Spoilers: Infinity Wars #1 Who is Requiem and Who Dies

Infinity Wars #1 is out tomorrow. It features the reveal of the identity of Requiem. It also appears to have a pretty big death. Check out the spoilers below.
The images are redacted, the accompanying text is not. Read only if you like spoilers:

Requiem’s identity revealed.

And we get what appears to be a death…

But of course it could have missed all the vital organs, magic or future science fixes him, or one of a thousand possible explanations.

18 thoughts on “Spoilers: Infinity Wars #1 Who is Requiem and Who Dies”

  1. womp womp. . . I was HOPING for an actual NEW character ?? Might read but still, I wish it was more. Missed opportunity imo

      1. I mean it definitely makes sense. BUT a new character who could have been Thanos equal or more powerful PLUS an awesome looking character plus a chick!?!! They could have set this up for something waayyyyyyy bigger.

  2. Just so I am on the same page as everybody else, that is Quill getting the business end of Gamoras blade, right?

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