Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of July 18th, 2018

It’s that time again where I tell everyone who actually reads this on what is really grinding my gears this week, usually from the week prior as well. Anything and everything around the current week, I usually have something to grumble about or praise. I really do try to stay positive in my posts but that’s near impossible since we humans love dreading on the negative drama in life.

Well, my actual favorite like this week is that I leave on vacation until July 27th. So you may or may not see some posts or comments for the week of July 25th. Maybe I can get Anthony to do both my picks and my likes/dislikes and we’ll see if you guys can guess if it’s me or him. Maybe I’m just a figment of Anthony’s imagination already and his alter ego on CHU?

Wait What? He can do more than action figure covers?

You know, I really dig John Tyler Christopher’s action figure covers. He’s pretty much perfected the covers and has quite the reputation for the ongoing Star Wars action figure covers.

But you know what I really like? I really like JTC’s artwork when it’s not an action figure as well. He really should do more cover art that isn’t the action figure he’s so very known to do.

This week we find ourselves with a JTC Carol Danvers 50th Anniversary Cover on Thor #3. Just a great cover and already selling out at most online retailers.

Jell-O Anyone?

I’m still having a hard time liking the way Venom looks in the sneak peek shots they keep releasing. Sure Venom looks like the Venom we know in the comics but it seriously looks like a Jello mold to me.

Maybe it’s just the way he’s sort of glimmering in the light and looks awfully squishy to me. I just want to reach out and push my finger through him to see how soft he really is.

Haribo needs to hurry up and get the rights on making some Gummy Venom Bears. I would totally buy them if they did. Make them licorice flavor too. I love licorice and it drives my wife nuts cause she hates licorice so she can’t go stealing my candy treats.

Hopefully the movie turns out okay but I’ve already expressed my doubts since it is Sony.


I love comments and feedback. If I write something that doesn’t make sense or it just sounds awful when read out loud, I welcome all and any criticism.

So a shout out to John Bush who pointed out that my review or Farmhand read terribly. I do admit, I wrote it in a rush, what my mind was thinking my fingers typed something entirely different. So after I went back and read out loud, I could tell what I was typing might of made sense in my head at the time but not for anyone else.

So please, any and everyone, feedback is always appreciated.

Well, that’s it for this week. It was a light grinding gears week for the most part. Tell us what your liking or disliking this week in the comments.

21 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of July 18th, 2018”

  1. Remember those white chocolate Skull candies from the 80’s that would ooze out red candy goo when you bit into them…. Bring those back as cosmic ghost rider candy with the Venom Gummies and you have winning combo!!!!…..Remember combo’s?

  2. I wish you would rename the column to things I dont like and things that I hate with a bleeping passion and things that you can go bleep yourself over because stone cold said so…..

  3. You should see JTC’s negative Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel. He never did it as a variant but it is a print which he gave me as a gift. I told him last week wanted to sit and chat with him regarding after he was done with the New York Midtown signing. So thank you for writing this as a reminder.

    1. 1st Renee Montoya…the Question. Is there movie rumors? Book doesn’t seem to be spiking from what I can tell.

  4. 100% agree with you on Venom. Maybe in shadow and sfx lighting he’ll look better, but In the stills I’ve seen he looks like a Mattel Creepy Crawler.

  5. This week I’m excited for SDCC. This is the 2nd year going and I’m excited. This year I’ll be going 4 days so I’ll have more time to browse around. What I’m more excited for is some Dragon Ball Z and Super exclusives.

  6. combos are a great snack. the chadar cheese ones are sweet. I now want a big bag of venom&carnage gummy bears. how do we get thj this to happen? cherry black cherry flavored for venom and a oranage flavor for carnage. maybe a grape flavor for she-venom I want me venom gummies and I want them now someone get willie wanka on the phone asap. I am super excited for all the anoucments coming out of s.d.c.c. can anyone help me make a holy graille come true?? I want to go next year. however the system the s.d.c.c. ticket system doesn’t work with a text reader for the blind? so if anyone can help me buy tickets that would be sweet. I am also excited for teen titans go to the movies. will be kick a&& love you all blind adam out

    1. Noticed that….whoops!

      Since a lot of these covers are computer drawings these days, maybe he accidentally flipped it horizontally in his paint program before sending it in.

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