Rare Spread Comic Up for Sale

Kyle Strahm has been a long time friend of CHU. Back from the beginning. The Spread has long been one of our favorite books, the cross between The Thing and Lone Wolf and Cub. I have all variants of every issue. Except one. The Spread Convention Art Teaser. The book is pretty rare, in fact only 30 copies were printed.

The Spread Convention Art Teaser was released at NYCC a bunch of years back and was snatched up quickly. Justin Jordan, Kyle Strahm, and Felipe Sobreiro each kept a couple of copies, so all 30 didn’t make it out to the public. Kyle has posted his copy up for sale. It is graded a 9.6 by CGC. The last recorded sale was a 9.8 which went for $1000.

Kyle is selling one of his copies of the Spread Convention Art Teaser.

If you are into the Spread, or love rare comics, this one could be for you.


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7 Responses to Rare Spread Comic Up for Sale

  1. Kevin Verdine says:

    Seriously thinking of quitting this whole flipping thing. I’m getting to hate eBay buyers who think you send flawed comics. Sometimes no matter what the mailman just bends it. Starting to not be worth the hassle.

    • Anthony says:

      I have been buying 100 at a time Gemini boxes from Gemini supplies. Haven’t had a single complaint since I switched. Costs me $60 shipped but had saved me so much over time.

      • Kevin Verdine says:

        Once folded do you put in an bubble envelope or just slap the address info on the mailer? And thanks Anthony. I have never seen those before. I’ve also gotten sick of cutting cardboard so this would help.

      • Anthony says:

        So what I do is get the tyvec envelopes from the post office. Slide the comics in that and fold them snug around the comic/comics. Tape the bag to the inside of the box. Fold it, tape it, and slap the label right on the Gemini mailer. That’s it. The do fit in the legal priority flat rate envelopes as well. But I just ship them straight away. Here is the link (I have a discount code too that saves 10%, if you are interested let me know) http://www.geminicomicsupply.com/product/comic-flash-mailers/

      • Vann says:

        Must be your proximity to one of their warehouses, because the cheapest I can buy 100 from them on their website is $80. $50 for the mailers and $30 for shipping. It’s far better to buy 200 on eBay when they are doing a 15-20% off—come out to approx $100 for 200 mailers shipped. Best deal that I could come up with.

      • Anthony says:

        That’s now bad. I don’t know where they are actually. But my shipping is $16 usually

    • Zac S says:

      There are reliable ways to mitigate most potential damage caused by USPS cavemen. Unfortunately, few online sellers observe these best practices in favor of cutting costs.

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