One to Watch: Die Die Die #1

Image Comics is doing another “Thank You Variant” for retailers. This time it is a new Skybound book.

Die Die Die #1 will be in stores tomorrow. There are multiple cover versions with different text. There will also be a gold foil version “One Per Store” available to ask about.

29 thoughts on “One to Watch: Die Die Die #1”

  1. Mmmm.. Scott M. Gimple, the guy who ruined the Walking Dead on AMC. I bet this is gonna be a great book.. 🙂

  2. A certain app emailed me this morning and told me about the ‘hot new key comic’ that is coming out tomorrow called Die Die Die. Lmfao. What kinda shit app claims that Kirkmans new book is a ‘must add for all collectors’. Talk about some terrible advice. Anyone else who received that email, be weary of said app. Total hot mess POS. I unsubscribed to that P&D garbage.

    1. Robert Kirkman is not Oprah of the Comic Book World.. yes, he hit gold with Walking Dead with a unique story that turned out to be a hit cable show. If Walking Dead never made it to our screens, we’d probably still be fishing out Walking Deads from the dollar bins.. wait, I’m doing that now with all the most recent issues.

      1. Kirkman is overrated, and what kills me are his constant hypocritical comments in interviews & letter columns, berating the industry tactics & gimmicks… and then he turns around and does the same thing; with excuses about why it’s *okay* for him to do it, but not DC/Marvel. Okayyy…

        1. Honestly I loved Kirkman for the longest time. Have had the chance to meet him and talk to him (not just sitting at the table signing but “backstage” at the Skybound booth at NYCC) but lately he reminds me of Bendis who I have not been crazy about for a while.

    2. Actually though, it could be a quick flip potential book. Gotta love the pre-hype of a book, if it’s “limited”, it’s like those Apple Fan Boys buying Apple products they’re not even sure what they’re buying until after they’ve bought it.. Sorry, no pun on the apple fans out there but there are those people who buy anything Apple, even if they don’t necessarily need it. We live in a really sad materialistic world… 🙁

      1. It could be a quick flip, the 1 per store, but cover A will not be. Imo. And I would only invest in the 1PS at cover, or not much over cover.

        1. Very true. Book looks awful anyways if you ask me, yes, I’m judging it by it’s cover cause that’s about all we know about it so far.

      2. I read that retailers are being given this book for free. 1 copy for every copy of Oblivion Song #1 that they ordered. If that is true, then cover A for this book will have a print run of 80,000 copies. Very hard to have a winner with an indy book with such a large print run.

        1. I read Forbidden Planet is giving away only for those who subscribe to Oblivion Song. For all others, they’re charging them the $3.99 cover price. If most shops are doing this, yeah, I won’t be picking up any of these.

          Maybe since Oblivion Song print run keeps dropping (June’s issue #4 was only 33k), Kirkman is trying what he can do boost sales on what is a mediocre comic book.

          1. Imo, Kirkman is out of ideas and is simply trying to cash in on any semblance of fame that TWD gave him. It reeks of desperation.

            1. Sadly, I agree. It does seem like he touts his name on anything new he creates just to grab those who are fans of Walking Dead to possibly jump on board with.

              Just look at his new books now, seems most retailers have to put his name next to the title in the listings. “Outcast by Kirkman and.. “, “Oblivion Song by Kirkman and… ”

              Wonder if he’s telling retailers they must include that in the title listings.. He’s like Tyler Perry of Hollywood.. When I see a movie that starts with “Tyler Perry’s… ” I know immediately it’s a movie I don’t want to watch.. 🙂

  3. There’s also 10 different variants for the first cover, different words balloons. No site of a 1 per store variant.

  4. Look at how well Oblivion song did with all that advertising. This book should be worth hundreds in no time at all……..quick everyone throw your money all over these books tomorrow.

    1. Seriously though I’m going to pick up whatever I can. I’m a bit haterish but I dont want to be that guy that passes up completely and regrets it.

      1. Oh I’m the first one to give the blunt truth (harsh even) in how I feel about a book, writer or artist but there’s no doubt I will pass up a book that is selling well on the secondary market.

    2. Not saying throw your money at the books. I did do very well with the Oblivion song variants though. But grabbing one like the Spawn Thank You Variant isn’t a bad idea.

      1. You not telling everyone to spend money goes without saying. Do people actually give you grief about buying books that you write about?

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