Spoilers: Amazing Spider-man #1, A New Menace for Spidey

Amazing Spiderman #1 is out tomorrow. It features a new villain. Check out this new menace for Spider-man below. Very creepy power set.

The images below have been redacted. The accompanying text has not. Click the spoiler image to see the full images.

Amazing Spiderman #1 introduces a new villain.

The new unnamed villain has some pretty wicked powers.

Mysterio has been working for him, and while in court gets ambushed by him.

He knows Mystery very well.

In addition to working for him, Mysterio seems to have been manipulated by him.

He also knows Spider-man very well it seems too…

And Mysterio gets his severance package.

18 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spider-man #1, A New Menace for Spidey”

  1. Is this a death and a 1st appearance then? With the likely massive print run, it’s gonna be a long term hold.

    1. Wonder which incentive variant will be the one to snag if this villain turns out to be any good. Maybe the Opena? Maybe just cover A due to print run?

      1. Hard to tell. Could result into a popular new villain or a dud. I’d just go with Cover A unless you find one of the higher ratio variants for cheap or at cover cost.

    1. The ratios would be your best bet for this book, imo, if it were to grow any legs. The Opena 1:50 might be the best investment, if you can get it at half ratio or so.

      1. There are a lot of retailer variants for this book. With 3k minimum print run they will each get 60 of the 1:50’s 30 of the 1:100’s and so on. Stick with the regulars

        1. Im aware of those numbers. Thats why I think the Opena, bought at right price, is the best investment. I say this based off of the returns it may reap down the road, of the character were to grow legs, so to speak. The 1:100 has the same artwork as A, I believe. So thats why I dont think thats the best. The higher ratios like the 1:500 (im not 100% sure how high of ratios there is for this book) are to expensive to buy into for most, and the 1:25 will have double the print of whatever the 1:50 is. I know this book will have a high print run, but having said all that, I believe the 1:50 will have the best ROI, if this book gains momentum. Disclaimer: I have about 6 copies of the 1:50, and about 12 of the 1:25s that I got for cover price.

      2. Good karma on you JayClue for disclosing your holdings in the 1:50’s and the1:25’s. If buying those at cover price was an option, I would certainly do it as you are guaranteed to make your money back at the absolute minimum. Terrific grab!

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