One Year Later: Spec Review for 7/12/17

What up CHUllectors!?! Shawn B. the One Year Later Investigator, back with another One Year Later round up, where we take a look at some of the comics that Anthony, Mel, and Poyo specced on one year ago. Their specs turn out to be quick flips, slow burns, straight up misses, straight up winners and on and on. Sometimes they spec with their hearts out of their passion for comics. Sometimes they spec based on data. And sometimes they spec based off the word on the street. Either way, all their specs appeal to a few or many collectors whether it is due to them having similar taste in writing or art, or just an opportunity for a collector to flip a book and make money to “support their habit”. So, this is our weekly chance to look back at how some of our buys from a year ago are doing today.


Darth Vader #3– Anthony & Poyo Pick
Original Value: $4           Current Value: $11
Darth Vader #3 does it again.

Quick Flip Winners

Calexit #1 Cover B Flag Variant– Mel Pick
Original Value: $4         Quick Flip Value: $10       Current Value: $6
Still quite a bit of sales activity on this series.

Dark Days: The Casting #1– Poyo Pick
Original Value: $5         Quick Flip Value: $8       Current Value: $6
A little money to be made if you moved quickly.

Still Potential

Darth Vader #3 Giuseppe Camuncoli Variant Cover – Mel Pick
Original Value: $15           Current Value: $18
Guess you could say a winner but not a ton of recent sales. I am sure this would have done better if Kirak Infil’a didn’t die in the next issue.

The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen #1 Bill Sienkiewicz Werewolf Variant Cover – Anthony & Mel Pick
Original Value: $35           Current Value: $45?
Only two recent sales to give the value otherwise this would go right into the Winners category. For sale at high dollar.


After Eden #1 – Poyo Pick
Original Value: $4           Current Value: $4 or less
Sorry Poyo, you called me calling you out for calling out this book.

Unspecced Winners

5 thoughts on “One Year Later: Spec Review for 7/12/17”

  1. After Eden was such a let down.

    Also I did fairly well with Dark Days Casting. I managed to get 10 or so copies from midtown with a 75% off sale they had so I was flipping them for an easy $6-$10 a few months back.

  2. I love these trips down memory lane. My only qualm with the article is it is another thing in my life that reminds me of just how fast time is seemingly going as I get older.

  3. I made a killing with those howling , and I wish Kirak Infil’a had more of a impact he was a cool character

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