Legendary Entertainment Options Aftershock Comics Animosity

Animosity got the comic company Aftershock noticed. Flash forward, film companh Legendary Entertainment has taken. otice as they have optioned Animosity for a film.

The characters and story concept first appeared in Animosity #1
From Deadline:

Legendary Entertainment has acquired the worldwide film rights to Animosity, an AfterShock comic survival story about an 11-year-old girl who struggles to survive when the world is plunged into chaos when animals suddenly get the power of speech and heightened thought, and fixate on revenge against humans who’ve dominated them. The comic is written by Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Rafael de Latorre. AfterShock Media’s president Lee Kramer and CEO Jon Kramer will produce and Legendary’s Jon Silk will oversee.

17 thoughts on “Legendary Entertainment Options Aftershock Comics Animosity”

  1. Yes!!! I literally have everything of this. Just sold a bunch Batgirl 23, Gideon Falls, and God Country. This is the best flip week ever!

    1. Champions 19 & 20 2nd prints
      Batgirl 23B
      Moongirl 32
      Venom #1
      Ms Marvel Hans
      Gideon Falls
      So on and so forth.
      Agreed. Flip week of the century. Im using some of my profits to purchase a NM Mad Love #1, 1st print.

        1. They were very scarce in my area too. Luckily, I had 2 sets pre ordered and one shop had about ten copies of each. I picked up a few sets on Wednesday. Wednesday night I messaged my guy at that shop and he put aside 3 more sets for me. I picked them up today. I grabbed a few more 20s of the rack too, then hit 2 more shops and found two more 20s. My 2 pre ordered 19s didnt arrive, so hopefully they arrive so Ill have 2 more sets. I managed 7 sets in hand, total, and 4 extra 20s. I sold 6 sets yesterday before noon. Almost paid for my entire week, then theres TTS, BG and MG….good time to be alive. ?

        2. I did notice in Previews that Snowguard is on the cover of Champions #24, and she is front and centre looking like she is leading the team. She looks strong and stoic. Pretty cool cover actually. I think the character might have legs. As I write this, she kinda is reminding me of a younger Storm.

  2. Perfect. Not only have I been loading up on this book, but I think it will be a fantastic film if done properly. Both Animosity titles have been on my pull list since day one. I know a shop that has a couple 1:10s on the wall. Hopefully they will still be there tomorrow when I visit them.
    It will be interesting to see which book is the big winner with this. Animosity #1 had a bunch of variants. Is the blind box Charlottes Web one the smallest printed? I wonder. Wins all around.

  3. I’m been reading this title since the start. I haven’t stocked up on any issues. Just one each, but better than none.

  4. When Anthony posted this, there was already around 333 results for Animosity #1. So not sure how this news will affect prices but hopefully I can unload my #1 1:10 Variant which is 9.8 CBCS slabbed.. 🙂

    1. There are a bunch of variants for issue #1, and no less than 4 printings. There will definitely be lots of options for any search result for Animosity #1

      1. Just listed a second, third, fourth, fifth print, plus my Retailers Summit Variant for #1. Will be listing my NYCC #2 and a ton more variants tomorrow.

  5. I stopped spec’ing on this around issue 12, but I still have both titles in my pullbox. I remember I won a #1 Blindbox sketch CGC 9.8 for like $20 last year. I have a ton of the first few issues.

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