Quick Spoilers: Flash #50, Who is Inmate Crisis?

Flash #50 is in stores tomorrow. It contains an awesome Reverse Flash story. At the end of the story, we get the return of a fan favorite Flash Family character. Check out the spoilers below:

Click the spoiler warning to see the spoiled images. The pictures are redacted, the accompanying text may not be.

First up, look who is back!

Also, taking guesses on who Inmate Crisis is…

3 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Flash #50, Who is Inmate Crisis?”

    1. Superboy Prime right? I hope so. Im one of the few(I think) that doesnt hate him. Would be cool to have him back.

  1. the pimphand of doom calls it . it will be superman prime . if I am worng l.d. and pizza hut for all #testify blind adam out

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