Fan Expo Boston Exclusive Revealed

Fan Expo Boston kicks off August 10th and runs through August 12th. As Fan Expo has been doing, they are revealing their exclusives on CHU. Here is what they have in store for Boston!

Fan Expo Boston – Amazing Spider-Man #1 with a Humberto Ramos cover. It is available for pre-order on the website,

Fan Expo Boston runs Aug 10/12 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. They have another fantastic line up of comic creators kicking off with the legendary John Byrne and other fan favourites like J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo and Donny Cates to name just a few. Hopefully the comic fans in the area can come out and enjoy the show!

More info can be found at

In addition to the ASM #1, they have limited quantities of the Megacon Orlando Venom #1 exclusive variants available.

We will be giving away a set of both the ASM and Venom #1’s coming up. So keep your eye out for them.

12 thoughts on “Fan Expo Boston Exclusive Revealed”

  1. I hate the re-booting of Series. I have a question tho….. what is currently the longest series without a re-boot? Is it Spawn?

    1. I think Spawn is now the current longest running comic without a reboot. Before that it was Sonic The Hedgehog which i think beat by a few months which sadly got rebooted recently and has now switched to IDW.

      I think Savage Dragon is up there as well, slightly behind Spawn with Gold Digger as well. Simpson’s are up there as well. I guess it depends on age vs issues as well. Simpsons have more issues than Savage Dragon but Savage Dragon debuted in 1992 while Simpsons debuted in 1993.

  2. spawn &the simpsons come to I mind. both are pushing #300s. nothing from the big two and that is sad. love you guys blind adam out

  3. Here’s an interesting tidbit:
    SDCC/NYCC definition of “Exclusive” – can only obtain if attending SDCC.
    Fanexpo definition (and other cons) definition of “Exclusive”- here’s the link to order the item. Only XX dollars + YY shipping.

    Seriously – let’s get one single definition. The value differential between the two is quite significant

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