Mel V.’s Variant Picks of the Week for July 18th, Plus SDCC Variant Picks

What Up CHU? Mel V. here with your weekly variant picks for July 18th. It is SDCC week, so that means convention season is in full swing and the first of the major conventions are upon us. There are a ton of cool SDCC variants. I remember one of the readers last year wanted me to drop a SDCC one, so I aim to please. Here goes variants I like coming out of SDCC along with some regular beauties that hit tomorrow, we will start with the tomorrow offerings first

Batman Vol 3 #51 Cover B Variant Kaare Andrews Cover – An unexpected gem. Very T-Shirt worthy Batman rendition, chalk one up for the PC

Justice League Vol 4 #4 Cover C Incentive Jim Lee Pencil Cover – Big Boy Variant prices. I actually like the Sketch more than the finished version, see if you can find for cheap, great work by Mr. Jim Lee

Life of Captain Marvel Vol 2 #1 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover – Man, when Artgerm is locked in, he is locked in. This cover is amazing, there is also a virgin of this cover for a bit more money, amazing work

Life of Captain Marvel Vol 2 #1 Cover E Incentive Sana Takeda Variant Cover – Not to be outdone, Saba Takeda, of Monstress fame, puts out a equally great version of Captain Marvel. I love Takeda’s style it’s like a slight mix of Anime and Western style.

SDCC Variants

Shout out to Will Brogdon over at CBSI for taking the time out to put together a list of the SDCC variants…your work is greatly appreciated my friend

The Legend of Peter Pumkinhead – Seems like an indy book, I love going to cons and supporting indy books and sometimes these indy things take off. I could not find a lot of info on the Legend but I found enough info on “the Ballet”. I want one.

Justice Squad – There are Black and White and Color versions. I’ve always loved animal heroes and this one really caught my eye. I did some research on the characters, and man, info on this book is hard to find. The company is called Hanging Chad entertainment and they produced a couple of titles years back one of which was Moose Miht. Issue 5 is the 1st Mighty Moose. Looks like an interesting series and I want these

Batman #50 David Mack– In my opinion, this is the best Batman #50 of them all…love Macks work

Lady Death Merciless Onslaught #1 “Zombie Lady” by Dan Mendoza as well as DEATH WARS Action Figure Variant – All the Lady Death convention exclusives do well in the aftermarket, there are a ton of great looking more expensive ones



Cosmic Ghost Rider 1 J Scott Campbell –JCS drawing one of Marvels hottest characters now, how can this not do well

The Life of Captain Marvel– I love the Costume Switch, again how can this book not do well

SDCC 2018 VENOM #3 VAR – I’m loving the look of the Symbiote God first. SDCC exclusive will be huge

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    1. it sure is. pretty unexpected, no? not even that great of a cover, must have been a low print run.

  1. YO MEL.
    I want some advice, I have forgotten the variant completely you suggested with spiderham and two others on the front silhouetted against the city, maybe holding him up? I just forgot and with the movie coming out he’s confirmed, would appreciate the time, thanks mel, peace and out

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