Spoilers: Venom #4 The first True Appearance of The God of the Symbiotes

Venom #4 is out tomorrow and is massive. There is a spoiler in this that is not to be missed. Donny Cates knocks it out of the park again. And the cool thing, it relates back to a Jason Aaron series. Check it out below:

So it turns out that the God of the Symbiotes, who we know has been around for a while, forged a blade to kill gods.

He fought in a war against gods.

Did you see the box on the far right, middle panel?

Let it sink in. The War happened before. It happened in Thor Go d of Thunder #6

Now look at these panels from the issues

And this one….

Now go back and look at this one again. First appearance of the God of Symbiotes was in Thor Go d of Thunder #6, written by Jason Aaron.


As the panel said, “Fla-boom”

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  1. And for those who never read Thor God of Thunder issues 1-11, I highly recommend it. Probably my top Marvel read ever. That’s out of all Marvel story arcs.

  2. FYI, print run on Thor God of Thunder #6 was 50,481. So won’t be terribly hard to find but not a huge print run either.

    1. Well, it wasn’t a book that people likely heavily listed either. Just goes to show, any regular ‘ol common back issue can turn into back issue gold over night.. or over one CHU post. 🙂

      1. 3 of the 14 (from July 25th sales, all others were back in May) were MyComicShop VF to F books. Probably beat up shelf copies that sold quickly.

    1. Yeah, without the new info that the slained guy wakes up, signs pointed to Gorr but read comments below, Gorr was a God Killer for a short time until his death in GOT #11.

      1. Not entirely dead spec like Anthony stated since Thor God of Thunder #6 the story focused on Gorr obtaining the symbiote from the unnamed character and was slaying Gods until Thor beheads him in Thor GOT #11. I just did a little refresher reading on vacation to confirm. 🙂

  3. Its not Gorr, it’s the “slain” god that used to possess All-Black, the Necro-Sword. He’s just not “slain” anymore.

    1. How do you know for sure? From the pictures so far, looks like Gorr walked away with the symbiote himself, leaving the slained behind.. and flying off with his new space suit, etc.

      From the pics in Venom #4 where we see him walking away with the symbiote in hand and then issue #6 in Thor GOT, we can only assume it’s Gorr I’d imagine.

      1. There’s more after that last page I posted as well. For me, all evidence points to it being Gorr. The slained gods on ground and it shows him walking away with symbiote in hand, in issue #6 we see Gorr continuing to butcher gods.

  4. Not having it in hand I would rely on what you did provide, which was “it was taken from me… by some doomed wretch who would come to curse its name.” So there’s a “me” (Knull), and a “cursed wretch” (Gorr) in that limited context.

    1. Okay, yeah, I didn’t have the information on the slained character waking up. But now we know that Gorr possessed the symbiote for some time.

  5. Wow. That’s Dope. I did wonder where this dude Knull fit in the Marvel’ Pantheon of Gods I sold those Thor books years ago. I’m not chasing this book. I’m good. It’s sitting in dollar bins right now and they need to stay there. Of course I know they wont. Smh. Retconning is nothing new especially in the complicated sliding timeline that is the Marvel Universe.

  6. Thor GOT 6 will be the first appearance of “all-black” the first symbiote. Knull is the guy in the back in the fire and is not visible in the Thor comic. Ya gotta read more carefully 😉

    1. I think its still a good book to have or hold onto. This appearance in Thor GOT #6 is pretty brief and could be classified as a cameo, since hes not in the same uniform or form as we see him in Venom #3.

  7. I had a suspicion that Cates would be incorporating some old lore when it was announced about this symbiote god. I banked on Krooba. Swing and miss, batta batta.

    1. When I last talked with Cates, he’s a huge Jason Aaron fan so it’s no surprise he’s pulling out some of his old stories and characters.

    1. I wouldn’t worry. I have a bunch too and I’m not sweating it. He’s named fully in this issue, so the other is a cameo. Regardless of that, the market will ultimately decide which issue should carry the full value. I personally don’t think this book will drop like a rock –even if it did, the buying frenzy will take place.

  8. I quickly ran through some shops tonight….couldn’t find any Thor GOTs. Will look in a couple more tomorrow, which issues should I focus on now for spec?

    Venom 4 sold out at midtown.

  9. In Thor GOT #6 we see “All Black” the symbiote covering Knull on the ground, All Black’s 1st appearance. In Venom #2 we see the “Dragon symbiote” that’s Knull inside the dragon symbiote, this was not seen as Knull’s 1st appearance. In Venom #3 we see Knull for the first time outside his symbiotes, this has been seen as the 1st appearance of Knull. Potentially being the 1st appearance of Venom vs the 1st appearance of Eddie Brock.

  10. Knull mentions his first born being taken from him, this is the black symbiote in GOT6, not Knull.
    Knull appears in Venom 3 and introduces himself, how is this spec dead?.. if you can show me in GOT6 a picture of Knull I’ll agree on the 1st appearance. Knull is telling an origin in Venom 4 GOT6 is referenced for Knull to have substance, he does not appear in GOT6 as far as I’ve read it. Imo

    1. Knoll is the black god that fell from the sky and is laying on the ground in GOT 6. He references his first child taken from him. That is the All-Black sword that Gorr took in GOT 6. It’s a cameo. But it is definitely a first Appearance. I don’t think spec is dead on Venom 3 and have never said it.

  11. Ebay sales show higher prices for Venom 4. Venom 3 might not be dead as future speculation but only the future knows for sure. Being first in the mind of collectors is more important than first appearance. For example, Secret wars 8 versus Amazing spiderman 300. However Thor god of thunder 6 has advantage of surprise.

  12. Ebay sales are spiking for venom #4 because the title of this article makes it seem like venom 4 is the first true appearance. So people who haven’t read the article are thinking it’s the book to have. Some people are even listing it as first appearance in their auction titles.

    1. The first true appearance is Thor GOT #6. Sorry people are getting confused but I can’t take all the blame for the entire market not reading it.

      1. Come on, Anthony, you should know that your articles influence the eBay world market…much like what trump says influences the NYSE.

        On that topic, I think you should run a social experiment. Make up an article that some third rate DC character, whose first appearance is currently in dollar. Ins, is getting their own movie deal and see if the comic values been to spike on ebay.

        Do think the next April 1st so you don’t get too much flak when you,have to admit it was a joke.

        1. Nah. I know the site has influence. Doing something like that would be shady just cause problems. I think an experiment like that would only cause distrust. I have made some announcements before the official announcements of things come out, and I get a lot of flack for it but those who doubted me never come back and say they were wrong.

          A few years ago on April fools I took a Rob Liefeld Cable Image and did a quick photo shop saying I was releasing a Walking Dead 141 Variant by Liefeld. Said I was charging $100 a copy. People were livid I would try to gouge them and I got a ton of hate mail to prove it. Check out that April Fools joke here


      2. Solid prank—hate mail was completely unwarranted. I can totally understand never doing another prank along those lines though…people get a little rabid these days.

  13. My persistence paid off. Found Thot TOTGs #6 tonight. Also found two copies of issue #2 which seem to be trending upward as well.

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