Free Comic Wednesday: Amazing Spiderman #1 Stadium Comics New Mutants Homage

We have a good one for you tonight, but please read the rules before entering.

Up for grabs tonight is a copy of Amazing Spider-man #1 Jamal Campbell New Mutants Homage Cover from our friends at Stadium Comics.

These are still available for pre-order at Stadium Comics, but here is your chance to win a copy.

The Rules are simple.
1. No Purchase necessary
2. Enter your name and your all-time favorite comic cover in the box below.
3. One entry per person
4. Winner selected at random.
5. Winner announced on site.
6. Winner responsible for shipping costs.

That’s it. Good luck!


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214 Responses to Free Comic Wednesday: Amazing Spiderman #1 Stadium Comics New Mutants Homage

  1. David Sierra says:

    David Sierra
    Jim Lee’s X-Men #1

  2. LOYD BAILEY says:

    Mike Bailey

    HARLEY QUINN #19(2002)

  3. george zadrima says:

    George zadrima
    Hulk #1

  4. Andrew C says:

    Andrew Cantrell
    Amazing Spider-man #50

  5. Cyber Golem says:

    John Dye
    Amz Spider-Man 1 (The SUPER RARE 1000 copy variant) Jamal Campbell’s work is tight.

  6. Vernon says:

    Vernon Wiggins
    Batman 404

  7. Garrett R says:

    Garrett Renken ~ Rai 0. Simple can be great

  8. Jodie Webb says:

    Cry For Dawn #4 2nd print.

  9. Tyler Townes says:

    Tyler Townes
    Batman 608 2nd print

  10. Christian says:

    Christian Gonzales
    Spawn 138

  11. Benjie Robinson says:

    Dark Knight Returns

  12. Rob Pillsbury says:

    Chamber of Chills 19. Misfits!!!!!

  13. steven centonzo says:

    Steven Centonzo
    Fantastic four 112 Thing versus Hulk!!

  14. Dan Wozniak
    Harley Quinn #1 (Adam Hughes)

  15. Mel Maldonado says:

    Dark Knights Metal #3 Mattina Virgin Variant

  16. Dustin Mason says:

    Anything Alex Ross! All his covers are legit

  17. Ed castro says:

    Ed castro
    Hulk 181

  18. Darrell Norris says:

    Darrell Norris
    Batgirl 23B (Joshua Middleton)

  19. Shawn B says:

    Killing Joke
    Shawn B.

  20. Jorge navarro says:

    NFL super pro 2

  21. patrickcoyne says:

    Patrick Coyne
    Batman #15 (New 52)

  22. Chase Guynn says:

    Chase Guynn

  23. Jimmy Chen says:

    Jimmy Chen
    Gen 13 limited series #1

  24. James Williams says:

    James A. Williams
    Detective Comics 880

  25. Dave Moris
    Bloodshot 0 (Vol 1)

  26. David Mc Barron says:

    David Mc Barron – Amazing Spider-Man 300

  27. Shawn Moore says:

    Shawn Moore
    The Spectacular Spider-Man #101

  28. Jon Somerlade says:

    Jon Somerlade
    Wolverine (Limited Series) #1 (I have a copy signed by both Miller and Claremont)

  29. Bob Seifert says:

    Bob seifert
    JSA Classified #2 Adam Hughes Color
    I think this is his best cover despite the price point. The best Power Girl has ever looked

  30. Eric Miller says:

    Eric Miller
    Amazing Spider-Man 233… Just pure comedy

  31. Mark Lloyd Flores says:

    Mark Lloyd Flores
    All New wolverine #31 Hulk Variant

  32. Erik Nakamoto says:

    Erik Nakamoto
    Power Girl #1 Adam Hughes Variant

  33. Allfather says:

    Ryan Marron
    Legion of Super-Heroes #23 Hughes Variant

  34. J. Coleman says:

    J. Coleman
    Detective Comics 880

  35. sean egdamin says:

    S. Egdamin
    Batman #251 (Iconic Neal Adams Cover)

  36. Josias Ocampo says:

    Josias Ocampo
    Amazing Spider-Man #667 Dell Otto variant

  37. Richard Bondoc says:

    Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man 1

  38. Aaron Horwitz says:

    Aaron Horwitz
    Gamora 2 Variant

  39. Eric R says:

    Eric R
    Batman #232-Neal Adam’s best cover!!!

  40. Tom James says:

    Tom James
    Amazing Spider-Man # 129

  41. Chris Schultz says:

    Chris Schultz
    Wolverine 82

  42. Calvin Philpot says:

    Calvin Philpot

    Strange Tales 167

  43. Mike Stockinger says:

    Mike Stockinger

    Batman 608 2nd print by Jim Lee

  44. Birdman says:

    Jay E.
    Superman #317 – classic Neal Adams

  45. Richard Willams says:

    x-Force #23 Crain Variant
    Sonny Williams

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