Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 84

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Thank you for reading this each and every week (or whenever Tony puts it up for me.) Tony, thank you for being my friend and for giving me this platform express myself. Thank you all for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. I love you all. Before we make some money on comics, I have some thoughts and a request. I will start with the request, as I am trying to accomplish one of my holy grails. If anyone can help me get tickets for the 2019 San Diego Comic Con, that would be great. I want to attend SDCC one year before I go totally blind. So 2019 is the year I would like to do this. If any can help, let me know.

This weeks reads of the week were Tony Stark Iron Man #2, Batman #51, Justice League #4, and recent issues of Duck Tales. I am addicted to the Adult Swim app and black dominate is a great show. Now let’s make the money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Spider Gwen #34 – final issue of the original Spider Gwen series. Marvel Rising Enter the Spiderverse, the new Spiderghost series, I can see this series being a speculation gold mine and final issues always have very low print runs $6 and up

2. Secret War #2 – first appearance of Quake. Daisy from Agents of Shield will be a member of the Marvel Rising crew, voiced by the actress that plays her on Agents of Shield. This Marvel Rising show will be perfect a new gate way for kids to get into comics #testify Agents of Shield will have a 6th season . $5-10

3. Champions #19 – Riri Williams the Iron Heart joins the team. Go for the 2nd Print for this book as it is tougher to find. If Iron Heart does become the new Iron Man in the movies all her appearances are going to rise in price $10

4. Comic Reader #100 – just a kick ass Shazam and Superman cover. Waiting for the Shazam news to come out form SDCC, but all Shazam stuff should be snagged now especially Shazam vs Superman $10 and up

5. Comic Reader #148 – I am huge fan of fanzines. Just a great part of pre-internet comic book history. This has a sweet Don Sutton Ms. Marvel cover on it. We are in Ms. Marvel mania and this is worth the pick up $10 and up

6. JSA All-Stars #4 – Stargirl is getting a show on the DCU Streaming Service. Can’t wait. I am so in for the service. Yes Courtney made her first appearance in Stars and Stripes #0 however she becomes Stargirl in this issue and was given the staff in Starman #80 $3-10

7. Justice Society of America #81 (2006 series) – Stargirl & Stripes cover by Alex Ross. If the Stargirl show takes off I can see this classic cover being a $50 book just a great image $5-10

8. Detective Comics #1 5th printing (New 52) – Yes, we are getting a three Jokers series, finally. Can’t wait. I believe that this version of the Joker, with the cut off face, is undervalued. The 5th print as well as the 1:200 variant are the ones to grab $15 and up

9. New Teen Titans #100 – Dick and Cory almost get married. Raven becomes evil again. That Titans trailer was #awesome sauce #fbatman $5-10

10. New Teen Titans #6 – first telling of Raven’s origin. This is the source material for season one of Titans. Excited for the show and #fbatman $5-10

11. Tales of the Teen Titans #39 – last Wally West as Kid Flash. Last Dick Grayson as Robin. White cover, tough in high grade. A great minor key $5-20

12. Detective Comics #23.2 Villains Month 3D cover – I still believe the regular covers are the better buy, but Poison Ivy story, nuff said $10 and up

13. Comics Reader #216 – (credit goes to Topher S over at CBSI and his true firsts for this tip as I snagged two copies) It features images of Tales of the Teen Titans #44, the first Nightwing. Pre-dates Tales of the Teen Titans #44 and is a tough book in high grade $10-25

15.Batman #129 – Batwoman cover and story. This also features an ad for Brave and the Bold #28 which pre-dates the Brave and the Bold #28, first JLA. Plus the Batwoman show on the CW. I believe they will find a way to use the silver age Batwoman along with the current Batwoman as they are related $25 and up

16. Foom Magazine #11 – early John Bryne art, Jack Kirby Captain America, plus the first preview of this Star-Lord dude. You know the legendary “big pimpin” Guardian of the Galaxy Star-Lord. $50

17. Deathstroke The Terminator Annual #2 (1990’s series) – just a great story. Deathstroke vs the Middle East great world trade center cover as well $5

18. Marvel Tales #201 – Reprints first America Appearance of Captain Britain. Spider-Ham back up stories began. Spider-Ham is becoming hot he will be in the Spider-verse Movie as well $5

19. Marvel Tales #2 – Reprints X-Men and Avengers #1 both in the same book. Square bound silver age book tough in high grade $20 and up

20. Spawn #21 – back in the day this was a tough issue, came out after #25 (long story on that),had a low print run, and Spawn is hot waiting on movie footage. Great book to dig for $3-10

21. Secret Origins Annual #3 – retelling of the origin of the Teen Titans.Titans, #fbatman (I want that on a shirt). All Teen Titans books are fair game for a raise $5-10

22. Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 SDCC 2018 J. Scott Campbell Variant – Cosmic Ghost Rider plus Campbell equals money. That is just comic book math and comic book math is #awesome sauce

23. Uncanny X-Men vs Teen Titans #1 – the first Source Wall. Walter Simonson art, Chris Clarmont script, one of the best crossovers of all time. With the current Justice League story and the Source Wall gaining steam why is this so cheap?

Well that is it for this week. Have a blessed and amazing one. Love you all and thanks for being such a great blessing in my life.
Blind Adam out

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  1. The JSA All-Stars takes place 4 years after Stargirl’s debut on the cover of JSA Files and Origins #1. She has the staff in hand on issue 2’s cover. She’s front and center on issue one. I bought 2 sets of this 2 book set. I then purchased 4 copies of Stars and STRIPE #1 direct cover, and mile high had the newsstand variants at $8 in NM/M. I went all in on this book for about $60 for an issue #0, 6 #1’s, 2 sets of secret origins. I am done spec’ing on this title. I think she will explode though. Her suit is so bad ass, she’s like a female Captain America. Women heroes are so hot right now too. She’s getting her own show!!! Not just a cameo on DCLOT. Get it while it’s cheap. I really love this site for all of it’s tips. Thank you. I put 2 copies of Starman #80 on hold too!

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