Poyo’s Spec and Drek for July 18th, 2018

Welcome once again to this weeks picks and the dreaded avoid pick. Each Wednesday it’s Christmas for us comic book readers, flippers and collectors.

As you’re reading this, I’ll be halfway to my vacation destination of Maui, Hawaii. So if Anthony is nice, I might get next week off since I’ll be gone through next week. Comics rock but vacations are even better.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Teen Titans Go to the Movies #1

It’s only a buck.

There’s a new movie coming out.

I’m actually taking my kids to see this movie at the theater cause every time I see a preview, I laugh out loud. I’ll probably enjoy the movie more than they will.

My pick this week is Teen Titans Go! #1 Reprint with an additional story from issue #28. You can’t go wrong with a dollar book. Even if you pick up a few to sell for $2 or more, you already won by doubling your money..  well, sort of since you might be paying eBay fees and transaction fees. But that’s what we have to deal with as being secondary market sellers.

The other nice thing about a dollar book, you don’t break the bank when you give a copy to your kids to read which will ultimately get trashed.

Marvel Pick

This might not be a spec book but over time it could turn out to be.

This weeks pick in the Marvel Universe I’m handing over to Life of Captain Marvel #1, particularly the Artgerm variant. You can’t go wrong with an Artgerm cover. The man sure does know how to draw his women.

Most will likely pick this up for the personal collection. Still can’t pass this up since we’ll soon have a Captain Marvel hitting the big screen soon enough.

I anticipate a whole lot more Captain Marvel related books in the coming year from Marvel.

Indie Pick

This one will be likely hard to find. An indie book that describes itself as a 3 in 1 issue with a price tag of $5.99.

So I don’t expect most shops to order heavy on these or if you’re like some of my local shops, order any at all.

So this weeks pick goes to Twelve Devils Dancing out from Danger Zone comics.

From the description:

FBI Special Agent Callum Cooper has always tried to escape his past, but some mistakes you can’t outrun. Now retired from a fatal diagnosis, an old foe returns to torture Callum in his last days. Unable to go it alone, Callum teams up with college student, Aisha Miller, hitting the road to catch the killer before more women become his victims.

I like the horror crime type books so this one’s right up my alley. I don’t expect this one to heat up but with a small print run, could be hard to find. Any future media option would make this a winner for those that grab, read and then hold.

Small Publisher Pick

There’s a bunch of small publisher books coming out but I had to go with The Weatherman #2 out from Image.

I really enjoyed #1 and couldn’t wait for issue #2 to see where this is going.

Issue 2 delivers more of the back story that is starting to piece this all together as I was given access to with an advance review. We learn more about how this weather man with no memory could have played in such a horrible act upon Earth that killed billions of people.

So not so much a spec play but definitely a reader pick.b

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

Oh S#!t they’re still making comic books? This weeks avoid is Oh S#!t It’s Kim & Kim out from Black Mask.

I think most if not all my shops still can’t unload the first volume of Kim & Kim. Maybe it’s me but even if this wasn’t published by Black Mask, I just have zero desire to read this book.

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      1. Still holding out for Shawn B to have a column “Specs 10 Years Later” and all the Black Mask issues I bought are the rarest comics on the planet! lol

    1. Yeah, lots of Carol Danvers variants, only anticipating Marvel pushing more and more before the movie.

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