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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 197th edition of the open forum!

How about them spoilers this week?

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

55 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I bought my 1st Marvel Legends toy this week. A X-23 figure. The Sasquatch BAF series. The one where Laura is in a black X-Force outfit. Im kinda giddy to see it when it comes in the mail next week.

      1. Nice. Ive been watching a few different X23 toys on feebay and this one came up for $20 shipped. I have the search saved so I was able to snag it at that price minutes after it was listed. Alana, is the X23 Sauron BAF series, a new series that is being released soon? If yes, should I be able to find it in stores?

      2. Eeeeewwww. That Apocalypse BAF X23 is hideous looking. Lol. Of the X23 toys I have looked at, that one was the one I wanted the least.
        Thanks for the link. I almost bought one off of eBay, then I saw a listing that said it ships later this month. I then went to a walmart today (again, eeeewww) to look for one. I know nothing about toys, but I am now starting to look for figures of my fav characters, starting with the former X23 toy.

  2. I already picked up both covers of Frozen, just one each. On Sunday I sold all the rest of my Szechuan Sauce, I was really surprised how much it went for.

    1. what how much did you get for the sauce?? I was watching someone that had 19 100 packs for $195 was that you? I am buying as much of the sauce as I can. I use it as a podcast giveaway sell it at conventions and dip chicken nuggets and other foods in it love that stuff need more of it as I am running low love you blind adam out

      1. I had just over 100 packs, and the auction ended up at like $1 per pack. I wish I could have gotten more when it was out.

  3. Good light week. Thanks for the spoilers on Infinity Wars #1 gave me a good reason to not worry about the Requiem character anymore lol

    Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 A
    Death of Inhumans #2 (Ax2)
    Dollman #1 A
    Frozen #1 A&B
    Leviathan #1 A&B

  4. This has nothing to do with new releases but I noticed on the secondary market (mostly Ebay), since the Fox acquisition, Fantastic Four Annual #6 has started to sell again. Not like gangbusters, but still some strong sales… I gotta say, Annilhilus would be a refreshing change from Dr. Doom (kinda Doomed out). That, and having an already young Franklin in the Cinematic U would be a great way for Marvel to bring about Power Pack….For the kiddies. I hope they do something with either or both for that matter…Not just because I bought a bunch of annual #6 a year or two ago but because it would be great to see them on the big screen. Also, it is a pretty cool cover! Outside of that I picked up a low grade (2.5) copy of Fantastic Four #18 first Super Skrull…In case they do something with him. Wanted that book for a while and figured time is short for affordable copies “if” Marvel decides to use him on the big screen.

      1. Hmmmm, I still think Hulk #1 will remain the number 2 most expensive and sought after Marvel key simply because of its popularity and significantly less existing copies than X-Men #1…but I don’t think anyone can go wrong with any Marvel Silver Age key if they can afford it. Even though already expensive I would assume to see a bump in price for X-men one and Fantastic Four as new films are made in the Marvel U.

      2. My Xmen #1 is a 3.5 my Giant Size Xmen #1 is a 2.0 which is amazingly bad graded it’s a nice copy but it’s front cover is sliced 80% of the way on the front binding in a perfect straight vertical line you can barely see.

  5. I was shown a panel from the Adventures of Supersons #1 out this week, and it had a reveal of a bunch of mini kid versions of some A class DC villians. Including but not limited to Rex Luthor, JJ (Joker Jr.), Brainiac 6 and Deadshot Jr.. Is this series DC canon? Are these new jr. characters? Anybody know about this?

    1. According to newsrama, the gang is a new team debuting in Adventures of super sons 1. They are aliens who impersonate earth characters. Perhaps, limited story potential unless this gang fights adult super heroes too?

  6. Mostly a read week for me, not too much spec to get excited about. That’s good considering the next 2 weeks of killer Middleton covers coming up!

    Death of Inhumans 2 (WOW on those spoilers)
    Infinity Wars 1
    Leviathan 1
    Miracle Man cover a (gorgeous cover)

  7. Quiet week:

    Harley Quinn #47 – Cho Variant
    Deathstroke #34 -Mattina Variant
    Infinity Wars #1 – Connecting Cover Variant cos you gotta connect ‘em all

  8. Picking up:
    Leviathan 1 – Nick Pitarra gave me a Leviathan sketch at the Image Expo this year. I tried to give him some money for his time, but he refused saying it was something he just whipped out fast and wasn’t worth spending money on. Nice guy.
    Prisoner 4 – I’m a huge Prisoner fan, but I’ve been saving these to read all at once.

    In the mail:
    Unnatural 1 Bill McKay Primetime Variant
    Unnatural 1 Mirka Andolfo SDCC Variant
    Unnatural 1 Mirka Andolfo Foil Variant (This was the white logo variant I was asking about earlier. I think it was from Comicsketchart and was available at SDCC. BTW, Comicsketchart offered a foil Wonder Woman Artgerm variant and a Catwoman one on Facebook the other day.)

    Still waiting for my Unnatural 1 Lucio Parrillo set to arrive. Received an email that it was finally sent this past weekend.

    1. They are going for $9 on eBay. My LCS has one at $9.99. First appearance of Stranger Things in comics is the Ashcan. They can be found on eBay here: “

  9. Pick ups this week:
    Star Wars (action figure variant)-anyone else been reading this recent storyline? I love the backstory on how the Rebellion got their fleet and ties to Rogue One, this is awesome! Near the top of the pile in terms of reading. Wish this Last Jedi was this entertaining.
    Bubba Ho-Tepp #2
    Eclipse #9 (long hiatus, gonna have re-read the story up to this point)
    Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (1:25 variant for $8 and Superlog for cover)
    Walking Dead (variant)
    Xerses (not gonna lie, I have always loved Frank Miller and his Daredevil run got me into collecting comics, but this story was weak)

    No real spec pick ups this week, but I did get my SDCC Hasbro 3 pack in yesterday! First action figures of Doctor Aphra, Triple Zero, and BT1. Very cool and super happy to have this one for the PC!

    Good hunting everyone.

    1. I was reading Star Wars, but stopped at issue #50. I wasnt feeling it. I still do read Dr. Aphra, Vader and Thrawn. Im enjoying all those.

  10. $30 worth of comics today but one of those was the 1:50 Tedesco Infinity Wars variant I sold within 2 minutes of listing for $25. Gotta love when you basically get your Wednesday pickups for free. 🙂

      1. For sure. I also now have my own policy. If I’m able to nab a Marvel 1:25 variant or higher for cover, I sell immediately. I learned the mistake of holding onto them for too long to see them become worthless 95% of the time.

  11. So I took advantage of a sale and promotion at Michael’s where I got 50% off and then another 20% off that on a display case I’ve had my eye on for quite a while now. Here it is:

    Just have to hang it now.

    Other than that, this week I grabbed:

    Batman #52
    Cosmic Ghost Rider #2
    Deadpool #3
    Death of the Inhumans #2
    Deathstroke #34 – Variant
    Image + #12
    Infinity Wars #1
    Justice League #5
    Leviathan #1
    Mister Miracle #10
    Nightwing #47
    Seven to Eternity #10
    Star Wars #52
    Walking Dead #182 – Both
    Stranger Things ashcan

  12. Only 2 new pickups for me today……..
    Nightwing b cover
    Moon Girl 2nd print
    But I did pickup some pretty good back issues…….
    Punisher vol. 2 #8 and #9
    Uncanny X Men #193 newsstand
    Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends newsstand

  13. Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday. My pickups for the week (mostly readers):

    Mister Miracle #10
    X-23 #2
    Death of the Inhumans #2
    Cosmic Ghost Rider #2
    Rachel Rising #1 for $8.00. It’s is pretty good shape. It only has a small scuff near the staple.
    -Here are my 2 questions
    1. I can’t remember if this was optioned for TV or a Movie. Which was it?
    2. My shop has another copy in the same condition for $8.00. Do I buy that one as well? Keep one and sell one?

    Looking forward to your input. Have a good one.

    1. Rachel Rising was optioned long ago. I think it was around the time I was getting back into comics myself in 2013. But most options expire, I haven’t heard anything new on a media deal but do recall about a year ago that Terry Moore was planning on bringing back Rachel Rising in 2019.

    2. TV. Terry Moore even wrote the pilot. Terry later tweeted out the tv series was passed over. Sales of late on the first issue have been Abysmal. A set of 1-42 sold for just under $70 shipped. There have been almost no completed sales of issue #1 recently.

      With that being said, Rachel Rising is one of my favorite series. My #1 was signed by Terry Moore and is a 9.6 yellow label. I love the series and pretty much everything Terry Moore does.

    3. TV. Terry Moore even wrote the pilot. Terry later tweeted out the tv series was passed over. Sales of late on the first issue have been Abysmal. A set of 1-42 sold for just under $70 shipped.

      1. Thanks for the info.They are both green first prints. I put the second one back, but I’m tempted to grab it for $8.

        1. Because if it is an orange cover than it’s not worth $8. I was selling Terry Moore signed copies of the Halloween comic fest version for $10. They were free copies and Terry didn’t charge for signatures so it was a good deal.

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