Spoilers: Teen Titans Special #1 “Will She or Won’t She”

That has been the question on the minds of speculators for a little while now, “Will Crush appear in Teen Titans Special #1?” Also, will it be a cameo or first appearance? We have those answers for you.
Teen Titans Special #1 is out in stores tomorrow. Click the spoiler logo to see the spoiled image.
Well it is a first.

But from the looks of it it is a cameo. First full will be Teen Titans #20 which is still available for pre-order.

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  1. Her mother would have to be another race because Lobo had killed all others from his home planet, but Crush certainly looks like her Dad. How long till we get a Crush cover swipe of Bisleys classic #1 cover? I love that cover. I have a copy framed on my wall.

  2. Anyone know where to order the Babs Tarr variant? I’ve only been able to find the shirahama variant, or some places offer one “variant” cover and don’t identify the cover artists (I’m assuming it’s not Tarr). Midtown looks to be offering it, but not as an open order (will have to wait the Wednesday before to order it from them…would prefer someone else though).

      1. But lately I have only seen the Benard Chang and shirahama variant for sell. My personal opinion is that the shirahama cover looks the best.

    1. I’ve been trying to find this out too. I did pre-order the Tarr variant from Mid-Town several weeks ago. I’ve actually seen the art. I think I found it on either a yahoo or google search. I can email it to you.

    2. I’ve seen he Art, I preordered a variant from unknown comics, but they haven’t announced which variant it is. My gut says the Babs Tarr variant may be the scarcest.

  3. Wow… was seriously sweating over the 10 copies of TT20 that I pre-ordered lol heh…. still don’t quite feel like I’m out of the woods yet

  4. Let’s all spec Lobos daughter ? for around 33 years or so you could still find Lobos first appearance for the original 1983 cover price of $1.00, Nm+ copies for $5.

    1. Nooo, you got it all wrong! Let’s all quick flip Lobo’s daughter, (don’t let him hear you say that though) make some coin off the hype and spec something with real potential. It doesn’t have to be a winning idea tobe lucrative. Get out there and make some money, boys and girls!

      1. That last line I read as Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool voice.. “Get out there and make some money, boys and girls!” 🙂

      1. It’s what, about a $20-$50 book depending on condition.
        Not bad but I still don’t get the Lobo fascination.. he’s like a D rated character who flips flops from bad by to good guy and just makes guest appearances across the DC Universe titles.. probably when the writers are bored.. Hmmm..

    2. maybe his daughter will be much cooler than her dad. That’s what all parents want, right? For theeir kids to have better success in life than they did?

      1. I think she’s an orphan who never met her dad and wants nothing to do with him.. at least that’s what I read.

      2. No ones ‘FRAGGIN’ cooler than Lobo, don’t know how much you may have read in regards to Lobo releases, but I enjoyed a lot of the earlier mini series, now they’ve introduced a daughter into the mix (and possible movie exposure) ‘watch this space’
        just IMO

  5. Titans #23 comes out two weeks before Teen Titans #20. The description of Titans #23 mentions the fallout of events that occur in Teen Titans #20. So the stories are now out of sequence.
    That said, what’s the possibility of Crush showing up in Titans #23?

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