Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 192nd edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

103 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. So last Wednesday I told everyone to “swarm!” when Midtown opened up orders for Teen Titans Special #1. This was after I had placed an order for 3 copies of course! At the time there was no limit, then it was changed to 1 per customer selling out quickly, and I was wondering what they’re do.
    Today I got an email informing me it was one per customer, and my order was reduced to a qty of 2. Shortly thereafter I got a notice of processing my order for two copies…so it looks like I’m getting two, but we’ll see what shows up in my mail box.
    Anyone else get this notice!

    1. Anyone else try to order more than three? How many did they are taking back? For example if th ordered 5, did they reduce your order to 4 or 2?

      1. what the heck? Well I ordered 2 copy moon girl 32 and they reduced it to 1 they said limit 1 per customer. Why did they give you 2?

    2. I’m a bit ticked off at Midtown right now. I placed a Preview order 2 months ago for a single copy. Then last week, prior to order limits, I placed an order for 3 then a second order for 2 along with a couple of books I forgot to order the first time. My notifications yesterday were that the one I ordered through Previews was “not available”, my order of 3 was cancelled, and my order of 2 is still pending. In my mind, I should be eligible for 2 copies – my pre-ordered copy (because this should have been accounted for in their initial order) and the 1 per customer copy after limits were placed. We’ll see what happens with my order of 2, but I’m really not happy.

  2. Im going to mention the Image book Isola that came out not to long ago, again. Ive been selling issue #1 of this book, mostly in sets of A&B, like hot cakes over the last two weeks. My ladt set sold today for $24 US, shipped. I have no idea why, but wanted to share that. Disclaimer: i currently have zero sets in hand or listed. I have 1 copy of cover A in hand and listed.

    1. It’s an awesome book. I sold a bunch when I bought out Midtown of their 68 copies at $1.80 each when their first 60% sale went up weeks back. Lol!
      I’m holding onto the rest of my copies since more and more people seem to be jumping on board. Could be a great hold and not just a good flip.

  3. Its short term growth seems very organic. The long term potential had crossed my mind as well. I think you have convinced me to sit on my last copy, Brian.

  4. Just a heads up for the Austin peeps, Donny Cates is doing a signing next Wednesday at Dragon’s Lair and ABC.

  5. You should all check out GameStop they had all the Marvel Select PVC statues which are normal $50-$60 for $34 + 50% off clearance items so $17 a pop easy resale on eBay or Mercari for at least $30. Also the GameStop Funko Blind Boxes $30 retail normally $12 on clearance + 50% off so a measly $6 a full size Funko subscription Blind box. The Star Wars Black GameStop exclusive Snoke was only $10 from $30.

  6. This week I purchased some great comics!
    Ms. Marvel series 1 issues #1-5, 9, 11-14, 19-23. Marvel Super-Heroes Summer 1992 and Fall 1992 which feature the previously unpublished stories that were going to be issues #24 and #25 of the series.
    Evil Ernie published by Eternity issues #1-5.
    Crow by Caliber issue #2 third printing

    1. That Evil Ernie compete Eternity run is a nice get David! Not easy to find cheap and the print run was minute.
      Great pick up! 😉

  7. Haven’t been keeping up with the news lately, so thanks Tony and Everyone for the heads up on a few of today’s issues. There is definitely a few books I probably would have missed out on if it weren’t for you all!
    This week I am getting:
    Harley Quinn v Joker
    Deadpool Assassin #2
    Detective Comics #983
    Image + #11
    Outcast #36
    Pestilence : Story of Satan #2
    Spectacular Spider-Man #306
    Sex Criminals #25
    Dr. Aphra #21
    Teen Titans Special #1
    Flash #49
    Hellblazer #23
    Man of Steel #5
    The Silencer #6
    Thor #2
    Venom #3
    Moon girl and devil dinosaur #32
    Ms marvel #31
    Batgirl #24

  8. Guys, I was able to get my hands on a 9.6 unpressed Saga 1 4th printing – what do you think the spec is on that? I know it’s considered probably the rarest print

    1. Prices are far and wide.. the only sold listings in past 60 days on eBay are $59.99, $69.89, $299.95 (Best Offer Accepted so unsure of actual sale price) and another at $124.95 (Best Offer Accepted so like the other, we don’t know actual sale price).
      There was a 9.8 CGC 4th print that also included issues 2-48 that sold for $599.99 so really hard to determine that actual price.
      I’d say a 9.6 4th print is at least a $50-$60 book on a good day.

  9. Good grief.
    Between pre-orders, eBay pickups, and LCS hunting today, I might nee to take out a 2nd mortgage. This is evolving into a HUGE Wednesday.
    Can anyone recall another WED loaded with this many spec-worthy books/1st appearances in the recent past? I need the next month to be a barren wasteland so my wallet can reload….

    1. There are 5 great spec books this week. I am flipping the hell out of things as I get them to make up. Mel is saying I should CGC Submit them. …. hmm.

      1. A couple weeks back I pre-ordered a Venom 3 Molina variant and a Ms. Marvel 31 Virgin variant for $60 total … at that buy-in if those arrive in NM condition it would be hard not to look at a quick press and then submit. There are quite a few books this week that fit into that category!

  10. Picking up:
    Saga 53
    Sex Criminals 25 NSFW cover by Skottie Young!
    Rick & Morty 39
    Prisoner 3
    My Love & Rockets 1 B&W came back from CGC as a Universal 9.6 with the grading note “BETO/2018 written in marker on the first page”. Most likely would have come back a 9.8 without the signature but this is for my pc and I asked for the signature. I am very surprised it did not come back with a Qualified label.
    Picked up the Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room 2-pack Pop exclusive for the 55th anniversary. My local tiki bar is called Hale Pele and one of the Pops is of Pele.

      1. Yeah, I bought two sets of the Pops, one to give to the bar to display. Tony, I still recommend you pick up a bottle of my favorite Jamaican rum, Smith & Cross. I warn you it is a bit over-proof. Another rum I highly recommend is Plantation OFTD over-proof. The OFTD officially stands for Old Fashioned Traditional Dark but unofficially stands for Oh F*** That’s Delicious.

  11. Damn this hobby is expensive! I’m like spending 100$ a week minimum on comics!
    Good thing I can flip some comics otherwise that’s all I would be working for!!

    1. I used to spend $20-40/week, but after sorting my books into pc/non-pc, I’ve cut back to $5-15/week. I’ve been putting the money not buying new books into getting books I already have graded and slabbed.

    2. I use to do the same. I was spending sometimes upwards of $200 a week on some occasions. I was trying to read way to much.
      Today was the first time in a very long time I’ve gone over $50. I picked up some extras though just for flip potential.
      I’ve been averaging between $10-$25 a week nowadays..
      It helps as I’ve almost literally stopped buying Image titles and I’m just not reading DC books anymore, I read a few here and there. I’ll pick up for cover art or flip but that’s it.

  12. Good lord this was an expensive week, but hopefully worth it.
    Pick ups:
    Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #32
    Venom #3 X3
    Venom #3 (Molina variant for $25-gonna put this up tonight for sale to recoup some of my costs)
    Ms Marvel (Hans variant X2 for cover for each)
    Black Panther #2 (Dauterman variant for $6)
    Teen Titans Special #1 X2
    Batgirl #24 (Middleton variant X2)
    Kill or Be Killed #20 (Last issue and one of the best reads in the 2 years I’ve picked it up)
    Wonder Woman (Frison variant)
    Only spec pick up from the previous week was a Amazing Spiderman #1 1:200 B & W Opena with cameo of Cindy Moon (Silk) for $30 in mint shape.
    Good hunting everyone!

  13. Ms. Marvel Hans variant was non-existent in my hood. So was the Batgirl Middleton.. just none to be found at two shops. Moon Girl was slim pickings, one shop had around 4-5 and another had just 2 copies left when I arrived.
    Teen Titans Special was fairly easy to find at one shop, they had a decent size stack available.

    1. MM Hans scarce around me as well. Middleton not bad, but will be gone by tonight/tomorrow at latest. TTS #1 fairly well stocked. MGDD # 32 almost as bad as MM Hans. Champions 19 and 20 are complete ghosts everywhere, as is Molina Venom 3.

    2. Hans MM is a complete ghost in my area. Saw 1 copy on the rack all day. BG24 was rare too, one shop had a staaaack though. MG was fairly scarce too. A few copies at a few shops. I preordered this book though. TTS was there, but going quick. Champions 19&20 connect were only available at 1 shop. Venom Cover A was hard to find too and the Molina was long gone by the time the shops opened. I seriously missed that boat on that one, and had every damn warning for months. Oi.

      1. I did pretty good with the BG24, TTS and MG today. I managed 1 copy of MM Hans for my PC. When I listed my books, MG was the first to sell. About ten minutes. $18 US shipped.

    1. I saw 2 copies all day. One had some defects, the other looked 9.8. I had both in my hand, then put the lesser grade down thinking I was going to 4 more shops today and would find another. Oh well.
      Had 2 copies of the Molina venom 3 in hand…both had some corner impact defects and the shop owner wanted $50. I said no thanks. Now I see them selling for as high as $150 in nm. Oh well.
      What I did grab was 2 copies of MM31 Hans (they had 3 total didn’t see another), grabbed a BG24B (limit 1) and 4 copies of Venom 3 cover A (across three shops…and now I see one had major production flaws I did not catch…hoping to being it back as I’m a regular at that store…oh well).
      Hoping to flip a couple.
      Eyeing the midtown comics exclusive cosmic ghost rider at the moment…and the Chris ward variant. Not sure what the incentive ratio is on that one.

  14. I only got 2 copies of the Ms Marvel Hans variant out of the 4 shops I hit up and I was the 1st person through the door at 2 of them. It’s going to be harder to find than people think, expect it to be $40 on ebay in a week
    No Venom #3 variants anywhere, got 3 of the regular cover.
    No Multiple Man variants anywhere either
    Sentry #1 1:25 $10
    Black Panther #2 1:25 $10
    Moon Girl copies all had heavy staple rubs so I passed on em
    back issue pickups today…
    Wonder Woman #7 and #9 Cheetah issues $5 ea
    Unstoppable Wasp #1 1:10 $6
    Tomb Raider #43 Hughes cover $3
    Zatanna #11 $3
    Karnak #1 1:25 Zaffino variant $1 (worthless but I loved the series and it’s a great cover)
    Ultimate Fallout #4 2nd print $5 – these 2nd prints are hitting $100 in CGC 9.8. Who knew?

  15. Jus want to vent a little. Figured, if there was anywhere to put this, it could go here. I Get to the second LCS of my journey today, one guy sitting outside. We wait outside for 5 minutes or so in which he makes no attempt to be in front of the door when the shop opens, i assume he’s just there for his weekly pull or whatever it might be. Still, I give the door a wide birth, giving him plentyof opportunity to make his move. It doesn’t happen, so I make it in first. I Make my way to the rack, reach up and grab the Molina venom variant, the one big book I came for, Being sold for 12.99. Immediately i hear “Seriously?!” I look to my side, guy is looking at me, mouth hanging open, I say “what, you looking for this?
    “Well, I got here 15 minutes early just so I could get it!” He exclaims, as if that gives him rights to it. I shake my head in disbelief because I know, if the tables were turned, I would have kept my mouth shut and accepted the fact that I let him beat me to what I wanted and because I knew I was about to hand this guy a $50 -$100 bill.
    I say “Here, man, take it. I should make you pay me for it, especially when I could go make 60 or more off it as soon as I walk out the door.”
    “It’s worth 60 bucks?” He asks in disbelief.
    “Yeah, you’re welcome.”
    I was worried I was stepping on stone unwritten comic shop code, perhaps, by not going out of my way to let him in first but, this isn’t just a hobby or entertainment for me, this is a stream of income. I’m sure many of you understand what I’m talking about. I by no means wantedhim to have the book, he’s probably dinging up the corners as we speak… I just hope the comic gods were watching. Happy Wednesday, all!

    1. That guy was full of it! He knew what the book was worth otherwise he would not have gotten there fifteen minutes early…Just seems like a bit of a sore lose, cry baby type.
      When it comes right down to it, at the end of the day it is only a comic book. I have done the same thing before with people…Not with a comic book, but similar situations…. “IF” you want this book for the pc wait a while and this one will most likely go down quite a bit compared to what some have been selling for already. Kind of a cool villain but I don’t see him getting tons of use as time goes on. The price should fall on this one…besides, the regular cover is pretty freaking sweet! Hope you got one of those at least. Also, there will most likely be a second and maybe even a third print on this one…Sometimes those pan out better than the first prints and variants.

    2. Yeah, I had one guy in front of me as well. He DID walk in first and DID make a bee-line for that lone Molina variant and DID take it.
      I would obviously have loved to have grabbed it, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. My consolation is that I did get one on pre-order a few weeks back for a great price so all is not lost for me.
      Was able to get everything else on my list, though.

      1. I’ll be sure to let you know if and when the karma comes calling. I can assure you it won’t be happening again, not for free at least.
        Side Not: just caught the news about Walmart carrying 100 page giant issues containing DC reprints and 12 pages of exclusive new material starting on the first. A new arc of superman by Tom King starting in September. Any thoughts on spec? I assume these issues won’t be very well handled.

    3. If its on the rack, whoever has otcin their hands, has dibs, as far as Im concerned. You are too nice. Lol. If i was in your shoes, I wouldn’t have gave it to him based off of your description of him.

      1. I mean, he wasn’t being a dick about it, but definitely whining lol. I figure this gives me the choice to freely bogart anything i want from this day forward. An investment of sorts lol

      2. If he wanted it so bad, then start forming a lone at the door. 15 minutes isn’t a long time to wait.
        I made a b-line and grabbed a copy…but owner wanted $50 for banged up staple rubbed copies, no thanks. Regular cover is so much better….and cheaper!

      3. I agree, too nice to give it to him when you had first pick in the store. I would’ve asked, “Oh did you call ahead for it?” Not only that, he could’ve mentioned to you why he was there 15 minutes early before you guys went inside. Seems like he just wanted to whine.

        1. I would have simply told him that it is my hand, therefore it is mine. If it was in your hand, it would be yours.
          I think that is proper comic shop etiquette.

      4. Sort of like the Chinese restaurant episode of Seinfeld and George waiting for the pay phone ….”if you were here first….the. You would have the comic!”

  16. Hit two shops today, and found ZERO copies of MG&DD 32, and barely any copies of MM 31. I know at the first shop all the subs were pulled, which left no shelf inventory for MM&DD.
    Same deal with the Middleton BG 24. I was in immediately at LCS 1 and there were none on the shelf. I love the work he’s been doing lately but as someone that’s been on the Middleton train for a long time I hate that it’s getting harder (and more expensive) to get some of these covers. Guess I just have to start pre-ordering more copies if I want multiples!

    1. Don’t sleep on the Ben Oliver Nightwing cover which is meant as a thematic match to it, either. Ordered a few from midtown this afternoon (hopefully no more cancellations).

  17. Nothing too crazy this week. Missed out on the Moon Girl because no one really puts them on the shelves anymore in my neck of the woods. Passing on TT special, even though there were several copies at my LCS. I did get some decent $1 box pickups including:
    Daredevil 188, 200
    Fantastic 4: 243,244
    Detective Comics 450
    Brave and the Bold 112
    DC Super Spectacular 20
    Most of them are probably a 5 to 6 grade but for $1 couldn’t pass on them. One highlight, for humor sake, is that I took a chance and bought a Deadpool shirt (the design with the shark coming up and Deadpool laying on top of the water; love that image) for cheap on ebay from a vendor in China. The shirt did come, which I wasn’t all that sure it would based on the reviews. Everything is good except deadpool looks blurry, like when you take a small image and try to blow it up. Love it.

  18. all the copies at my comic shop are in fine condtion . so should I pull the trigtger? it is only dollar three. I found titans special #1,flash #49-b,saga #53no moon girl #32s or bg #24s and I would have given the guy a finger the middle finger that is pad paid for my f venom and said you snooze you loos buddy . and then flipped it for money for l.d.s aned pizza hut #testify blind adam out love you guys

  19. I got to one shop today. Pickups included……..
    Moon Girl #32
    Sentry #1
    Venom #3 these three were the last ones on the shelf.
    Also found a copy of the frog variant for Oblivion.

    1. Only 3 Venom’s? My shops went heavy on these but then again, they likely went heavy since Cates will be signing on the 4th at two of the local shops here in Austin. That’s too bad I’ll be out of town but he pretty much signs at least once a month in his hometown.

  20. All normal weekly stuff for me except for the the Skan variant of Venom #3. When news broke on God of Symbiotes appearance it pushed me over the edge on a virgin trade set. I normally stick to my rule that “cover is the best investment for profit and reading pleasure” but they were just too gorgeous to pass on for 55.00 bucks, especially if there’s a chance they could have legs further down the line. Looks like I wasn’t the only one either the sets have started drying up.

  21. Tried to keep it sorta light and missed out on some of the specs like Venom/Ms. Marvel this week. Can’t get em all!
    Moon Girl #32 (at least 2)
    Teen Titans Special #1 (at least 2)
    Justice League #1 – both Scott Snyder signed copies at Midtown
    Weatherman #1 signed copy Midtown
    Flash Vol 5 #49 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover
    Batgirl #24 Middleton variant

    1. I sold my Moon Girl’s within 5 minutes of listing. Teen Titans Special I sold within 20 minutes of listing. Talk about easy flipping.. wasn’t mad profits but I did manage to get back $30 of the $80 I spent yesterday. I’m not listing my Venom’s yet. I think it’s a long term grower.. Let supplies run dry, let the new character gain popularity, then let the demand kick in and take over.

    1. Probably trying to curb those likely selling fakes and counterfeit merchandise, passing it off as licensed by Marvel. I can’t blame Amazon, who wants yet another lawsuit. I know Amazon has a bunch of money but Disney has lots of money too.

  22. 2nd print sets of Champions 19 & 20 are hot today. Ive sold 6 sets in the last 12 hrs, topping out at $41 US, shipped.

      1. Im not sure. Really low print run, Snowguards 1st cover? I think another site was talking about the books too. ???

  23. Missed out on Realm #7, but secured everything else on my pull list. Teen Titans Special #1 was sold out, and my LCS didn’t receive Sentry #1. Didn’t look to see if MGDD #32 was sold out since it wasn’t on my pull list. Also waiting on Midtown shipment that has signed copies of Justice League #1 (one of each) and Weatherman #1. Here’s the pulls:
    BANE CONQUEST #12 (OF 12)
    FLASH #49 VAR ED
    MAN OF STEEL #5 (OF 6)
    ASTRO CITY #52
    GASOLINA #9 (MR)
    SAGA #53
    MOON KNIGHT #196
    OLD MAN HAWKEYE #6 (OF 12)
    VENOM #3

  24. Didn’t see any true believers anywhere. Will have to keep searching…sold out everywhere online.
    Also “sold” my copy of iron man 219 (nm) on eBay for $50, but a person with 100% feedback hasn’t paid and it’s been a week. Thinking I want to keep it and cancel the sale. It’s a nice white cover.

  25. Picked up the Batman #1 100-page giant at Walmart. This was the only title I saw, but I have seen posts elsewhere from buyers that picked up four titles. Always liked the 100-page books from the 70’s, so a little bit of a nostalgia purchase. I’m definitely fine with the paper stock used for these books – frankly, if they used this stock on their other books and dropped the prices a bit, I’d be fine with that.

    1. I looked the other night and found nothing. Where were they located in the store? Near the registers or magazines? How many copies did they stock up with? A few several or dozens?

      1. Where I purchased that book, they had them with the other bagged comics, next to the sportscards, MTG cards, etc. This was right next to one of the self checkout areas in the front of the store. There were only two books left when I bought mine, both Batman #1, but the cardboard display they were placed in wasn’t very big. Can’t imagine that it held more than a couple copies of each title, but they may well have more that they’ll add once the first batch is gone.

  26. Don’t need spoilers for batman 50 this week Antony. Looks like the NYTimes stole your thunder…
    Those who want to be spoiled, I suggest not googling this.

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