New Comic Spec Review Video for July 4th 2018

Anthony from talks about the hot new comics of the week. Here is this week’s for delivery July 4th, 2018.

Sorry for the lateness of this week’s video. Being on the road for the holiday week has put me behind.

22 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for July 4th 2018”

    1. That’s his comic man cave I think. It’s the only place in the house his wife can’t find him.. 🙂

      1. I thought you did one from a hotel room once when on the road…maybe I’m thinking of someone else’s spec video.

      1. My comic cave is in the spare room upstairs. Everyone needs their comic retreat at their homestead, imo.

  1. I am glad you are also a horror fan, your horror recommendations make up about 80% of my pull list hahaha.

      1. Funny, it reminds me of the old video store I went to as a kid. They had a separate horror room they created to keep the horror video rentals in. Had fake spiderwebs and a coffin..pretty cool concept lol

    1. With 105 or so (not exaggerating) variants coming out for BM50, this is the time to send a message to the publishers and most of all the shops! Buy one for the story and the remaining copies standing at the alter (I.e on the shelves).

      1. Really? 105? Thats insanity. I havent looked twice (and apparently once) at any of these BM50 books. King is killing it on this title but this marriage shit did nothing for me, as far as spec goes. Not to mention that the regular ol’ cover A is pretty bad ass in its own right.

      2. I like A, but the Jim Lee (color) variant works for whatever direction.the story takes…happily ever after or Shakespearean tragedy…it works.

        This book had no spec value regardless of the outcome. If anything, watch King let them have it out on the rooftops, Batman will tell her off and She’ll maybe think twice about the way she handled the situation…we’ll see…if it comes out of the blue it’s better spec value too! For that book.

    2. I thought that was a given? I actually went a completely surprising route for my drek this week.. 🙂

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