Spoilers: Teen Titans #20, Meet the New Teen Titans

We already know we are getting a new Teen Titans team in Teen Titans #20 out Wednesday, but here is a first look at the members, including the much talked about Crush.

Click on the redacted images to see the full spoilers. Teen Titans #20 regular and Shirahama B variant are both selling for cover, but the 1:25 Character Design Variant is selling for as much as $50 raw, most are selling in the $34-38 ranges, so if you can get it cheap, grab one.

First up, a familiar face, Red Arrow.

And now for the new blood.

And a more interesting new character.

And the one people have been waiting for.

22 thoughts on “Spoilers: Teen Titans #20, Meet the New Teen Titans”

  1. wow the design design variant is going for $50 already?? red arrow needs much much sweet cost play love. I think this team has mad potential might be this generations young justice #testify blind adam out

        1. And that’s when you buy when it’s under retailers price. I’m skipping this one. For a book that’s suppose to be super hot and Midtown still has all issues available, I think this print run is going to be massive.

    1. Might not switch it up. You don’t want kids rioting cause they changed their beloved characters around on them…

  2. D’Jinn intrigues me. I’m looking forward to this run. The last time I really enjoyed Teen Titans was the Geoff Johns run.

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