Free Comic Wednesday: Amazing Spider-man #1 Exclusive Gerald Parel Regular and Virgin Variant Covers

What up CHUniverse!?! Here’s a giveaway that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve been a Moderator over at for a couple years or so now. It’s taught me a ton about comics and collecting. There’s some really great people that help keep the site going and as up to date as possible. And there’s also a ton of helpful members that provide supportive information to the site and to each other. It’s really the CBR members that make the site as great as it is. If you’re not already using it or have never checked it out you should. CBR has a ton of great features that allow you to track your collection and it provides constant updates to values of books, information about comics, characters, creators, etc. Did I mention that the site is FREE!?!

So for this week’s giveaway, doughboy(the creator of CBR), has graciously donated an ASM #1 CBR Variant Set which you can also find for sale here. We are going to do things a little differently again this week. Instead of just posting your name like usual you are going to have to do a little extra clicking and scrolling.

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Please head over to CBR and check out the forums section. There’s a lot of interesting activity there.
  3. Please choose your favorite forum and reply back here with it and your name OR list a suggestion for a new forum topic and your name.
  4. One entry per person.
  5. Winner selected at random.
  6. Winner announced on site.
  7. Free Shipping within U.S. International shipping will be covered by winner minus $7.

That is all CHU have to do!

119 thoughts on “Free Comic Wednesday: Amazing Spider-man #1 Exclusive Gerald Parel Regular and Virgin Variant Covers”

  1. Fav would be Comic Movies & TV shows. But they are all great with some amazing info, since I began back into collecting comics again, slowly.

  2. I have to agree with many on here; “Hot Items” is my favorite—not just for listing “hot’ books, but the discussion around it.


  3. D Pounds

    Price Check on Aisle X Please

    **I have nearly 11,000 comics graded and cataloged on Comic Book Realm. I love it and have been using for years. I’d highly recommend their site for tracking your collection and interacting with other comic book lovers. Would love to see the boards a little more active.**

  4. Interesting to see more comic discussion on another site, but the forum style isn’t as conducive to new topics as the blog or G+ style. For example, on the first page of discussion topics in the “Industry News” subsection are threads including “DC ANNOUNCES FULL ‘REBIRTH’ LINE,” “Hastings Going from Chapter 11 to Out of Business,” and “IDW Acquires Rights for Micronauts and Rom”: all long out of date discussions by now. However, the forum style could work in favor of a section like “Hot Items” where suggestions with potential don’t get depreciated as quickly as they do on blog or G+ pages.

    (I’m hoping I don’t have to literally type out my name since it’s already the post header.)

  5. Atom Baum – General Discussion. . .in particular, “Longbox Junk!” Because it’s the short version of my Longbox Junk blog on CBR. Comic reviews NOBODY ever asked for! CBR really IS the best free online resource for keeping track of my huge collection of practically worthless comics!

  6. Steven Centonzo
    I suggest a forum for things that happen in our comic collecting universe that really steam my (our) clams! nothing harsh or vitriolic, but comic book beefs that we can all relate to as fans of all varieties. The gripes that we stand around the LCS and chew the fat over

  7. I’ve been a long time member at Comic Book Realm. I go by logerine there. I post in the General Discusson and sometimes in the Movies/Television areas of the forum. I also enjoy visiting the Hot Items area. It’s just a cool site to visit.

  8. David Thompson

    Price Check on Asile X Please. Love that collectors can help update a books value (up or down) based on current trending prices.

    Use the site everyday and love it!

  9. I always check out the HOT ITEMS forum. Its where I found out about those Walmart Giants and ran down to the store.

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