New Venom Movie Trailer Hits. Shows Off More Symbiotes

A new trailer for Venom hit a few minutes ago and gives a much more indepth look at the movie. It also shows at least two symbiotes.

Clearly, one of them is Riot and shows a battle between Venom and Riot. But they also sneak in a second, female one (screen captures below the trailer). Could this be Scream? She also appears in Venom Lethal Protector #4

13 thoughts on “New Venom Movie Trailer Hits. Shows Off More Symbiotes”

  1. definitely an improvement on the first trailer…but there is something about the look of venom and the cgi that is wonky that is really throwing me off e.g at the 1:38 mark.
    im still not excited for this movie 🙁

    1. Still looks like Jello to me, it really bugs me. I’m really not liking Hardy’s voice he’s using for Brock either. Maybe I’m in the minority but this keeps looking like a movie I’ll wait to watch on Netflix or Redbox it for a buck.

      1. I know what you mean. Nothing about this movie makes you say “i got to watch this on a big screen”. the voice doesnt bother me, but venom is looking kinda glossy like a partially sucked gummy bear with teeth and ringworms

        1. Not Venom’s voice so much, it’s Hardy’s voice he’s doing for Brock. I like Hardy but I think he was a bad choice for Brock. To me, Brock was a scrawny white boy. Hardy’s voice sounds like he’s a baby Bane in the previews… that voice just sounds unnatural for that character.

            1. I probably was… I cant recall how McFarlane drew him, I’d have to go review some old books to refresh my memory. I only recall Flash Thompson being the buff jock….

  2. Im still skeptic about this too. I really wish there wasnt such an emphasis on the gnarly teeth. I think something closer to the original xenomorphs outer jaws/teeth would have been more effective. More fang-y than the shark tooth look he has in these trailers. I did like the look of the scene where Venom used his arms as axes in what appeared to be a cafeteria, near the end of the trailer.

  3. wow need tof ind my twenty copies of venom #4. hardeys voice is always bane . I want to see this in the theaters. I paid to see a lot worse. superman 4 the quest of crap I ment quest for peace. so a king your welcome to come se eit with me . I want my gummy venom’s where do I buy those snacks h who do I need to bother or send ladies of the evening to in ordetr to make it happen? I love you all blind adam the comicpimp out

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