Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 194th edition of the open forum!

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


Also, got in the most recent Skybound Megabox…

65 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Light week for me after a few heavy ones.
    Asm 1, farmhand 1, flash and ww 50 b covers are all that I am really excited for this week. Maybe she could fly, as well, after Poyo’s neat write up, and possibly the relay, too.

  2. Farmhand 2x one for the wife
    Metaphase ( I hope this catches fire just for the kids or parents who battle this)
    Titans 23
    True believers hulk vs thing
    X-23 1 & 1:10 Variant

  3. Nothing for me this week as I pre-ordered we everything I wanted. although I missed some true believers last week that I may look for. If titans 23 heats up may try to grab one.

  4. Thinking about one of the farmhand variants and will likely pick up one of the true believers of FF5. Oh, and I’ll pick up the ASM for fun.

      1. Well news broke about a year and a half ago, then last summer casting rumors swirled. But then nothing, many thought it was dead. The news yesterday is awesome because of the network.

  5. I posted last week’s pickups late so this week I figured I’d be early!!
    Been busy around these parts. Starting to look at baby stuff and planning the nursery. Fun stuff. Also since it’s summer, there’s no shortage of projects around the house!
    Wife’s been pretty supportive of my getting my collectables wishlist filled while we still can afford it. Past few weeks picked up the marvel legends mjolnir and infinity gauntlet!

    Tomorrow I am planning on picking up:

    Bloodshot salvation #11
    Deadpool assassin #3
    Detective #984 variant
    Farmhand #1
    Oblivion song #5
    Darth Vader #18
    Suicide squad #44 variant
    Superman #1 variant
    Amazing Spider-Man#1
    Renew your vows #21
    Flash #50 variant
    Titans #23 variant
    And probably die die die #1 if my shop has it. Been so busy lately this one snuck up on me.

    1. So no die die die foils, but they will be coming next week.

      I grabbed a regular copy,. The variant system is interesting. They’re all the same cover, just with different dialogue. I picked the one that says I’m not a fan of violence and the other guy makes a joke about fans made out of violence. Lol.

      Also picked up relay #1. Forgot I ordered that one. Donny Cates is one of the writers.

      Also grabbed the skottie young x-23 variant.

  6. FF #1 Ramos cover. It’s the only one with the new villianess Eradikus on the cover that I’m aware of. I also picked up some of the cheaper 1st appearances of the Asgaurdians of the galaxy comic( Throg, Thunderstrike and Angela). Throg–Thor #364 and Lockjaw and the pet avengers #1, Angela–Spawn 9, Thunderstrike–Thor 392 and 433.

    1. I’m also happy to mention that out of 4 super walmarts I managed to find 3 copies of the 100 page titans book. 2 stores were sold out of all 4 titles. I saw somewhere that the print run was around 15,000ish for each title.

      1. I found ine but the back cover was bent. Indie pick up a superman 100 pg giant though. That’s all I’ve seen across several walmarts. Are these being released bi-weekly?

      2. Found a walmart with all 4 comics. Grabbed the Teen Titans giant.the others had damage such that I didn’t think they were NM so I left them there. I wonder if some walmarts didn’t get them. Not all have the box/holder…but they have e box for the multipacks.

      3. I checked my local Walmart’s today for these comics, and found 8 on the shelf. All were damaged except for the Justice League of America. I was hoping to get a Batman.

  7. Batgirl #23B is now a $55 – $60 book. Five weeks after its release. I can not remember who, but someone on here was adamant that this would be a cover price book 1 week after release. Beautiful book. Cover of the year so far, imo.

    1. I’m thinking of sending mine in for grading/encapsulation. But I think I want it signed by Middleton first. Not sure which convention(s) he’ll be at this year…

    2. LOL I thought it would be a $10 book by Lunch time of that day ..I had 5 9.8 graded now down to 1 that Im keeping forever ,,Definitely cover of the year so far with that Nightwing not far behind

      1. It was a $20 book at lunch time on release day.
        Nice score on your 5 9.8s. Im holding my last copy for the PC too.

    3. I had 2 copies in my hand on the day of release but left them b/c of spine damage. I’m kicking myself now. They were probably an 8 or 8.5.

      1. I skimmed it. Looked like a character that was there just to be killed. But I’m not sure. All I know is that I didn’t recognize him and I didn’t actually read it so I didn’t catch if he was named. Didn’t look like anything worth grabbing unless you already read the series.

    1. I read somewhere else that there is a new character named Tyler in Titans #23. Word on the street has it that this Tyler dude may become the hero known as Spark. Titans 23 may have legs yet.

  8. Light week for me which is good cos most of my money has gone on supporting England in the World Cup (It’s Coming Home btw)

    Anyways my pick ups are

    Titans #23 B&W variant
    Die!Die!Die (even though I don’t rate Gimple at all but couldn’t resist)
    Suicide Squad #44 (variant)
    Red Sonja #18 (Lotay Cover) – absolutely love this Cover (my cover of the year so far) & was hoping to pick up the virgin variant of it but no luck so far

    Might go back & pick up ASM #1 but i am still in a sulk with Marvel

  9. for new books. or when I get to midtown on Monday. flash &wonder woman 50-bdie die die love the name . farmland #1 farmland #1 variants, batman #50 cheap ten packs and the I 1 in 100 bane is the man. dear bane where were you when my ex girlfriend fed me and I needed it taken care of . amazing spiderman #1 amazing spiderman #1 frankies variant immortal hulk s#1&2 more champions #18-22s second prints of #19-20 do well. spawn #285-286. marvel tales back issues from #200 to the series end. batman vengeance of bne #1&2. and if anyone knows where I can buy comic book store fixtures especially back issue bins that would be so totally #awesomesauce love you guys blind adam out

  10. Picked up a couple nice copies of Marvel Tails #1 1st Peter Porker for $5 each. The 25th anniversary cover issue was hammered so I passed on it. damn shame because that goes for serious money slabbed.
    My usual LCS didn’t get too many of Die Die Die and they all went to customers who have Oblivion on their pull list so my at next stop I grabbed 2 copies, one with no blurb on the cover and one with whichever one they had. Looks like a funny read.
    Farmland #1
    Very light week which suits me just fine

  11. Picking up:
    Monstress 18
    Rat Queens 10
    Plastic Man 2 (At some point, I want to pick up an early Police comic.)
    Isola 4 (A bit slow for me. Debating whether or not to keep on this train.)

    Picked up:
    I was impressed by Mirka Andolfo’s work at the 2018 Image Expo and started to follow her FB posts. After reading issue 1, I decided to pick up all of the variants for Unnatural 1. Mirka posted a picture of all the different versions, but I have been unable to find any information on the white logo variant in her picture. If anyone has information about it, please let me know.

    Unnatural 1 A cover
    Unnatural 1 B cover Manara Variant x4
    Unnatural 1 COMICXPOSURE JUAN NAVARRO Exclusive
    Unnatural 1 SDCC Mirka Andolfo Exclusive (pre-ordered from someone I know going)
    Unnatural 1 LUCIO PARRILLO SET (Trade & Virgin)
    Unnatural 1 Bill McKay Primetime Exclusive Variant

    The Tiki Kon tiki convention starts on Friday in Portland, OR. It is a fun, rum-soaked weekend with classes, exotica and surf music, tiki mugs, and Iron Tiki-tender, a competition to see who can build the best tiki drink the fastest. On Sunday, people with VIP passes will be loaded onto school buses and tour local, home tiki bars that people have built (mostly in their basements). This is a thing in Portland. VIP passes sold out in 3 minutes this year.

    I know someone who has a membership to Disney’s Club 33 who is bringing me a Club 33 tiki mug. There is no way I will ever be a member of Club 33 since there is a $25,000 to $100,000 initiation fee and $12,500 to $30,000 annual fee, depending on the level of membership.

    The Portland Pickle baseball team secured a playoff spot by being first in the standings at the close of the first half of the season. I bought my wife a stuffed Pickle Rick, which she brings to every game.

    1. Unnatural #1 was a really good read. This title is making my monthly pull list. I did pick up cover A and multiple B’s, along with the trade done by Parrillo. Will grab more if I can find them.

  12. Thankfully a light week in terms of pick ups:
    Darth Vader #17
    Die!Die!Die! #1
    Star Wars Thrawn #6 1:25 for $6
    Wonder Woman #50 (Frison)

    Spec pick ups this week:
    Skyward #1 (1st printing X 3 for cover)
    Gideon’s Falls #1 (1st printing X 4 for cover)
    Teen Titans Special #1 (cover)

    BTW Ebay is doing a 15% sale today off of purchases of $25 or more-good till 11pm tonight

    Good Hunting everyone!

  13. I went to my main shop yesterday and told them to put a copy of Farmhand in my pullbox and they mentioned DieDieDie so I told them to put one in too. That’s it no more pickups for me.

  14. scored five copies of the die dide dide #1 and a maximum carnage action figure two pack spiderman&carnage. wow they made a plushed pickle rick #awesomesauce. and the Portland pickels love the name can I get a shirt of the team somewhere? is pickle rick the moscot #testify blind adam out

    1. The Pickle Rick pillow can be found at Spencer’s, Hot Topic, or Suncoast Video. I bought mine at Suncoast on sale. It is called a pillow in the description.

  15. what i would have considered a light week for me during my peak buying phase is actually a substantial week compared to the current amount of comics i get.

    champions # 22
    x-23 # 1 design variant
    true believers FF # 48 x 2 (hoping to get a graded 9.8 to give to my brother)
    oblivion song # 2

  16. No Die! Die! Die! #1 that I could find, and I missed out on True Believers Fantastic Four Marvel Two-In-One #1, but I did land the rest of my pull list for the week. This week’s pulls:

    Detective Comics #984 (Cover B Mark Brooks)
    Flash #50 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #48 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham)
    Hawkman #2 (Cover B Stejpan Sejic)
    Immortal Men #4
    Red Hood And The Outlaws #24 (Cover B Guillem March)
    Sideways #6
    Suicide Squad #44 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Superman #1 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Joe Prado)
    Superman #1 (Cover B Adam Hughes)
    Superman #1 (Cover C David Mack)
    Titans #23 (Cover A Brandon Peterson)
    Titans #23 (Cover B Stjepan Sejic)
    Dead Hand #4
    Isola #4 (Cover A Karl Kerschl)
    Oblivion Song By Kirkman And De Felici #5
    Black Science #37 (Cover A Matteo Scalera & Moreno Dinisio)
    Star Wars Darth Vader #18 (Cover A Giuseppe Camuncoli)
    Star Wars Thrawn #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Paul Renaud)
    True Believers Fantastic Four Galactus Hungers #1
    True Believers Fantastic Four Hulk Vs Thing #1
    True Believers Fantastic Four Vs Doctor Doom #1
    X-23 #1 (Cover A Mike Choi)

      1. It’s tough…but I now a little shop that seems to,order them in decent numbers… issued the galacticus issue….hoping to find it this weekend.

  17. I’m buying a collection of about 3500 comics from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s for $250.
    I’ll let you know if I find any gems!

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