Spread #25 Ravello Action Figure Variant

Kyle Strahm is the artist behind the hit Image comic Spread. He is also a long time friend of CHU, from the early days. Kyle has offered up some pretty awesome stuff in the past and has in hands the final, unreleased Spread Action Figure variant.

Believe it or not, Spread is one of the reasons that the action figure variant is so popular. Whiles there had been a few before Spread came out, it was the introduction of Spread Action Figure Variants that helped spark the current trend.

Finally, and these were never available in stores and will be available at conventions only, and posted up on eBay for a limited quantity for CHU readers, the final, unreleased Spread Action Figure Variant featuring Ravello.

These are available in both Signed and Unsigned versions.

Not to mention, all money goes straight to the artist, and this is something I have always liked, so be sure to check them out.


9 thoughts on “Spread #25 Ravello Action Figure Variant”

  1. Things I like and don’t like about this offer.

    I don’t like the packaging in the photos as it looks like it just a padded envelope with maybe some cardboard inside for protection. Not instilling confidence in me it can survive the gorilla hands of the USPS…

    This is a cool way to offer comics to chu readers, though, through a link to an eBay sale. I like that.

    D-Rog out

      1. To Anthony and A.king….how were they packaged? Maybe the pic is deceiving and there are gemini shippers in those envelopes. The pic is t the best.

        1. Envelope with plenty of card board protection. I am not trying to talk you in to buying them but I have received stuff from him (some of the rarer spread books) and they were fine.

  2. Kyle is a real great guy. I talked to him about this a few years ago and he gave credit elsewhere but when that 1st action figure variant came out, it was white hot and Marvel jumped almost instantly.

  3. The first action figure variant that I remember was an early issue of Fearless Defenders, featuring Dani Moonstar, and I instantly loved the idea. Mark Brooks had a lot of cool ideas with the covers for that series. I am pretty sure that it came out before Spread; but sometimes it takes a spark of interest elsewhere to ignite a trend and boom with a ton of similar Variants; since the Spread covers were avidly Sought Out.
    I had a bunch of dupes of the Agents of SHIELD action figure variants and was surprised by how many people wrote messages asking for the condition of the card and the plastic, thinking it was an actual Action Figure that was for sale. The description clearly described it as a comic book, with complete details, and even mentioned that it was not an action figure, but you know today’s culture: TL:DR.

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