Free Comic Wednesday: Amazing Spiderman #1 Stadium Comics New Mutants Homage

We have a good one for you tonight, but please read the rules before entering.

Up for grabs tonight is a copy of Amazing Spider-man #1 Jamal Campbell New Mutants Homage Cover from our friends at Stadium Comics.

These are still available for pre-order at Stadium Comics, but here is your chance to win a copy.

The Rules are simple.
1. No Purchase necessary
2. Enter your name and your all-time favorite comic cover in the box below.
3. One entry per person
4. Winner selected at random.
5. Winner announced on site.
6. Winner responsible for shipping costs.

That’s it. Good luck!

214 thoughts on “Free Comic Wednesday: Amazing Spiderman #1 Stadium Comics New Mutants Homage”

  1. David Rogers

    This is a tough decision, but my answer is going to be Infinity Guantlet #1.

    It’s the favorite cove in own but part of that is its also signed by George Perez in silver ink across the gauntlet (Heroland Comics signing). It’s beautiful.

  2. Jason Zimmerman

    If I name one, I’m forgetting 100, but the 1st one that popped in my head is AVENGERS #223!

  3. Nick Tolman- Im sure this is really hard for everyone. I loved the Jim Lee X-Men covers growing up. One of my favs is Uncanny X-Men #274- cigars, caveman, beautiful lady (Rogue) and of course Magneto! 100% Bad A**!!!

    1. This was a close second for me…as well as TF #2 as it was the first comic I bought from a comic shop….and so it began…

  4. Walter Miller

    Incredible Hulk #1 1962

    King Kirby cover can’t go wrong. This is my grail. Probably never own but I want it. Got #2 CGC 1.5 probably as close as I’ll ever get. Happy 4th everyone. God bless America.

  5. Bob seifert
    JSA Classified #2 Adam Hughes Color
    I think this is his best cover despite the price point. The best Power Girl has ever looked

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