Marvel/Netflix Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer and Release Date Released

SDCC Day one is over and it has been pretty good so far. Netflix Iron Fist Panel released the trailer for season 2, as well as the release date:

Season 2 will be released to Netflix streaming on September 7th.


15 thoughts on “Marvel/Netflix Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer and Release Date Released”

  1. The first season was so underwhelming….i cant even remember how it ended. Not excited for this at all

  2. third spiderman movie rumour….the sinister six….amazing spiderman annual 1…..amaming spiderman 334-339…..spiderman 18-23

  3. I thought the script for season 1 was incredibly weak and the main actor was upstaged by nearly all of the supporting cast.

    Of all of the Netflix Marvel properties, this is the one I’m the least excited about.

  4. I’m hopeful. They finally felt like they found Danny’s stride in his guest episode on Luke Cage S2. If they keep it up I can even look past the terrible fight coreography.

  5. Season one was good but it gets a bad rap because the internet was hating from the start. For some odd reason people wanted an Asian Danny Rand, which makes no sense. Season one was better than both seasons of Jessica Jones and people loved them.

    1. Sad thing is that there have been multiple “Iron Fists” some of whom were Asian so people aren’t even giving the show a chance.

      They can easily incorporate Brubaker’s Immortal Iron Fist storyline to satisfy the Millennial diversity craze and still satisfy fanboys by sticking to canon.

      The show wasn’t as bad as Jessica Jones and nothing can be as bad as Cloak and Dagger on Hulu.

      Most of these TV/Streaming show plots develop slow.

      IMHO, the Punisher and Legion have been the best ones with Legion being my personal favorite thus far. The Gifted’s first season was good as well.

    2. I didn’t like it because the plot was atrocious. There was no reason at all for Danny Rand to leave K’un-Lun and go back to NYC.

      Also, Finn Jones is terrible in the lead role. He’s too stiff in front of the camera and he’s unconvincing as a Kung Fu master.

      Davos was right, he’s the worst Iron Fist ever.

  6. Bye bye James Gunn. Iron fist season 1 I give a negative 3 out of 10 Defenders which is really Iron Fist Season 2 I give a 01 out of 10 because Ironfist ruins that whole show too. I will say he was enjoyable in the one episode in Luke Cage season 2 so will see.

  7. can we please stop the hating just stop thye hating on iron first ?? do you people realize where we are in comic book t.v. show history right now?? we have legion,the gifted,daredevil Jessica jones the flash arrow preacher witch really was worse then defenders&iron fist s.1. combined but all I see is hate for iron fist the Netflix is a slow burn but back in the day we had to suffer with a live action nick furty played by david hasseloff o.k. I love that one as it is not generation x from 1998 it is not justice league of America 1997 witch has the worst live action flash ever ever however the cryptkeeper as the atom was #awesomesauce . just remember the days of live action birds of pray and smallville the middle seasons so in todays age where we get a comic book show almost everyd ay of the week not everything is going to be a gem so please stop the ate I love you guys blind adam out

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