. He kills most of the other muppets with a flamethrower, but he hates Elmo most of all and saves him for last. He kills Elmo slowly with a knife, so he can savor it up close and personal.

  3. Nicolas Cage as the ghost of Edward Malus, the protagonist of the classic remake of the Wicker Man. Malus’ ghost walks around screaming and battering people, all while wearing a bee helmet.

  4. Jay Clue…Monk & Mern, my sisters imaginary friends from my youth. They arent scary, but they do enjoy tea time.

  5. katy is the midget hooker from hell. la katy was murdered by a john on the stroll. katy was just doing her job and one night she was strangeled for her troubles. after dying katy makes a deal with the devil. katy gives lucifer her soul and katy gets the power to avenge and protect the deaths of herself and all the hookers hookers in the world. all the ladies of the evening can rest w easy . with katy the gardian deamon watching over them the ladies of the evening know. that no harm will come to them katy will protect those se special women the women that bring joy to the joyless and hope to the hopless I think I now want to flesh this out but katy was the greatest hooker inb the world she is my inagary friend and was my best firned #testify blind adam the comicpimp out

  6. Joey Best – Paul Webster the Bullfrog, my childhood pet. Who came back to me as an adult as my homicidal imaginary friend.

  7. Sean B Jenkins – my Imaginary friend was personified in this huge stuffed bunny, named Geedee. I used to jump over Geedee onto a large wooden toychest, until the day I landed on my face…I told my mom that Geedee tripped me out of spite…homicidal spite, I’d say.

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