Quick Spoilers: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #33

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has been one of the most entertaining reads coming out from Marvel, for me, for a while. I blame Mel for turning me on to this book. It has also been a pretty consistent spec pic. A few of the recent issues have popped up in value and have been great quick flips. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #33 seems to be one people may be chasing come Wednesday. It features a new character that might be of interest.

This post contains spoilers, if you do not mind spoilers, read on. Click the spoiler warning for the redacted image. The accompanying text is not spoiler protected, so do not read on if you do not want to see the spoilers.

So just who is this new character that makes their appearance in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #33?

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  1. I teach 2nd graders and I was using Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur as a way to reach these kids and get them excited about reading. 🙂 I also want to thank all those people out on different forums who reached out to me and donated some comics as a way for kids to get excited about reading. Moon Girl is one of those comics I have not quit on yet. 🙂

      1. That is noble work and effort! —-what about CHU doing a book drive for the best reads for kids during a certain month? Good publicity for CHU….Cruzzer can make sure that the kids don’t get JayClue’s Zombie Tramp Risque Variants—-win-win for all…no? Those that don’t want to ship books could be provided an avenue to make a donation towards books too. I think this has benefits for all….

      2. Let’s do this is right. Perhaps you and Cruzzer should have a private chat about the framework of this—then let’s choose a month (what’s the best month Cruzzer?) and let’s get this rolling for the kids. What about a name combo like “CHUzzers Challenge”—-it challenges both us to get the books and the kids to read them…..

    1. Once they get the reading down, you can teach them all about supply, demand and economics as well when flipping comic books. 🙂

    1. Does Marvel Previews come out this week? I see issue 35 was solicited in the June 20th edition (September comics). That would likely answer the question. Also the words in issue 35 talks about the plot “thickening” concerning Fisk’s daughter….another indication of a “to be continued”

  2. gaberal cruiser is an #awesomesauce teacher. you need to give them all a different comic have them read it and then trade the comic with another classmate. teach them sharing and how to communicate with each other . maybe they will make lifelong friends . I offen talk about my best friend from the 3rd grade. my first girlfriend . katie was the bomb. we traded kisses for trading cards shared twinkies and pizza and we loved comics together all because she saw that I had a uncanny xmen comic with spiderwoman on it . she gave me a kiss on the lips for the firs titme and she got to read the comic and I got to check out the hot dog magazine with luke skywalker on it thosw those were the days. chasing skirts eating junk food reading comics talking trash by the monkey bars wow not much has changed except I gained weight and grew in height life is #awesomesauce I love you guys blind adam p.s. katie r.i.p. I lovfe you

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